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  • Jun 17, 2009
    Wichita Falls, Texas
    So substratum doesn't work on Oneui 3.1??
    No, not until synergy and substratum are updated by the OP. Evidently they don't want OneUi 3.0 or 3.1 because I'm pretty sure anyone that wants has the ability to get it. I lost a lot of substratum themes from the play store because the dev's didn't want to update their phones and looks like that's what is happening here too.

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      Are we ever going to get an update to synergy and substratum after the March Oneui 3.0/3.1 update or is theming with synergy and substratum DEAD in the water?
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      Let's get ready and theme devices with Substratum!

      Hey there! I'm Abhijeet, Substratum's Public Relations and Community Connections Manager, writing this noob-friendly guide so that you can easily theme your device.
      Here is the full official guide on using Substratum and some important recovery methods for various situations.

      Theme Engine Support:

      Table of Contents
      1. Theming AOSP [ROOT]
      2. Using Profiles
      3. Theming Rootless AOSP with Andromeda
      4. Theming Rootless Samsung with Andromeda (Sungstromeda)
      5. Recovering from various situations
      6. Different colors for overlays in Manager
      7. Theming Android Pie [ROOT]
      8. Theming Samsung OneUI devices using Synergy theme engine

      Please do note, this IS for beginners, so I'll try and respond to errors and problems only if and when you have read and followed the whole thread. I'll be going over the BASICS of getting started to theme.

      If you're still facing errors, please head over to our support chats hub - Substratum on Telegram

      Mihail Mihov
      Theming Android Pie [ROOT]

      Theming Android Pie:

      • Use the latest version of Substratum.
      • Make sure the theme you're using supports Pie.
      • Select the overlays you wish to install
      • Select Build & Update from the FAB
      • Reboot your device
      • Open Substratum and go to Manager
      • Select the overlays you built earlier
      • Enable selected from the FAB
      Rooted device running on Android Pie.

      • You'll not be able to apply themes on non-rooted Android Pie because Google blocked custom overlays since March Security patch.
      • DO NOT install Andromeda or you won't be able to proceed after the splash screen.
      • If you're using any magisk module(s), disable module(s) and reboot, build overlays, enable magisk module followed by another reboot and enable overlays.
      Theming Samsung OneUI using Synergy theme engine

      Theming Samsung OneUI using Synergy:
      • Download and install Synergy and Substratum Lite apps from Play Store
      • Open Synergy and tap on Add overlays » Select Substratum Lite
      • From Substratum Lite app select supported OneUI Theme and select overlays.
      • Click on the FAB and select Install
      • After it is imported to Synergy, tap on the FAB and it'll prompt you to download a Samsung theme. Tap ‘Download’ and switch to Synergy and build follow the procedure to install the overlays.
      • After the building of overlays is complete, reboot your phone.
      • Open Samsung themes select the theme that install from Synergy and apply.
      • Some of the themes require dark mode for theme to work properly. For that go back to Synergy > Menu > Dark mode settings and enable it.
      • Reboot your device again.
      • Enjoy the theme!
      Recovering from various situations:

      Recovering from various situations:

      Crashes occurring due to wrongly applied overlays:
      • Open Substratum
      • Go to Manager
      • Select the app overlay
      • Tap the floating action button and select Disable selected
      NOTE: If you apply more than 1 overlay on the same target, your device/System UI may crash.
      In another case, you will either have to update the theme or the app that you wish to theme.

      System bootloop; How to regain control?

      Unrooted users:
      • Open the folder where you have all the Andromeda files and open a command prompt there
      • Connect your device to your computer
      • Write adb devices and make sure your device shows up there (it’ll show a string of random characters), then device after that
      • NOTE: If your device doesn’t show up make sure you have your OEM’s drivers installed
      • Type adb shell cmd overlay list and this will show you all your installed overlays. The ones with [x] in front are enabled.
      • The problematic overlays will be SystemUI (com.android.systemui.<ThemeName>...) and Android System (android.<ThemeName>...) overlays. You can disable them with adb shell cmd overlay disable <package name of the overlay>

      NOTE: If you are a Substratum service (aka Sysserv) mode unrooted user you will have to download ADB and your OEM’s drivers and do the same as Andromeda users from step 2.

      Rooted users with access to a custom recovery:
      • Boot into your custom recovery
      • Flash the zip located at sdcard/substratum/SubstratumRescue.zip
      • This will disable all your overlays and prevent from bootloop
      Theming AOSP [ROOT]

      Theming AOSP [ROOT]

      • Open the Substratum App
      • Select the theme you wish to apply
      • Select your Android version from the dropdown list
      • Select the overlays you want to apply
      • Tap the floating action button in the bottom right corner and select Build and Enable

      NOTE: If you are on the March 2018 security patch (or newer) you will have to do the following:
      • Tap Build & Update (this will not enable overlays, just build them)
      • Reboot your device
      • Go to the Manager, select the overlays, and tap Enable Selected
      • After your overlays are enabled, your SystemUI will restart
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