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Do you think our phones will get Android 4.1 JellyBean?

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    Votes: 4,401 76.2%
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Oct 29, 2012
Any resumable link for latest stock? Net is too slow and disconnects to frequently. ..
I cant seem to find the latest one on androidfirmwares.net or else I would have created a resumable link out of it


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Apr 12, 2013
how can i set a wallpaper to home screen in size of 960*800
and one more thing i feel my phone battery drain increase ( in 9 hour it 6 percent drain in standby mode wifi and data connection is off ) and in normal usage battery drain is so fast (i feel its happen when im usin du speed booster app . can it remove something thet couse battery usage increase)
please help me
Excuse my bad English!
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    Mod Edit - this is now where all JB discussions will be directed.

    XWLSW link: http://samsung-updates.com/device/?id=GT-I9100

    Old News

    Before ranting about how Samsung sucks blah blah and messing up this thread, please read this --->post<--- first. :)

    I will start a discussion about JellyBean (Android 4.1) so that our forum will not be cluttered with JB stuff.

    Although i was late in viewing the live stream of google i/o i found this info over at phonearena. Jellybean will remove lag on devices that will run it? If so it would be cool to have it on our device (even though i only experience micro stutter lag). Hope it removes those little lag i experience sometimes.

    Source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Android-4.1-Jelly-Bean-is-announced-waves-goodbye-to-lag_id31659

    Do you think our device will get updated to JellyBean? My personal opinion is yes because it is just a point release not a major overhaul of the OS. Maybe it will be less hassle to developers on porting it from ICS to JB than from GB to ICS (since this one is a major update). What do you guys think? Will it finally remove the micro lags we are experiencing or will it just be another android update without much improvement?



    Development Thread

    User Discussion Thread


    OTA update to GNex is out. For those devs interested here is the link.

    JellyBean SDK System Dump: Here is the link


    Here is a little video presentation: link

    Here is a pocketnow preview of JellyBean running on an emulator: link

    Pocketnow presentation for JellyBean on the Galaxy Nexus: link


    The first leak for GT-i9100 is here! Click on the link to get it link

    Current Tweet from Sammobile saying S2 JB update will be delayed till November. Here is the link

    Good news! Sammobile confirms 100% that Samsung Galaxy S2 will get JellyBean. This time, it's REAL. Here is the link to the news.

    Old Twitter news confirming Samsung Galaxy S2 will get JellyBean. Here is the link

    Sammobile has good news for us. Check it out!: link

    Here is a news confirming that CM team is working on our phone: link

    What do you think about sammobile's tweet guys?: link

    Credits for the links:









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    You cannot compare GB scrolling and ICS AOSP scrolling because ICS AOSP scrolling is "sticky scrolling" and GB one is "free scrolling"(if I remember correctly) so they are completely different
    Samsung used the gingerbread scrolling in their ics

    JB scrolling type is same as AOSP ics

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    Oh I did not know there was an actual term (kinda) for the difference between the two scrolling types. I always just thought the ICS AOSP was worse. Do you know if the scrolling is based on Kernel or rom? If based on rom, I'm assuming that Samsung's release of JB will be the more GB like scrolling? I really wish there was a way to make that available on the AOSP ones. I don't see what's good about Sticky scroll. I can see where you move down a little, it like jumps to a new spot a little further down, kinda like the click of a wheel...but it's just janky as hell. Never actually works right.

    Come on samsung release a damn jb leak for s2. :mad:

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    Stop complaining about Samsung already. It's already been STATED that they're working on a release. You KNOW they're not going to release anything for the S2 before they finish the S3, so stop bickering about it. I'm all for feelings about JB, but ones that have already been discussed should not be re-stated. Samsung is working on releasing the S3. They've also been testing the S2, and by obvious assumtion, they will release that (if they do) after the S3. It's not gonna be a week. No need to complain. At the end of August/September, when said release is supposed to come out, then you can continue bickering.

    Edit: Same applies as to how we should treat the CM team. Only difference is, Samsung doesn't have the luxury to be able to say NO ETA, STOP BICKERING. Since they have to serve so many more people (keep in mind how small the rooted community is compared to the general population), they've gotta crank out a BUGLESS update in 2 months. You know how much pressure that is? We are some of the most FORTUNATE people (users of XDA), by having a JB release most likely coming to us to begin with, and then also having the best developers working to make sure we get what we want, you'd think that we should also be the most HUMBLE for it?

    i'm sure that sgs2 will have jb update, since the nexus s, with the hardware from sgs1 will have it. i dont get it... wtf samsung? :|

    If you read any previous news about the ongoing Jelly Bean progression with various phones, you'd know that not all phones are equivalent. As has become apparent, it's not just that the SII is similar in every way to the SI, except better. It has different components, and probably because Samsung expected to sell more of them, they went with a cheaper sound chip (thus the problem with yamaha maybe). SI has simpler hardware to work with, plus it's compatible with the Nexus S. What's the GSII phone compatible with? Umm, the I-777, and the G Note....both which don't have JB..hmm.

    I read it for the relevant info, tbh is annoying my phone announces me every irrelevant post but ok, price i have to pay for information.

    With respect Cip.

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    The world invented settings for a reason, so that you can change things. Although I haven't bothered to change them yet, I would love to get notifications on this thread. Instead I'm humble enough to just check in every once in a while when I can. There is indeed a price to having information, and if you know this thread well enough (4,500,000 members), you'd know there's going to be bickering. ESPECIALLY on a thread like this. What they should probably do in the future, is have a thread for only people with 200 thanks and up, so that all the irrelevant noobies (myself included) can bicker amungst themself with no bother to all the devs and contributers; but that's probably not going to happen cus that'd be discrimination. Not sure what the forum's rules are on that.

    Maybe you can ask a moderator to clean every hour the thread and bann all the people that say something irrelevant for u :D. C'mon man, just ignore the post that you don't find interesting.

    Yeah I mean honestly that's probably what he should be doing, however the moderators have enough work as it is, it's no wonder that when he comes back he's a little annoyed things got out of control. I agree with the above, just leave the peace where it's at, but don't add more of the same complaint.

    i can hardly understand why a company like Samsung does not support the community with drivers (or at least let some drivers leak). They can only benefit from that, they have Devs working on no cost for them, they got the users as voluntary "guinea pigs" and most important, they get happy costumers... so it would actually be a win-win situation.

    It's true, they can, almost, only benefit from it. Google definitely benefits from it, but they are also the ones being the most open-source about their business, so you can't say that it's only a direct coorelation. Samsung does what it can to help out their community, if you read the articles by AdamMoutler (http://www.xda-developers.com/android/what-is-unlocked-and-how-does-this-affect-verizons-sgs3/), people make it seem like Samsung is the monster keeping us getting what we want, while in fact, they are first and foremost, the manufacturer. People like to say they're enjoying the "Beast of a phone, SGII". Well it wouldn't be a beast of a phone, if GATEWAY was making the components, lol (btw, that's some ****ty U.S. computer maker). Samsung does its job by making us good phones, and they try and keep the community up to date on the best things, while fitting their own rules of structure. So what, samsung wants their roms to be TW? Big deal, you can't hate them for that. Granted probably more people like AOSP based, but I'm sure there would be a lot of unhappy users if they didn't even have the choice anymore. Give em a break.

    Second, not every company in the world is open source, there are complications that come with that, google has the authority to be complete open source, cus honestly they're a giant. Samsung is also a huge company, but it's more focused on manufactoring, and thus propbably doesn't have enough say to demand their "customers" (even though they only make the phones, and provide their own "updates" - google actually makes the original software) get all the sources too. If ****ty carriers like Verizon didn't demand locked bootloaders be put on their new phones so that they cannot root, good willed companies like Samsung wouldn't have to take a huge load of **** for it.

    Did anyone start that petition that was going to ask Samsung for a leak?

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    Petitions aren't a instant response thing, if a petition is going to be requested about JB or affiliated drivers....they already announced they're going to release a JB rom for the SII (I've already made the assumption that they will, unless they themselves find it impossible to work with the sound chip - assuming they have the code to the driver, they shouldn't), so they'd probably ignore the peition anyway, since they're going to release an update. It would take that long for them to process the request anyway.

    this is sad that they don't give a .....
    IMO if only they provide all drivers every time the new android version released there would be no complain. and there would be no need of sammy alpha beta leak rom
    AOSP,AOKP,CM rulez!

    Read above, it's not as simple as 'oh we could release this code, but we're greedy bastards so we're not going to', there are probably restrictions they have within their own policies. It's not their main priorty to make sure we're completely dev capable, that's googles job, with their nexus line.

    I did a bit of research on Xperia phones and despite the help from Sony you mention CM for Xperia phones is in a worse state than Samsung. I was researching because I was considering getting an Xperia U for my girlfriend. Decided against it seeing how unusable CM for Xperia is right now.

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    If your girlfriend cares about what state her CM is gonna be in, before she even gets the new phone, then you got one techy gf ;)

    If Jelly Bean doesn't come to GS2 officially or unofficially, then every single GS2 owners next phone will be a Nexus.

    That's an incorrect statement. And a huge overreaction. I will not buy a Nexus phone for my next device if I find a Samsung: has better specs, the perfect screen size , a good price, and is aspectically more pleasing. If the nexus phones were as baller as the SII to begin with, and the same price, we'd all have nexus phones. Don't be dumb.

    I personally don't mind waiting for developers to work their way around problems (god bless them), and make roms work for our samsung devices, and I'm not going to shell out $200 more, just for a device I like less, but with JB. Baby tantrum: OMG I HAVE TO WAIT 2 MONTHS FOR A JB RELEASE! . Just chill. It's not the end of the world. Enjoy the progression of ICS while you wait, ya selfish pricks :p

    EDIT: An unnecessary post? Probably. But at least I added something new to the thread and expressed what people apparently need to be reminded of.
    Samsung doing things not the right way, it's not working. But we have our solution, just wait a bit more.
    we need 4.2 stock and Samsung can't even get us 4.1.2. maybe its finally time i install a custom rom. definitely gonna get a nexus phone next go around.

    There's something that you need to understand about why we're behind on firmware updates, and why this will always be the case. I'll try to keep this on topic, but there will be some Apple and Nexus mentions for the sake of illustrating my point, nothing more.

    When Apple releases iOS for their devices, it seems pretty uniform. However, what most don't realize is that <1% of Apple users (usually developers and select testers) have access to the beta of that iOS version about 6 months before release. This is so that app developers can have their **** ready before the official release.

    Google does something similar, and it's called the Nexus program. The Nexus makes up <1% of Android sales, or about the same as Apple's beta program. People who buy a Nexus get a vanilla version of Android devoid of many common features that we Sense or TouchWiz users take for granted, such as T9 dialing, notification shade toggles, etc. Also, Nexus users usually have widespread issues (<5%, but that's several out of the 50-100 apps many have installed) with apps not working on their version of Android. This gives developers about 6 months or so to get their bugs worked out before OEMs like Samsung and HTC start pushing out the latest and greatest to their devices.

    Lastly, take a long hard look at the enhancements listed for Android 4.2 over Android 4.1. See anything? Let me list the new features;
    .wireless display - we already have this
    .screen-saver type photo functionality when docked - I had this on my HTC Incredible on 2.1 ,never cared to use it or see if I have it now.
    .expandable notifications - this is actually new!
    .new camera functions - partly hardware specific, still behind Sense and TouchWiz camera software, but catching up

    Basically, Android 4.2 (vanilla) is still catching up to Sense and TouchWiz. The biggest things we're getting with our 4.1.2 update aren't Android base features. Outside of Project Butter, all we care about are the new Touchwiz features (ripple lock screen, nature UX, smart stay, etc.). So what I'm saying is that, while the Nexus is an awesome device and you will get updates straight from Google for 18-ish months, you're always going to be using what is essentially an incomplete beta product. Some love this. Some hate it. Just make sure that you're ok with it going into it.

    Lastly, I want to explain something on OEM support. The Nexus S was released December of 2010 with Android 2.3. Its last update was 4.1.2 on October 2012, 22 months after release. By comparison, the Galaxy S II was released in April of 2011 with Android 2.3 AND TouchWiz. It's final update may very well be Android 4.1.2 in January 2013, 21 months after release. So by comparison, we received the same level of support as a Nexus device. Our updates were about 6 months later, but more refined as opposed to being in beta status.
    You know what, the sad part is that we are all (about 98% of us) just playing simple flash-a-holics. We will never be happy with our firmware :( We have an addiction, just like substance abuse or a gambling problem. Think about it, the minute JellyBean is officially released for this device, we will be happy for about 2 weeks then once the dust settles, we will all be moaning and crying for JellyBean 4.2. Heaven forbid that Google releases official Keylime Pie!

    Once that happens then JellyBean will be thought of as rubbish. Think about it, when most of us recieved our phones, it had GingerBread on it (my wife's came with ICS because she only got it about 2 months ago) and although it was great because it was new. It quickly became despised to most because of the vastly improved ICS. Now we have official ICS (and it is a DAMN fine firmware) but we are not satisfied with it because of JellyBean with project butter etc.

    The simple truth is, no matter what phone you get, Nexus 4, Sony Experia T or just stick to S2, they will all give you fleeting moments of happiness because ultimately we will never be happy with our firmware. We are just plain ROM junkies or flash whores :D