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Dec 2, 2018
Best pie rom I have ever tried battery giving approx 5-6 hours of continuous usage gaming with nameless kernel gives you around maximum 3 hrs of sot (I am Talking About Pubg ) ? kindly waiting for full stable build


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Jan 28, 2018
See this


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Mar 25, 2018
I am asking do I have to qfil to zui 2.5 then 3.5 and then flash this ROM. Or I can just qufil 3.5 from my current ROM and then flash this rom

The procedure described in the 2nd post tells u: you can install this ROM if your ZUI version before was Indian ZUI 2.5.104ST, it's enough 2 flash Pie ROM's. If not, or you just don't remember, it's better 2 QFIL ZUI 3.5.x or higher version 2 run Pie ROM's with 4.4 kernel without any "bluescreens" or other errors. :cool:
Dec 26, 2016
the procedure described in the 2nd post tells u: You can install this rom if your zui version before was indian zui 2.5.104st, it's enough 2 flash pie rom's. If not, or you just don't remember, it's better 2 qfil zui 3.5.x or higher version 2 run pie rom's with 4.4 kernel without any "bluescreens" or other errors. :cool:
so now i can just qfil 3.5 current rom and install this rom to avoid any problems

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    [B]**** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! ****[/B]

    Android Open Source illusion Project

    About us:

    AOSIP is a quality custom rom based purely on GOOGLE AOSP source since 6.0 release. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows.

    Team Illusion:

    Josh Fox (xlxfoxxlx)
    Akhil Narang
    Shreesha Murthy
    Brett Montague
    Sri Harsha

    Source code:

    AOSiP Gerrit Review
    AOSiP Github
    Device Tree (read dependencies for other repos)
    Kernel source

    Latest Downloads:


    Mike Williams(founder and creator of AOSiP)
    Dirty Unicorns
    ABC Rom
    ChainFire (SuperSU)
    Cory Collins

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AOSiP, ROM for the Lenovo ZUK Z2 (Plus)

    Source Code: https://github.com/AOSiP

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: ZUI 3.5 QPST
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-11-21
    Last Updated 2019-02-11
    This AOSiP Pie release comes with some goodies:
    • Kernel's version is 4.4
      [Brings lots of improvements ranging from memory management, better scheduling, security, RCU, performance improvements and many more compared to 3.18]
    • With kernel 4.4, we got an improved, effective implementation of EAS. Currently CAF has merged kernel/common which is upto EAS r1.4.
    • Kernel 4.4 also brings better compatibility with Clang.
    • Other notable features of the kernel are:
      Always upto date with kernel_common (linux-stable, f2fs, and other improvements)
      Always compiled with latest AOSP Clang
      Enabled Clang LTO which gives a tiny performance bump
      Debloated heavily and debugging is reduced a lot
      Removed never ending SELinux auditing
      LZ4 as default zram compression algorithm
      Simple LMK by sultanxda for better memory management
      Westwood+ TCP congestion algorithm
      Vibration Control
      Upstreamed CFQ as default I/O scheduler
      KCAL display color control
      Memory leak fixes from sultanxda and Star_king12

    Coming to the ROM side:
    • VoLTE works and SELinux status is Enforcing
    • Encryption works after manual /data format from TWRP
    • Full Treble and full VNDK is enabled.
      It uses our unused /factory partition for storing all device specific stuff there.
      Users coming from ZUI only need to flash the official TWRP.
      Users coming from ROMs with /vendor partition need some steps to follow:
      1) Flash Vendor2factory zip,
      2) Flash official TWRP,
      3) Reboot to recovery and then flash the ROM
    • Other notable features are:
      Call recording
      Vibration pattern from Pixel devices
      Always-On Display support
      aptX support
      Pixel 3/XL powerhal adapted for z2_plus for a fluid experience

    New beta update is up!
    Grab it from here: aosiprom.com | SourceForge | OSDN

    ROM specific changes:
    • Fix padding for VoLTE icon
    • Bottom swipe up gesture for navigation
    • Three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
    • Fix lockscreen charging indication going bonkers
    • Translation updates
    • Fix Dialer FC
    • Hide Google ActionServices in launcher
    • Fix Fi permissions
    • Allow chromium to sign in
    • Revert to old bootanimation
    • Show a bolt when charging in text battery style
    • Show battery percentage on charging
    • Force show battery percentage in QS header when charging/powersave
    • If style is text or hidden, don't allow percentage option
    • HeadsUp: Stoplists & Blacklists
    • Stock theme improvements
    • Volume panel QS tile
    • Long press QS settings for OwlsNest
    • Add Google search double tap option in launcher
    • Don't trigger Ambient music ticker if it's not a media notification
    • Implement weather on lockscreen like Pixels
    • OwlsNest: Make actionbar show title for category and not tab
    • Toggle to enable/disable SIM cards
    • Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
    • Volume key cursor control

    Device specific changes:
    • Kernel upstreamed to 4.4.169, merged latest sdm660 caf tag
    • Enabled ARM CPU Memory Latency monitor and governor
    • Memory leak fixes by YaroST12 & kerneltoast
    • Add optimization flags for a53 CPU
    • Turn on vdso32 which results in roughly a 4 fold speedup for clock_gettime() and other
      timekeeping functions for arm32 executables
    • Pull in improvements from Pixel 2 kernel
    • Pull in more fixes from Sony Open Devices 4.4 kernel
    • Enabled workqueue.power_efficient which results in lower power usage at the cost of small performance overhead
    • Set kernel tick rate to 1000hz for better performance and power reduction due to decreased RCU overhead
    • Don't disable cpuidle during boot and while entering suspend
    • Set BFQ as default I/O scheduler
    • Set LZ4 as default ZRAM compression algorithm (faster than previous default ZSTD)
    • Set Z3FOLD as default ZRAM compressed memory allocator (it can store up to three compressed pages per physical page)
    • Referring Pixel 3, set zram swap size to 1/4th of 3GB i.e., 768MB and swappiness to 100
    • More stuff for better RAM management
    • TCP, westwood improvements
    • Disabled wake and app launch boosts
    • Mark some camera IRQs as performance critical
    • Let top-app/schedutune.boost dynamically ramp up during touch events for more snappiness and dip down after touch events end for more battery life
    • Stop per-frame boosting after 1sec to prevent excessive boosting while watching videos
    • Update thermal blobs from Mi A2 Lite
    • Tune thermal-engine.conf referring Pixel 1 thermal config
    • Fix offline charger showing wrong percentage
    • Set radio scanning timeout to 5sec

    Happy flashing :)
    So I'm posting a experimental aosip build with kernel 4.9 after running it for last few weeks.

    List of known issues are:
    - Touchscreen issues on devices who have replaced their displays
    - Camera with flash turned on takes dark pics in stock Snap Camera (works fine in GCam HDR modes and OpenCamera CameraAPI2 flash workaround mode)
    - Low sound after prolonged usage (for example 2 days without rebooting, workaround is to simply reboot your phone)
    - Sometimes charging stops around 70% battery level, android says it is "Charged" (Workaround is to pull out and replug the usb cable)
    - Rarely it will panic or reboot if you try to:
    * Shutdown your phone
    * Send files via MTP etc
    - Permissive SELinux
    - A harmless message popping up after boot saying "There's an internal problem with your device"

    Aim of this port is to see whether we can switch to the more bleeding edge kernel 4.9 or are we better off clinging on to our current stable setup, i.e., kernel 4.4
    So I urge you guys to help in the testing and providing logs and dmesg as much as possible with the bug reports.

    These kernel ports, both 4.4 and 4.9 are only possible because of Sony Open Devices Program and CAF. Also thanks to Star_king12 for constant support.

    Trees used:
    All default branches
    Remember I posted an experimental k4.9 build here on this thread? Well all those bugs are either fixed or hacked, courtesy of Star_king12 and me.
    Here is a beta build with those fixes: aosip.dev | SourceForge | Google Drive

    Please test this build and provide bug reports properly if you face any. I will be able to ship k4.9 with official builds if everything goes well.
    Clean flash is absolutely recommended. Happy flashing!
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