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    XEO Region has 4.4.2, just read tweet from samsung update.:D
    Sent from my SM-N9005 using xda app-developers app
    Finally update to Official Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM. This is Poland edition. ;) ;) ;)

    Firmware: N9005XXUENA6
    Country: Poland
    Version: Android 4.4.2 - KitKat
    Product Code: XEO
    PDA: N9005XXUENA6
    CSC: N9005OXXENA5

    • Phone Bootloader Update must tick at PC Odin3 v3.09, without updating the bootloader, the phone won't success boot to recovery for completing the flashing.
    • Not suitable to try out if you plan on virgin after root without tripping the KNOX as since MJ7 bootloader will trip the KNOX once root.
    • Seems no root for the moment as well, the root for leak S4 ROM not working as XDA member post, I haven't try that yet. (Edit: Root already available)
    Overall Impression:
    • Smooth! It is far better than Android 4.3, I am dirty flash. :D
    • It seems system occupied lesser RAM now, the availability now is 2.71GB :D
    • I love the new lockscreen. :D
    • New lockscreen music playback is cool also, just the cover art a bit blur due to big expand.
    • Finally Samsung remove the ugly Green color battery icon.

    Some screenshot of Official Android 4.4.2 - Kitkat new features & look. ;)
    * Roboto Condense font is not include, Samsung still use it own one, mine is intact from previous setup. ;)




    Simple step to install Official Poland 4.4.2 KitKat ROM:
    • Download Official Poland Single file KitKat 4.4.2 ROM.
    • Download and install Odin3 v3.09
    • Extract once the downloaded KitKat ROM.
    • Open Odin and load the firmware at AP.
    • Tick Phone Bootloader Update. See screenshot.
    • Click start and wait until it finish.


    • What to do if I forgot tick Phone Bootloader Update and now stuck at accessing recovery screen - Take out the battery to turn of the phone, boot back to download mode and reflash the ROM and remember tick Phone Bootloader Update.
    • Is Full Wipe Required? - No and I never do that, if ain't break don't Wipe. Only wipe the phone if phone act abnormal. I did like this since I own 1st Android phone - Google Nexus One.
    • Is official Poland KitKat ROM auto wipe your phone? - No.
    • Is leak Kitkat ROM auto wipe your phone? - Yes.
    • Can I downgrade to 4.3 ROM for N9005 - No.
    • Can I install CM11 base on 4.4 KitKat for N9005 - No as CM11 still under older bootloader.
    • Is flashing different countries ROM via Odin trip the Knox - No.
    • Is rooting in KitKat trip the Knox - Yes due to new bootloader.
    • Is this Poland KitKat support Hong Kong N9005 - No, Hong Kong N9005 is not friendly with others country N9005, cannot cross flashing.
    • What to do if I accidentally flash it under Hong Kong N9005 and soft brick now - The only solution now is flashing custom recovery for KitKat (Knox trip due to custom recovery) and later flash SweetROM v7 KitKat custom ROM.
    • Can I remain Knox 0x0 with root for KitKat - Yes if you still under old bootloader (No if you already at KitKat or bootloader at MJ7 or newer) and follow step here or visit here for more in details step, 1st page post 9 -
    Here's a quick review:

    -Everything seems much faster, unlocking, settings, apps and pretty much everything - yet to notice any stutter anywhere.
    -New lockscreen options, and music player on lockscreen etc.
    -Status bar white and defaults to pure black instead of dark grey when not transparent.
    -More RAM! 2.7GB RAM available now! :)
    -Camera seems to have less problems in low lite and less blur - could be placebo.
    -Pen Window supports more apps and is much much faster!
    -No ART. (probably because it's experimental so far)
    -Excellent battery life (only did 1 drain from 100% so not sure if it gets even better).
    -Interestingly not heating as much while offering better performance.
    -Security Policy and security framework/settings redone - now allows manual updating and has it's own menu.

    Probably more I missed.