[OFFICIAL] LineageOS 20 for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger)

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Jan 14, 2011
Frissítve a LOS 19.1-ről most, minden probléma nélkül.
A TWRP 3.7.0-n keresztül törölte a System+Cache+Dalvik, majd a Flashing the LOS 20, MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64 és Magisk 25.2.
Minden működik. Nagyon köszönöm.
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Jan 27, 2023
Banking apps not working so switched back to stock rom.. any idea.. I want to use this rom but banking apps is a problem !!
I tried magisk but it didnt work !!
Jan 27, 2023
Does anyone have feedback about banking apps?
I just installed the official LineageOS 19.1 and no banking app are working (and I'm not root).
I was thinking to maybe try this unofficial LineageOS 20.

EDIT: Since I couldn't continue with LineageOS 19.1, I tried this version, and my banks apps seems to not work as well :(
Except Revolut, I couldn't even find it in the playstore, but this time I can and it seems working.
I'm havning same issue with this rom.. none of my banking apps work !! did you find any solutions.. I tried magisk but still no success


Mar 14, 2013
No good for me, calls come in late, so I got a lot of missed calls, ebay app not working, netflix app, revolut app, google home not working and so on, they get force close. So pretty much uselles. It looks good it moves very fast but... no.
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Nov 3, 2008
Google Nexus 4
Google Nexus 5
No good for me, calls come in late, so I got a lot of missed calls, ebay app not working, netflix app, revolut app, google home not working and so on, they get force close. So pretty much uselles. It looks good it moves very fast but... no.
Strange, opposite of my experience with this ROM.
Maybe it's the Gapps you flashed or one of your apps.
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Nov 24, 2014
OnePlus 7 Pro
Found a wierd bug: Screen timeout does not work if the Screen lock is set to none. Screen will automatic turns on after the timeout. It will continue forever until I lock the screen by pressing power button.


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Apr 22, 2008

I sidedloaded LineageOS 20 over 19 via adb sideload in LineageOS recovery, followed by latest MindtheGApps for Android 13.
All is working fine, the only thing I spotted:

The process I described did not update the LineageOS recovery, it is still showing version 19.1.

Is there any way I can update this to the version 20 LineageOS recovery now? Any tricks, hacks etc?



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Apr 22, 2008
Thanks a lot.
But I did not want to switch to TWRP for some reasons.

However, I fixed it now by creating a flashable zip, which just updates the LineageOS recovery by sideload. Working fine!



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Apr 22, 2008
Not with a closed boot loader like I have it.

And recovery updates are ticked, but guess only triggers when update is done from the updater itself (which I could not do as a major update like 19 to 20 needs to be done in recovery).

Or am I missing something?



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Apr 22, 2008
Not sure about TWRP, but with original LineageOS Recovery the bootloader an be closed and the recovery still can be updated.

But as said, I created a sideloadable zip with the latest Lineage recovery which I could load via ADB and this updated my recovery even with closed bootloader.

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    You can go though the source code and build it yourself if you dont trust it, but I completely trust this rom. The weak point is most likely human, so either a weak password, that just was guessed/bruit-forced or you clicked a wrong link (or installed a wrong app?). Also possible is a data breach or so.

    Could also be a person with a similar-ish email just had a typo when trying to log in?
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    LineageOS, an open-source Android distribution, is available for several devices,
    with more being continuously added thanks to the biggest, yet ever growing, Android open-source community.
    Join us and breathe new life in your device, be it old or new.
    If you don't know LineageOS and would like to read about it before installing it you can take a look at the official Website.


    Customization is paramount to productivity.
    That’s why LineageOS promises to push for user personalization and preference.
    Everyone is unique and your device should be too.
    Trust will help you understand the security of your device and warn you about possible threats.
    We take security very seriously: that’s why we deliver security updates every month to all our supported devices.
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    LineageOS extends the functionality and lifespan of mobile devices from more than 20 different manufacturers thanks to our open-source community of contributors from all around the world.
    If you are on stock OS, you need a custom recovery first. You can get the recommended recovery in the official installation instructions link below.
    If you are coming from stock or other ROMs, you need to do a factory reset.
    As always, make sure to backup before installing this ROM.

    More detailed instructions at:
    Install LineageOS on cheeseburger.

    Download LineageOS 20

    Source code
    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review.

    The device specific source code can be found in the LineageOS Github repo.
    OnePlus 5 device tree
    OnePlus MSM8998 kernel

    Bug reports:
    Please submit bugs and other errors in this thread

    Donate to support development:
    Donate via PayPal to vware

    Georg Veichtlbauer
    And of course all LineageOS & Android contributors

    OS Version: Android 13
    Kernel: Linux 4.4.302

    Version Information

    Created 2022-09-17
    Last Updated 2022-12-31
    Major Changes (December 4):
    - Kernel updates
    - SELinux improvements
    not true. we had a last minute addition to make, OnePlus 5 and 5T are official as of now. builds will be rolling in soon, so i have removed the download links here.
    enjoy ;)
    official releases (on download.lineageos.org) are weekly. and no, i meant 19.1, as 20 is not official just yet. i added the fix, but you'll only get it on the next release.
    it seems lineage 20 is not far off now though
    okay, another update -- see the first post!

    I just checked, seems the LOS settings has vanished, and I cannot find it anywhere. Am I missing something?
    there has never been a "LOS settings" section, they're integrated into their respective sections of android

    Hello everyone.

    Everything looks good on my side.
    Except for one little thing, which was not behaving this way on stock ROM and Lineage 19/19.1 :
    The alert slider position is not recognized when booting the phone, so even if I am on vibrate/silent, the software sets the phone on "ringtone" position (I'm French I'm not sure about the exact names of the positions in English, but you should get it :) )

    Can't wait for it to become official!
    doesn't happen for me, so a bit hard to find an error there...