Official MEGA RRO Layers Overlays Collection [466 Layers] [06/02/15]

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Jun 5, 2010
The Layers Theme Engine is now in: Frank, Project D.I.S.C.O, Liquidsmooth, XenonHD, BrokenOS, SimpleAOSP, Terminus, Chroma, BoostPop, SlimRom, Illusion, Purity, Cataclysm, Tesla, Optipop, AOSiP, Outqast

If you find this Collection to be Useful please hit the "THANKS" button to show your appreciation. Thank You.

Here is a Community G+ Page that is specifically for Layers Overlays, be sure to "JOIN"

Official Layers & BitSyko Apps Thread


Logo by @dully79

412 Free Layers & 54 Paid Layers



JimmyOverlays [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dark Theme [Jimmy Setiawan]
Red Theme [Jimmy Setiawan]
BnW Theme [Jimmy Setiawan]
Darker [Jimmy Setiawan]
Black Blue [Jimmy Setiawan]
Black Red [Jimmy Setiawan]
Black Teal [Jimmy Setiawan]
Black White [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dark Blue [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dark Red [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dark Teal [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dark White [Jimmy Setiawan]
Scarlett [Jimmy Setiawan]
Vermilion [Jimmy Setiawan]
Valentia [Jimmy Setiawan]
Gryffindor [Jimmy Setiawan]
OuterSpace [Jimmy Setiawan]
TimberWolf [Jimmy Setiawan]
Midnight [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dawn [Jimmy Setiawan]
Cloudy [Jimmy Setiawan]
Sunset [Jimmy Setiawan]
Coyote [Jimmy Setiawan]
Hyena [Jimmy Setiawan]
Dingo [Jimmy Setiawan]
Lobo [Jimmy Setiawan]
AEON [Jimmy Setiawan] NEW

Vegas Gold [Jeremy Beck]
Roman Empire [Jeremy Beck]
Electric Blue [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Green [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Purple [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Red [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Yellow [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Orange [Jeremy Beck]
Blue Orange [Jeremy Beck]
Blue Silver [Jeremy Beck]
Black Electric Blue [Jeremy Beck]
Black Neon Red [Jeremy Beck]
Black Neon Orange [Jeremy Beck]
Black Vegas Gold [Jeremy Beck]
Pitch Black [Jeremy Beck]
Irish Gold [Jeremy Beck]
Mossy Grey [Jeremy Beck]
The Chief [Jeremy Beck]
Slate [Jeremy Beck]
Spartan [Jeremy Beck]
Dark Turq [Jeremy Beck] NEW

SkyBlue [SPAstef]
SkyBlue Night [SPAstef]
XBOX Light [SPAstef]
XBOX Crystal Light [SPAstef]
XBOX Dark [SPAstef]
XBOX Crystal Dark [SPAstef]
FieldGreen [SPAstef]
FieldGreen Dark [SPAstef
Crystal [SPAstef
PS [SPAstef]
Element [SPAstef]
DellGreen [SPAstef
Lazy Theme [SPAstef]
Lazy Dark Theme [SPAstef]
Elixium [SPAstef]
GemFlat [SPAstef]
Milos [SPAstef]
Inversion [SPAstef]

Haze [pierx]
Jupiter [pierx]
Jupiter Settings Extended [pierx]
Minions [pierx]
Xperia Settings [pierx]
Prime Green [pierx]
Prime Green Dark [pierx]
Prime Green Black [pierx]
Prime Blue [pierx]
Prime Blue Dark [pierx]
Prime Red [pierx]
Prime Red Dark [pierx]
Prime Red Black [pierx]
Prime Settings (54 Colors) [pierx]

Indigo And Pink [Dito Evan]
DarkPink [Dito Evan]
Real Eclipse [Dito Evan]
Green Mats [Dito Evan]
Green Mats Dark [Dito Evan]
Material HDesign [Dito Evan]
RASP-UI [Dito Evan]
RASP-UI Dark [Dito Evan]

Black Teal [rootSU]
Material Icons [rootSU]
Material Blue Icons [rootSU]
SpherIcons Grey Icons [rootSU]
SpherIcons Teal Icons [rootSU]
SpherIcons Blue Icons [rootSU]
SpherIcons Red Icons [rootSU]
BlueShade [rootSU]
CyanTone [rootSU]
Purple Haze [rootSU]

Grey-Red [Dejan Baric]
Ice [Dejan Baric]
Star [Dejan Baric]
Elegant [Dejan Baric]
No5 [Dejan Baric]
No6 [Dejan Baric]
Otelo Strong [Dejan Baric]

RazerBlu [Fabrizio “varefaz” Varelli]
Ice Glass Lite [Fabrizio “varefaz” Varelli]
Zaffire Project [Fabrizio “varefaz” Varelli]
BlugalaSy [Fabrizio “varefaz” Varelli]
Estate [Fabrizio “varefaz” Varelli]
Estate 3 [Fabrizio “varefaz” Varelli]

Vivid ColorGrey [Michele Amendolagine]
Vivid Color [Michele Amendolagine]
Vivid DarkColor [Michele Amendolagine]
Vivid DarkWhite [Michele Amendolagine]
Vivid White [Michele Amendolagine]
Vivid WhiteGrey [Michele Amendolagine]

Blue Grey [Chris Hale]
Red Grey [Chris Hale]
Dark Edge Red [Chris Hale]
Candy Apple [Chris Hale]

Blackish [gmax1911]
Blackish Red [gmax1911]
Blackish Blue [gmax1911]

Ink and Paper [Zuhairi Zainudin]
Cyanite [Zuhairi Zainudin]
Diamond Statusbar [Zuhairi Zainudin]

Synergy [Brian Gill]
Synergy Blue [Brian Gill]

Green Soul [Niklas Schnettler]
Blue Soul [Niklas Schnettler]

Light MIUIv6 [alter]
Dark MIUIv6 [alter]

Orange Layer [Aldian Andrew]
Solo Theme [Aldian Andrew]

Dark Grey and Yellow [Rudy Lorren]
SunShine [Rudy Lorren]

M&N [Muzaffar Khan]
Yellow Black [Muzaffar Khan]

Midnight Blue [Josh Rhame]
Pastelz [Josh Rhame]

Sweet Orange [Mats Punt]
TastyPop [Mats Punt]

PurityYellowWorld [Samulomba96]
Prodigy [Samulomba96]

Synergy Settings & Framework[Dequan Brown]
Synergy Power Menu [Dequan Brown]

Pink Voltage [Daniel Chang]
CrystalTronik [Daniel Chang] NEW

Dark Indigo [Aldrin Holmes]

Lotus [Brian Austin]

SPSU [Brent Rodriguez]

Black Red [Tom Lichti]

Teal Theme [Dennis R]

Scarlett Mod [Vinicius Silva]

Dark Red Mod [Andromjb]

DGmtrl [Branden Manibusan]

Simplex [Ryan Rogers]

Contours Purple [Srivas Venkatesh]

Yankees (Navy Gray) [Jay Lefkowicz]

Vision [Alen Glöckner]

Nevo Levin [Nevo Levin]

Amethyst [Michael Stevens]

TRDS [daveyannihilation]

Graphite [dully79]

Florid [OrionDroids]

Vito Lux Midnight [Sakaschi]
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Jun 5, 2010

Synergy Viper4Android Light [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Viper4Android Dark [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Google Chrome [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Google Play Store [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Recently [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Spotify [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Rashr [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy CPU Spy [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy CPU Z [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Google News & Weather [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Cabinet [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy ADM [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Solid Explorer Alpha [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Ak Kernel [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Link Bubble [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy SuperSU [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Layers [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Google Keep [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy AdAway [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy VLC [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy ShowBox [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy WinRar [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy The Cleaner [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy CCleaner [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy CM File Manager [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy MX Player [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy LastAppSwitcher [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Terminal Emulator [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy DisableService [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy ES File Explorer [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Pipette [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Aviary [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Flynx [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Google Keyboard [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy FlashFire [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Instagram [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy App Redirect [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy DashClock [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Flashify [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Facebook Messenger [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Swiftkey 1 [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Swiftkey 2 [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Swiftkey 3 [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Swiftkey 4 [Abdulwahab Isam]
Teal Instagram [Abdulwahab Isam]
Teal Google Play Store [Abdulwahab Isam]
Purple Spotify [Abdulwahab Isam]

ElectricBlue Shuttle+ [Blair Skinner]
ElectricBlue FX File Explorer [Blair Skinner]
ElectricBlue Pocket Casts [Blair Skinner]
ElectricBlue Google Keep [Blair Skinner]
ElectricBlue AdAway [Blair Skinner]
ElectricBlue Purity U2D [Blair Skinner]
ElectricBlue Google+ [Blair Skinner]

Youtube Overlay [Niklas Schnettler]
Reddit Sync Overlay [Niklas Schnettler]
V4A Material Light [Niklas Schnettler]
Material Soul Playstore [Niklas Schnettler]
Blue Soul WhatsApp [Niklas Schnettler]

Black ES File Explorer [Abdulwahab Isam]
Black CPU Z [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Apex [Abdulwahab Isam]
Synergy Twitter [Abdulwahab Isam]

DarkerRed Kernel Auditor [Tom Connors]
DarkerRed Play Music [Tom Connors]
DarkerRed Play Store [Tom Connors]

Root Browser [Davide Sliepcevich]
AndroidStudio AIDE [Davide Sliepcevich]
WhatsApp [Davide Sliepcevich]

Synergy Play Store [Brian Gill]
Synergy Play Music [Brian Gill]

Synergy Google Launcher [Dequan Brown]
Synergy Google Chrome [Dequan Brown]

Gmail White Notifications [rooSU]
Silent HDR+ for GoogleCamera [rooSU]

Hangouts Dialer Buttons [Chad Gauthier]

Dark Grey Google Launcher [Cory Collins]

Dark Playstore [Srivas Venkatesh]

Hangouts Tangerine [Chris Hale]

MIUIv6 Keyboard [alter]

SkyBlue WhatsApp [SPAstef]

Synergy Dark Red Edge Hangouts [Bauke Zwart]

Black Layers Manager App [Jeremy Beck]

WhatsApp [Tanay Kothari]

AIMP [Marcel Portma]

Calculator Theme [Osama Asif]

Dope Layer for Instagram [Sri Harsha]

Prime ES Explorer [pierx]

Sublime Swiftkey [kantjer]

Transparent Google Launcher [Jimmy Setiawan]
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Jun 5, 2010

Softkeys Pack 1 7 Sk [Juan Carlos] NEW
Softkeys Pack 2 8 Sk [Juan Carlos] NEW
Softkeys Pack 3 9 Sk [Juan Carlos] NEW
Softkeys Pack 4 3 Sk [Juan Carlos] NEW
Softkeys Pack 5 3 Sk [Juan Carlos] NEW
M9 Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
Solid Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
Vivid Material Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
Parapaper Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
MaterialUp & Nexus Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
Vivid Material 2 & Levo Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
Infinity Softkeys [Juan Carlos] NEW
minimal OS Softkeys [Juan Carlos]

Nexus Softkeys [Jimmy Setiawan]
Galaxy Softkeys [Jimmy Setiawan]
RazrHD Softkeys [Jimmy Setiawan]
Xperia Softkeys [Jimmy Setiawan]
ZTE Softkeys [Jimmy Setiawan]
Facebook Softkeys [Jimmy Setiawan]

Outline Style LP [Zuhairi Zainudin]
MLBR Navbar [Zuhairi Zainudin]
Bigger Stock Lollipop Navbar [Zuhairi Zainudin]
Cyanite Navbar [Zuhairi Zainudin]
Fly Navbar [Zuhairi Zainudin]

SmokedNavbars [Saquib Kazi]
SmokedNavbars Uncolored [Saquib Kazi]
BlueDroidBars [Saquib Kazi]

Eclipse [Michele Amendolagine]
Eclipse Small Back [Michele Amendolagine]
Eclipse Minimal Back [Michele Amendolagine]

GCircle [Brent Rodriguez]
GCircle No Color [Brent Rodriguez]
Veekay Keys [Brent Rodriguez]

Xbar [SPAstef]
SoftBar [SPAstef]
StockBar [SPAstef]

Chroma Red Softkeys [Tom Connors]
Chroma White Softkeys [Tom Connors]
Chroma Teal Softkeys [Tom Connors]

Coacervate Softkeys [Sri Harsha]
CM12 Softkeys [Sri Harsha]

Playstation Softkeys [Chris Hale]

Zen Navbar [Michele Amendolagine]

Chrome [M Dullahan]

Xperia Lollipop [George G.]

Pink Voltage Softkeys [Daniel Chang]


Statusbar Pack 1 8 Sb [Juan Carlos] NEW
Statusbar Pack 2 2 Sb [Juan Carlos] NEW
Statusbar Pack 3 4 Sb [Juan Carlos] NEW
Diamond Stausbar Regular Signal [Juan Carlos] NEW
Cloudy Stausbar Regular Signal [Juan Carlos] NEW
Cloudy iOS Stausbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
One M9 & Galaxy S6 Stausbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
illest Stausbar 3 Sb [Juan Carlos] NEW
Flatshade Statusbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
Flatcolor Statusbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
LG G4 Statusbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
HexComb Statusbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
Mr Gap & Mr Border Statusbar [Juan Carlos] NEW
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Jun 5, 2010

Vegas Gold (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Roman Empire (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Electric Blue (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Purple (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Orange (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Green (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Neon Red (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Black Electric Blue (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Black Neon Red (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Black Neon Orange (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Pitch Black (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Irish Gold (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Mossy Grey (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
The Chief (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Slate (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Spartan (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck]
Dark Turq (DONATE) [Jeremy Beck] NEW

SkyBlue (DONATE) [SPAstef]
SkyBlue Night (DONATE) [SPAstef]
Cystal (DONATE) [SPAstef]
Cystal Dark [SPAstef]
Element (DONATE) [SPAstef]
Elixium Dark [SPAstef]
Inversion (DONATE) [SPAstef]
Commute UI [SPAstef] NEW

TimberWolf (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan]
OuterSpace (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan]
Gryffindor (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan]
Sunset (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan]
Midnight (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan]
Scarlett (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan]
AEON (DONATE) [Jimmy Setiawan] NEW

Vivid White (DONATE) [Michele Amendolagine]
Vivid DarkColor (DONATE) [Michele Amendolagine] NEW
Vivid LG Color (DONATE) [Michele Amendolagine] NEW
Vivid ColorWiz (DONATE) [Michele Amendolagine] NEW

Blackish (DONATE) [gmax1911]
Blackish Red (DONATE) [gmax1911]
Blackish Blue (DONATE) [gmax1911]

PurityYellowWorld (DONATE)[Samulomba96]
Prodigy (DONATE)[Samulomba96]

Pastelz (DONATE) [Josh Rhame]
Vapor [Josh Rhame] NEW

Destiny Theme [-Dude]
Destiny Dark Theme [-Dude] NEW

Light MIUIv6 (DONATE) [alter]

HeX [Niklas Schnettler]

TRDS (DONATE) [daveyannihilation]

DarkMTRL [Thyrus]

GlowSticks [DOBBY0]

Sublime [Branden Manibusan]

Vif [tkothari]

Florid (DONATE) [OrionDroids]
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Jun 5, 2010

How To Make a Overlay APK by Brian Gill

Layers Overlay System How To by Tom Lichti


Google Material Design Guidelines


Layers Project Generator Tool


Official Layers Manager App 3.0 UPDATED


Tutorial for applying RRO Overlays on any RRO based rom by AVKAppReviews

Layers Manager App (Applying Layers Made Easy) by AVKAppReviews

Layers Manager App by MJB Review
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Oct 20, 2014
Here's my orange saosp with layers from the community... Goes well with my overall orange theme..


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