Question Official MUII 12.5 Global. Any link and tutorial to flash CN versions?

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Jan 25, 2012
Looks fine so far, but Safetynet failed
Bootloader stays unlocked
More after a large test


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Sep 17, 2007
Not sure why it would fail a safetynet check. My Chinese phone with boot loader unlocked running passes no problem.

Safetynet check is done through Google servers. It seems that there are two categories of roms that the service approves:

any original rom from a recognized provider - this is the CN rom which passed the test for me (in this category you can find the global rom as well but with the global phone only)
AOSP type custom rom from a recognized provider - like lineage - obviously devs modified the beta CN rom to the point that makes it recognized as such

and what doesn't go is the global rob with unlocked Chinese phone - except if the status is covered by magisk - maybe


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Mar 25, 2013
Could you please point me in the right direction to do that? Thank you
1 install latest magisk manger
2 patch the stock boot.img
3 Install the pached boot through fastboot
4 turn on the magisk hide option in magisk manger settings
5 Google search " universal safteynet fix" by kdrag0n
6 install the module through magisk manager, reboot
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    As far as I know, the Mi 11 Global version won't be available before February 25th (at least here in Europe), so I doubt the global ROM is available yet. Most people recommend the ROM over the global ROM because it has some extra features and so on.

    I recommend you use's ROM, there's a thread explaining how to do it here. Also, don't forget to unlock your bootloader - you need to wait 7 days before it can be unlocked, so if you start the process today, you'll be able to flash custom ROMs in a week.
    You can also find newer versions at here:

    Yes of course
    1. fastboot version
    2.Form rebooting in faastboot mod and flashing fastboot version with mi flash with clean all option.
    3. No mobile or wifi issues
    4. all gms are installed ( google phone dialer and sms )
    Sorry bro fresh installation i cant say more im at work ;)
    i dont use google pay and safety net failed
    Rom is smooth but orange bloatware are downloaded
    I flashed too. And immediately reverted to the EU. Doesn't fit my needs. The UI is uglier than EU, but this wasn't my primary concern. Google Pay didn't work either with or without magisk. Only basic integrity was confirmed. No call recording. A bunch of unuseful apps without uninstall option. Adds.

    If someone is interested (though I don't recommend and don't take any responsibility) hare is instruction how to flash the global in linux/ubuntu:

    1. download and extract the rom
    2. start terminal from the extracting folder
    3. factory reset the phone (I did it and while is different rom I don't recommend dirty flash)
    4. activate debugging on the phone
    5. connect the turned on phone to computer
    6. terminal commands:
    6.1 adb devices (grant rights on the phone)
    6.2 adb reboot bootloader
    6.3 fastboot devices
    6.4 chmod a+x ./
    6.5 (you can do - - instead and retain user data, but I didn't try and can't recommend - the previous command is then - chmod a+x ./

    7. after reboot patch the boot image with Magisk Manager 22 and install patched img with fastboot:

    7.1 fastboot flash boot_a "patched_boot.img"
    7.2 fastboot flash boot_b "patched_boot.img"

    I'm attaching the pached boot.img for V12.0.3.0.RKBEUXM.

    But as I said I strongly advise you to not flash global. You'll be disappointed.

    I managed to pass full safetynet checks with magisk and universal safteynet fix.
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