[OFFICIAL][Nougat 7.1.2][OMS] Resurrection Remix-5.8.5 For Redmi 4X(santoni)

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Jan 25, 2015
@Nik001 Hi, I'd like to install this rom on my cell but before i need to know if install the Root in a MUST or not.
Another thing; the ROM pass the safety net?


Nov 15, 2014
Performance mode doesn't activate all of the cores!

It can reduce 3cores in power save mode but it doesn't activate all of the cores in performance mode..i like this rom because it has HSR 60fps in 720p, powersave/efficiency mode, nav buttons with pulse, live display, substratum support, logos, the whole rr configurations ..i want it to run pubg more smoothly:cowboy:


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Mar 13, 2008
Can some one please help me. My girlfriend has a 4x with RR 5.8.5 Louis. She fiddled with it an now the screen comes from right to left. So buttons who are normally on the right of the screen are now left and vice versa. Text is still readable but comes from the right in the screen.

How do I change back to normal?

I have searched the forum but I can find the solution.



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May 3, 2016
Can some one please help me. My girlfriend has a 4x with RR 5.8.5 Louis. She fiddled with it an now the screen comes from right to left. So buttons who are normally on the right of the screen are now left and vice versa. Text is still readable but comes from the right in the screen.

How do I change back to normal?

I have searched the forum but I can find the solution.


In dev. Options turn force RTL layout to off
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Mar 27, 2013
I know this rom is not developed anymore, but I have a question.
I've read that 5 GHz Wifi should work with this rom, but I've just split the band coming out from my router and I can see the 2.4 GHZ only.
Is there something I have to set on the phone for being able to see (and to connect) to the 5 GHz also?

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    Resurrection Remix 5.8.5​
    Xiaomi Redmi 4x(santoni)​
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * And other random stuff no-one reads.
    Resurrection Remix for Xiaomi Redmi 4x(santoni)
    Finally Wait is over!
    It is based on Nougat 7.1.2_r17 and nightlies of LineageOS 14.1 and Resurrection Remix from 17th May.
    OMS is integrated.

    ● navigation bar ▼
    - enable/disable navbar
    - navbar colour tint
    - navbar button customisation smart bar
    - navbar pulse 
    - navbar fling            
    - double tap to sleep navbar
    ● status bar ▼
    - brightness slider
    - enable / disable show notification count
    - superuser indicator switch
    - double tap to sleep status bar
    - carrier label  
    - carrier label switch
    - carrier label colour
    - carrier label size
    - clock customisation's
    - time & date
    - day & date toggle
    - centre / right / left clock choice
    - date format
    - clock font styles
    ● battery ▼
    - battery bar customisation
    - battery icon customisation (circle / landscape / portrait and more)
    - battery % text
    ● network traffic indicator ▼
    - network traffic arrows switch
    - incoming / outgoing traffic
    - network traffic colour
    ● status bar RR logo ▼
    - RR logo colour
    - position
    ● custom logos ▼
    - logo colour
    - position
    - style
    ● status bar weather ▼
    - weather colour
    - weather position (left / right)
    - weather font style
    - weather size
    ● status bar ticker ▼
    - ticker text colour
    - ticker icon colour
    ● animations ▼
    - toast animations
    - list view animations
    - system animations
    - qs tile animations
    - power menu animations
    - misc animations
    ● gestures ▼
    - gestures anywhere feature
    - 3 finger swipe screenshot gesture
    ● app circle bar ▼
    - choose apps in app sidebar
    - trigger width
    - trigger height
    - trigger position
    ● app sidebar ▼
    - choose apps in app circle
    - trigger width
    - trigger height
    - trigger position
    ● pie control ▼
    - pie trigger (left / right / bottom)
    - pie targets
    - pie colours
    - more pie features
    ● recents panel ▼
    - clear all button switch
    - clear all tasks switch
    - clear all button location (top right / top left / top centre / bottom left / bottom right / bottom centre)
    - full screen recents
    - recents styles
    - omniswitch
    ● cclock widget ▼
    - clock and alarm customisation's
    - weather panel customisation's
    - calender events
    ● lockscreen ▼
    - lock screen bottom shortcuts
    - lock screen general shortcuts
    - 100+ icons for shortcuts
    - double tap to sleep lock screen
    - lock screen media art / enable disable
    - quick pin / patter unlock
    - lockscreen wallpaper
    - lock screen weather widget
    - lock screen icons colour
    ● quick settings draggable tiles ▼
    - customisable tiles
    - dynamic tiles adjustment
    - number of columns / rows
    - tile animations
    ● notification drawer ▼
    - task manager
    - custom headers
    - long press toggles to enter settings
    - disable immersive mode messages
    - force expand notification
    - quick pull-down
    - smart pull-down
    - notification panel transparency
    - volume dialog transparency
    - notification panel stroke
    - volume dialog stroke
    ● buttons ▼
    - back-light timer
    - back-light strength
    ● advanced reboot menu ▼
    - power off
    - reboot (recovery / boot-loader / hot reboot)
    - screen-shot
    - power menu end calls switch
    - restart systemui
    - aeroplane mode
    - screen record
    - on the go mode
    - sound panel
    ● home button (for devices with hw keys only) ▼
    - home button answer call
    - long press actions
    - double tap actions
    ● menu button (for devices with hw keys only) ▼
    - short press actions
    - long press actions
    ● search button (if device supports) ▼
    - short press action
    - long press action
    ● volume buttons ▼
    - wake up device
    - playback control
    - ringtone volume control
    - keyboard cursor control
    - swap buttons on landscape mode
    - volume key answer
    ● miscellaneous ▼
    - selinux switch (switch between permissive and enforcing selinux if device has selinux enabled)
    - clock shortcut
    - disable battery saver warning colour
    - ota updates
    - camera shutter sound enable / disable
    ● systemui tuner ▼
    - enabled by default
    - removed demo mode and tweaked systemui tuner as compared to aosp
    - status bar icons customisation's
    - quick settings customisation's
    ● other features ▼
    - performance profiles
    - lcd density
    - expanded desktop mode
    - heads up switch and customisation's
    - live display
    - configurable 0/90 / 180 / 270 degree rotation
    - lock screen auto-rotate switch
    - native tap to wake from marshmallow
    - double tap power button to enable camera gesture
    - prevent accidental wake-up
    - wake phone on charging plug
    - battery light customisation's
    - notification light customisation's
    - font size
    - CM privacy guard
    - RR ota
    - CM root inbuilt
    - new RR configurations 
    - overall smoothness improvements
    - optimisation's to improve battery
    - includes all android nougat features
    - includes all CM14.1 features
    - and much much more ...
    On your rooted device with a custom recovery ( TWRP 3.1.1 recommended) :TWRP F2FS Supported Recovery
    • Make a full nandroid backup <always backup!>
    • Full wipe device
    • Install Rom
    • Install 7.1 Gapps (recommended Open Gapps Nano) (Must be latest)
    • Install Root(Magisk recommended)
    • Wipe Cache and Art / Dalvik
    • Reboot
    • Wait for 1st boot
    • Enjoy

    ROM-RR-N-FINAL(clean flash recommended)
    If you are in Marshmallow Firmware then First you have update Firmware to Nougat-Firmware Nougat
    Gapps-use Micro/Nano-7.1.1

    -Merged December Secuirty Patch
    -Magisk Updated to v15.0
    -Kernel changed to CAF from Prebuilt
    -Kernel upstream to 3.18.91
    -Sound control Added
    -Fast charge Added by default enabled
    -ElementalX governor Added
    -Alucard Governor Added
    -Zen I/O scheduler Added
    -Beoffla Generic Wakelocks Added
    -Fixed BT Mac Address
    -Fixed Recent Key in Device tree
    -Add exFAt and NTFS support
    -Fixed Blur lockscreen
    -Add and enabled f2fs and sdcardfs
    -Night light Added
    -Source code synced on 07/01/2017
    -RR version bumped to 5.8.5
    -Merged September Security Patch
    -Added PA color engine
    -Magisk updated to v14
    -Improvements to pocket mode
    -Improvement in performance
    -Improvement in Ram Management
    -FP as a mouse click Fixed
    -Selinux set as Enforcing
    -Youtube Video playback upto 1080p60
    -Zram Added 512mb
    -IR Blaster Fixed
    -Flac audio Fixed
    -Multicolor Notification Leds Added (only 4 colors)
    -Source code synced on 29/09/2017
    -Improvement in performance
    -Recent app switcher fixed(bug was on 25th build)
    -IR Blaster fixed
    -Roaming FC issue fixed
    -Kernel updated from latest miui 9
    -updated blobs from miui 9
    -Source code synced on 28/08/2017
    -Improvement in performance little bit(used GCC-linaro-4.9)
    -Sourced code synced on 25/08/2017

    Source code:
    Kernel Tree

    What does / doesn't work
    • VoLte
    • Camera
    • Video Recording
    • IR Blaster
    • Fingerprint
    • Recent app switcher key
    • Wifi
    • Hotspot
    • Ril-Data/calls
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Radio
    • All sensor working
    • Roaming sim
    • Full OMS support
    • Google Assistant pre-installed
    • Sourced code synced on 28/08/2017
    • You tell me

    Thanks / Credits
    * RR team, CM team, Omni team, Slim team.
    * XDA developers.
    @mohancm(for helping me:eek:)
    @dg28gadhavi(for helping me:eek:)
    @faizhifzhan(for testing)
    @CherkesEA7(for testing)
    @ronaldick(for testing)

    Telegram Group:Redmi 4/4X

    Hit Me Thanks, If you like my Development:good:

    XDA:Rom Information
    Resurrection Remix-5.8.5[Nougut]-7.1.2,ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi 4X

    Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: must be on Nougat or higher
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v3.0
    Stable Release Date: 2017-01-07
    Current Beta Version: v1.1
    Beta Release Date: 2017-07-31

    Created 2017-07-31
    Last Updated 2017-01-07
    RR Final one more update is coming with CAF kernel.
    Stay tune for that.
    Guys, RR New Final Stable Build is Up.. Have a happy Flashing.. And Belated Happy New Year.:laugh:::eek::
    We eventually will get it. Have patience mate. And the kind of developer @Nik001 is, guarantees it.
    Already Got RR oreo official.
    Today will release Official public test build . And on monday or tuesday Official build will come.
    Join our telegram santoni group for experience RR test build.
    Does anyone know when will it be uploaded?
    Yeah one person knows..And that person is Maintainer of RR(me):laugh: