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[OFFICIAL] OxygenOS 5.0 Android 8.0 Stable Roll Out

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I installed initially OS 5, TWRP 3.2.1 and Magisk 14.6 beta... and landed in an endless spinner. Rebooting I discovered that TWRP did not recognize the encryption.

After several tries, I did a factory reset and reinstalled OS 5 via ADB sideload again.

I could boot the phone but failed every time I tried to install TWRP.

The thread pointed me to the BluSpark TWRP which I could sucessfully install and then also install Magisk to root the phone.

OP 5 with OS 5 Oreo running, rooted with Magisk.

Next task... download the backup (being abroad) and reinstall everything. :(


Jun 1, 2012
Follow this guide

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Did u try factory reset after updating...
And how did u update..
Check for video on my channel..
They might help u

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Are u able to solve or stil same issue.
And can u tel me how did u update.

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Did u solve the issue if not let me know how did u update?

Same thing happened to me. my wifi is not working now. all i did was flash the new oreo rom to my rooted phone using TWRP and got stuck in bootloop and then i had to wipe everything to install the older Nougat version. but WIFI is not working
Which Magisk should i flash to root? latest stable or beta?

According to what I read, you need the beta as well as TWRP BluSpark... normal TWRP crashed my phone, I am yet spending 6+ hours restoring everything, struggling with Titanium Backup though refusing to install app (new permission Setup for third Party apps since Oreo).
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Mar 25, 2009
Can anyone change their picture at the user profile? I only can my user name but not the picture.. It always show msg save to null...


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Jan 9, 2012
Can the "beauty" mode be turned off permanently?

> Added beauty effect for Portrait Mode

Some other manufacturers (Huawei, for example) turn on Beauty Mode every time the camera app is restarted (and set to portrait mode). They really shove it down your throat. Did OnePlus make this mistake too, or can it be turned off (permanently) so I don't look like a bald barbie doll with a beard?

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