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Senior Member
Mar 22, 2008
stuck in bootloop now, how can i get a working phone again ?

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘f2fs_win’: File exists
mv: cannot stat 'make_f2fs.exe': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat 'mke2fs.exe': No such file or directory

[FLASH_RAW] ==========================================
[FLASH_RAW] ZS661KS raw flashing program
[FLASH_RAW] Version 20210118
[FLASH_RAW] ==========================================

[FLASH_RAW] RAW file found: WW_ZS661KS_18.0410.2108.158_M3.35.19.17-ASUS_1.1.5_Phone-user.raw

[FLASH_RAW] Please connect device to host.
[FLASH_RAW][ERROR] Fail to get device information!
FAILED (remote: 'Command not supported in default implementation')
fastboot: error: Command failed

[ERROR] disable flashing!!!
Sending sparse 'super' 1/12 (476740 KB) OKAY [ 11.906s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.821s]
Sending sparse 'super' 2/12 (505048 KB) OKAY [ 12.536s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.865s]
Sending sparse 'super' 3/12 (460248 KB) OKAY [ 11.490s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.826s]
Sending sparse 'super' 4/12 (524184 KB) OKAY [ 13.062s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.885s]
Sending sparse 'super' 5/12 (524256 KB) OKAY [ 13.107s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.892s]
Sending sparse 'super' 6/12 (524256 KB) OKAY [ 13.000s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.880s]
Sending sparse 'super' 7/12 (521716 KB) OKAY [ 12.877s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.922s]
Sending sparse 'super' 8/12 (508516 KB) OKAY [ 12.614s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.888s]
Sending sparse 'super' 9/12 (524248 KB) OKAY [ 13.036s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.882s]
Sending sparse 'super' 10/12 (476844 KB) OKAY [ 11.881s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.856s]
Sending sparse 'super' 11/12 (511336 KB) OKAY [ 12.722s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.900s]
Sending sparse 'super' 12/12 (398572 KB) OKAY [ 9.933s]
Writing 'super' OKAY [ 0.722s]
Finished. Total time: 158.511s
Rebooting into bootloader OKAY [ 0.000s]
Finished. Total time: 0.251s
(bootloader) bat vol = 3975
OKAY [ 0.001s]
Finished. Total time: 0.002s
Erasing 'metadata' OKAY [ 0.065s]
Finished. Total time: 0.072s
******** Did you mean to fastboot format this f2fs partition?
Erasing 'userdata' OKAY [ 0.199s]
Finished. Total time: 0.205s
Erasing 'userdata' OKAY [ 0.181s]

F2FS-tools: mkfs.f2fs Ver: 1.12.0 (2018-11-12)

Info: Disable heap-based policy
Info: Debug level = 1
Info: Trim is disabled
Info: Set conf for android
Info: No support kernel version!
Info: Segments per section = 1
Info: Sections per zone = 1
Info: sector size = 512
Info: total sectors = 217925272 (106408 MB)
Info: zone aligned segment0 blkaddr: 512
Info: add quota type = 0 => 4
Info: add quota type = 1 => 5
[f2fs_init_sit_area: 535] Filling sit area at offset 0x00600000
[f2fs_init_nat_area: 569] Filling nat area at offset 0x00e00000
[f2fs_write_root_inode:1147] Writing root inode (hot node), 1c600 0 200 at offset 0x00116224
[f2fs_write_default_quota:1223] Writing quota data, at offset 0001cc01, 0001cc02
[f2fs_write_qf_inode:1318] Writing quota inode (hot node), 1c600 0 200 at offset 0x00116225
[f2fs_write_default_quota:1223] Writing quota data, at offset 0001cc03, 0001cc04
[f2fs_write_qf_inode:1318] Writing quota inode (hot node), 1c600 0 200 at offset 0x00116226
[f2fs_update_nat_root:1372] Writing nat root, at offset 0x00000e00
[f2fs_add_default_dentry_root:1567] Writing default dentry root, at offset 0x0001cc00
Info: Overprovision ratio = 0.610%
Info: Overprovision segments = 656 (GC reserved = 335)
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 713] Writing main segments, cp at offset 0x00000200
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 850] Writing Segment summary for HOT/WARM/COLD_DATA, at offset 0x00000201
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 877] Writing Segment summary for HOT_NODE, at offset 0x00000202
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 889] Writing Segment summary for WARM_NODE, at offset 0x00000203
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 900] Writing Segment summary for COLD_NODE, at offset 0x00000204
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 908] Writing cp page2, at offset 0x00000205
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 928] Writing NAT bits pages, at offset 0x000003fe
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 949] Writing cp page 1 of checkpoint pack 2, at offset 0x00000400
[f2fs_write_check_point_pack: 968] Writing cp page 2 of checkpoint pack 2, at offset 0x00000405
[f2fs_write_super_block:1001] Writing super block, at offset 0x00000000
Info: format successful
Sending 'userdata' (85 KB) OKAY [ 0.007s]
Writing 'userdata' OKAY [ 0.003s]
Erasing 'metadata' OKAY [ 0.057s]
Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.
File system type raw not supported.
Finished. Total time: 5.910s
Rebooting FAILED (Status read failed (No such device))
fastboot: error: Command failed

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