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Jan 22, 2022
@Sushrut1101, thank you for all your hard work in this new release.

Since you maintain the unofficial source GitHub page for this Mojito device, and because it's not included at, the building instructions at do not fully apply.

I tried to build it from scratch on a clean system, but it doesn't include the 'twrp.dependencies' while running ' lunch twrp_mojito-eng'. After running 'mka recoveryimage' it exits without errors, but it doesn't build the 'recovery.img' file.

Could you add your version of the OrangeFox building instructions for this device to this thread or the source page at GitHub?


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Changing the boot theme made my phone get stuck in the Redmi screen. Reflashing the rom (crDroid) solved the problem.
I changed the background color and clicked on "change background image" but didn't choose any file (perhaps that was the issue?).

Also, does anyone know if there are any glitches with backing up and restoring partitions? I would like to test other roms and would like to restore partitions when I return to the rom I am using after testing them rather than doing a clean flash. If there are no glitches, what partitions should I backup?
I use Migrate app (found on XDA) for easily switching data from ROM to ROM.
It is like Titanium backup but free and flash from recovery.


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Apr 3, 2021
I use Migrate app (found on XDA) for easily switching data from ROM to ROM.
It is like Titanium backup but free and flash from recovery.
I use OandXBackup for that. I have tried Migrate in the past, but found that, like OandXBackup, some apps still need to be configured despite being restored from a backup (e.g: Signal, Protonmaill, Nextcloud, etc). Plus I don't think they support backing up apps from the Work profile from the Main profile.

That is why I wanted to know which partitions to back up in OFOX. In case I migrate to a ROM that doesn't work properly and I just want to revert everything back to the previous working ROM very quickly. This would be particularly helpful when going from A11 to A12 ROMs, in case the A12 ROM has issues and I need to go back to the A11 ROM I know was working fine.

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    OrangeFox Recovery Project
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this recovery
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
    OrangeFox is FREE SOFTWARE

    ℹ️ Information
    Status: Stable
    Version: R11.1
    Release Date: 01 January 2022
    Maintainer: Sushrut1101

    ℹ️ Sources
    Source Code:
    Device Tree:
    Kernel Source:

    ⬇️Downloads: Here

    📲 Installation:

    📚 Documentation (FAQ):

    💰 Donations:

    📒 Source changelog:

    📣 Telegram channels:
    News -
    Beta testing chat -

    🦊 OrangeFox App:

    XDA : DevDB Information
    OrangeFox Recovery Project, Tool/Utility for mojito, sunny (Xiaomi Redmi Note 10)


    Sushrut Gupta ,DarthJabba9, MrYacha

    * TeamWin - for TWRP
    * The OrangeFox Team - for your hard work
    * All our testers - for your patience and help
    * @Nebrassy - Base Device Trees
    * @Sushrut1101 - Maintainer / Developer
    R11.1 Stable Release it Out!

    Build Type: Stable - OFFICIAL
    📅 Release Date: 02 January 2022
    🗒️ Changelogs:
    • Initial Stable Release for mojito,sunny
    • Fixed Reboot Issues after flashing Some ROMs or Kernels
    • Synced the Latest OrangeFox Sources
    • Some other Bug Fixes and Improvements
    ✍️ Build Notes:
    1. If you are coming from another release of OrangeFox, you MUST flash the ZIP. Do NOT try to bypass this instruction by extracting the img file from the ZIP and flashing that img instead.
    2. Do NOT Flash the recovery.img that is inside the ZIP. If you do so, You won't be able to reboot to system. (Although, you can hotboot the image using "fastboot boot recovery.img")
    3. If you are installing this for the first time (ie. you don't currently have any custom recovery installed), Follow these Steps:
      1. Hotboot the image that is inside the ZIP ("fastboot boot recovery.img")
      2. Flash the OrangeFox ZIP
      3. Done!
    ⬇️ Downloads:
    I'm going to unlock it.
    After unlocking how should i proceed?directly flash irangefox recovery using flashboot?
    or first boot into orangefox recovery using fastboot and then flash recvery from within the orangefox recovery?
    There is a full guide to install the zip.
    Flash OrangeFox Recovery by using the fastboot flash recovery recovery.img command
    Reboot into OrangeFox by pressing the power + volume up keys, until you see the OrangeFox splash screen (the keys may be may vary on your device)
    After OrangeFox has booted up, check that everything is working – eg, that it has mounted the data partition successfully, and that the touchscreen works.
    Find and select the OrangeFox zip on your phone, tap on it, and swipe to install it (because OrangeFox Recovery needs some files from the zip)
    After installation, the phone will automatically reboot into OrangeFox.