[OFFICIAL][ROM][13] EvolutionX 7.1 (09/25/2022)

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Oct 9, 2017
I have an issues with making and receiving calls. When someone calls and I pick up. Phone shows call connected but know one is on the line. Apparently it rings out to my answering machine. When I make calls sometimes. Phones shows it's connected (connect timer appears 0:01) to person on other line but it's not.


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Jan 14, 2020
Thats a nice camera app, but enableing the ultrawide cam and selecting it still results in a good old appcrash. I'm curious how you got it to work?


Sep 12, 2016
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Mi A3
Does this ROM self-updates within the Android updater or updates have to be applied manually downloading the update file?
In my experience OTA doesn't work (correct me if I'm wrong, but I tried it at some point and the updater appeared to hang somewhere during download phase). But a few updates ago I dirty flashed this ROM according to instructions in OP and nothing bad happened. Of course it's always best to clean flash ;)


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Jul 25, 2017
Xiaomi Mi A3
Realme GT
In my experience OTA doesn't work (correct me if I'm wrong, but I tried it at some point and the updater appeared to hang somewhere during download phase). But a few updates ago I dirty flashed this ROM according to instructions in OP and nothing bad happened. Of course it's always best to clean flash ;)
It's kinda slow, but OTA did work for me yesterday :)
It wasn't working a few builds back, but now it does.
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Sep 12, 2016
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Mi A3
There seems to be a problem with the default rounded corner overlay, it seems it's misaligned:

The bottom corners appear slightly too high, and the top ones are aliased.
I can confirm this, I'm on 220305. Slightly annoying

There also appears to be a problem with missing statusbar icons, specifically alarm icon and bluetooth battery icon (I have both of them turned on in the Evolver). Also contextual rotation button is missing on 2-button navbar.


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Nov 17, 2013
I am going to raise two points that i wish you can work on them,
1. The data switching between sim cards is painful as you need to go through a lot of processes to do that.
2. When calling someone who's already on a call, it doesn't alert me that they are on another call.


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May 10, 2021
I have a problem with the alarms. I have recently updated to 6.2.2, now when the phone is locked the alarms won't ring at all.
Another problem is with the night light. When night light is activated, it works fine when I am using the phone and the phone is unlocked, but as soon as I lock the phone, on the lock screen the night light turns off. When I unlock the phone it turns back on.


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May 2, 2022
There seems to be a issue my mic doesn't work in Google meet and discord while it works fine while calling. Is there a solution to it


Nov 29, 2013
Have we got ultrawide working any on A12 based ROMs yet? Trying the same gcam apps that worked on A11 is crashing the apps for me.
Wide rear lens is working for me.. GCam Wichaya V1.5 (based on gcam Same apk I used for A11 is working for me with this A12 ROM.
You do have have to manually set camera IDs. Back main is 0, back wide is 2. Front main is 1.

edit: REMOVED. I thought I was in the Mi A1 EvolutionX thread.


Aug 26, 2016
my Experience about this rom :
1: ultra wide sensor does not work( testet on Gcam)
2: no camera app on the rom
3: microphone sound level is low
4: fingerprint doesnot work on screen off
5: call recording is not availibale
5: charging speed is normal (not well )
6: GPS and bluetooth is well working
7: Volte is works well
8: 3 finger screenshot is not availibale
9: no customisation for UDFPS
10: Status bar - gives almost every info you want
Quick settings panel icons - has almost everything you need
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Soumyajit D

Jan 27, 2017
I'm facing a problem with project elixir 1.7 by hemel.
you must know that JIO offers ViLTE (video over LTE), Which let us make a video call without using a third party application and also without turning on our cellular data
It does'nt working in many rom, I only get the feature in havoc os android 11 and in our stock Rom.

Do you have this feature in this rom?


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Oct 18, 2015
Sony Xperia Z2
I followed the instructions, was on A11 fresh installed
after flashing and Data factory, it stays on EDL mode, and my PC shows that message "write time out, maybe device was disconnected" on my both PCs when trying to go back to stock A11

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    I am very weird about some things and one of them is that I don't feel good if I have my device out of date. Thanks to @Hemant Sachdeva and the entire Evolution X team for making it possible to have the latest version of Android and that my phone can continue to have support for updates and security patches. I am happy.
    Hi @Hemant Sachdeva and @tereyaglidoner,

    same here...
    Coming from lastest stock A11 release,
    1.) unlocked bootloader,
    2.) flashed LinageOS Recovery,
    3.) Factory Reset,
    4.) flashed latest EvolutionX by ADB sideload (evolution_laurel_sprout-ota-tp1a.220624.021.a1-08291511.zip)

    ...and the camera app is missing.

    Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks and best regards!
    It's been more than a year since we dropped the shipping of default camera app as described here
    where can i find EvolutionX 6.X (i mean android 12) no links? thanks
    Here you go.
    @Hemant Sachdeva I'm on another custom ROM which is Android 12. Do I need to flash stock Android 11 before flashing your Android 13 custom ROM?
    Thanks in advance.
    Nah, Just clean flash the latest version of Evolution X and #KeepEvolving
    How is the battery life?
    I find the battery life more than acceptable.

    Is fingerprint working well?
    It works very well.
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    Evolution X 7.1 for the Xiaomi Mi A3 [laurel_sprout]
    * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Evolution X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.
    Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @peaktogoo (Now RealAkito)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    - Just flash and check "The Evolver"


    Native WiFi Display/Screen cast



    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    - Remove your lockscreen password!!
    - Reboot to fastboot mode and flash LineageOs IMG from laptop/pc [provided under download section]
    - Boot into recovery (Press and hold Vol+ and power button)
    - Perform factory reset
    - Navigate Apply update -> apply from ADB
    - Sideload rom .zip
    adb sideload <rom zip name> (no need to change any kind of slot)
    - Reboot system and #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash

    - Remove your lockscreen password!!
    - Reboot to fastboot mode and flash LineageOs IMG from laptop/pc [provided under download section]
    - Boot into recovery (Press and hold Vol+ and power button)
    - Navigate Apply update -> apply from ADB
    - Sideload rom .zip
    adb sideload <rom zip name> (no need to change any kind of slot)
    - Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving


    ROMevolution_laurel_sprout-ota-tp1a.220905.004.a2-09250722.zipAndroid 11 Firmware users | md5Hemant Sachdeva
    RecoveryLineage RecoveryFlashable Zip | Fastboot img
    (A10/A11 Firmware)
    boot.imgAndroid 13 (T)fastboot flash boot boot.imgHemant Sachdeva

    You can dirty flash or just wipe system and install the rom(no app would be uninstall) but if you face any kind of bug kindly clean flash the rom again before reporting it to the support group.
    Device changes:
    User production build.
    Freeform window enabled.
    Delay in connecting via Whatsapp calling fixed.
    Other mic related issues fixed like Instagram crashing while using mic in chatting.
    Earpeice volume increased.
    ROM changes:
    Add check for empty TTS engine name
    Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
    Always show APN settings on CDMA carriers
    Disable bluetooth by default
    SystemUI: Allow UdfpsAnimations to work with multiple resolutions
    Evolver: UDFPS: Bring back customization options
    Settings: Add sim status listener in about phone
    Settings: Call CardDatabaseHelper.getInstance() when used and not in onCreate
    Settings: Fix ExtraText lint errors
    Settings: Fix SIM name in Network Details to show the selected SIM
    SystemUI: Fix QS customizer corner radius
    Do not preload ThreadLocalRandom class
    Evolver: Bring back OOS style notification clear all button feature
    Evolver: Bring back QS footer icon visibilities
    QSPanel: Fix NPE in updateViewPositions()
    PixelPropsUtils: Fix issue with text select and copy
    Settings: Move screen off UDFPS toggle to security lock screen settings
    SystemUI: Show battery level for all devices
    SystemUI: Refactor status bar bluetooth icon
    SystemUI: Use red color for low bluetooth battery
    gms: Add RECORD_AUDIO permission to googlequicksearchbox
    Calm down attention service logspam
    Evolver: Bring back privacy indicators toggles
    NfcA: Fix an NPE in constructor
    PixelPropsUtils: bring back all changes from Build.FINGERPRINT to Build.TIME
    Settings: Add missing summary for Display size and text
    Settings: PowerUsageSummary: open advanced usage on header click
    SystemUI: Add missing init for isDeviceProvisioned in PhoneStatusBarPolicy
    SystemUI: Bring back ic_qs_bluetooth_connected.xml
    SystemUI: Get rid of unnecessary broadcast for IMS
    SystemUI: Kill old privacy indicator icons completely
    SystemUI: Use ImsStateCallback instead of FeatureConnector
    base: Add Multi usb controller for Asus devices
    AlertSlider: Allow UI to work with multiple resolutions
    Catch IllegalArgumentException for invalid phone id
    Fix action bar font family on material themes
    Fix crash occurred due to null pointer exception
    KeyguardIndication: Fix glitchy charging info on lock screen
    Settings: Allow Configuring Navbar Radius
    StatusBarIconController: Guard yet another function from cast exception
    SystemUI: Allow using tuner API for Global settings
    SystemUI: Clean up and fix status bar logo feature
    SystemUI: More rounded corners
    SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
    ThemeOverlayController: Remove repeated monet check
    Use alphaoptimized layout for icons on left
    base: use a double click effect for charging if there is no amplitude control support
    core: Fix menu popup ripple
    core: Fix null pointer Issue
    fixup! frameworks: Add support for clock auto-hiding
    Reland "Don't enable jdwp by default on userdebug builds""
    Save user preferred resolution into persistent data store
    SystemUI: Re-inflate keyguard status bar on theme change
    SystemUI: Set heap tracking default also with a property like all the other flags
    SystemUI: Use max Display.Mode in AuthController as well
    base: AudioService: bail out if ringer mode is not recognized
    base: Disable LiveDisplay display mode by default
    base: Disable LiveDisplay low power consumption by default
    apns: Clean up Austrian carriers
    Evolver: Bring back HeadsUp snooze and timeout options
    Evolver: Bring back HeadsUp blocklist/stoplist
    Fix Dark Theme "TURN ON UNTIL SUNRISE" not retained after reboot
    Fixes crash/race condition when destroyActivity
    Improve PendingIntent security check compatibility
    Settings: Add charging vibration settings
    Settings: remove preference if availableColorModes is empty
    Telecomm: Use double vibration on call hang-up
    device_config: Checkout to sc-qpr3 branch of ProtonAOSP
    fixup! Disable/Enable screenshot sound
    fixup! base: Lockscreen Charging
    Fix Udfps unlock animation
    Settings: Disable "SIM card lock" when the SIM card is PUK-blocked
    base: fix pm cache directory invalidate on new builds
    base: remove useless pm cache hack
    bring back all changes from Build.FINGERPRINT to Build.TIME
    rro_overlays: Convert AOSP NetworkStack overlay to an RRO package
    telephony: Ignore PLMN bit when SPN is required
    Avoid Settings app NPE on broken packages
    Bring in SettingsGoogle/SystemUIGoogle from PE
    Settings: Add toggle to switch between AOSP/Google battery graphs
    Settings: Add Game Space preference in Apps category
    Settings: Move proguard flags for the Evolver
    fixup! SystemUI: Fix shutter sound
    exec spawning: don't close the binder connection when the app crashes
    vendor: CarrierSettings: Update from TP1A.220905.004
    vendor: apex: Update from TP1A.220905.004
    PixelPropsUtils: Replace Gboard with Google One
    Settings: Remove the Automatic ota check option but be sure it's disabled
    core: Pixel experience Blacklist For Google Photos for Android 13
    vendor: Update audio from TP1A.220624.021
    vendor: Update setupwizard props from TP1A.220624.021
    vendor: overlay: SettingsLib: Override headline font family
    CastTile: Fix availability of Cast Quick Setting Tile
    Evolver: Bring back bluetooth battery level status bar icon
    Evolver: Bring back colored status bar icons
    Evolver: Bring back navbar styles
    Evolver: Bring back QS battery estimates
    Evolver: Remove QS battery options
    Switch to AttestationHooks for spoofing GMS/Play store
    SystemUI: Animate cutout padding for QS clock
    SystemUI: Fix QS header animation in RTL mode
    SystemUI: Fix crash in cast tile for non-carrier wifi
    SystemUI: only block call strength sb icon
    Add support to manually pause/resume downloads
    Allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes
    AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 secs
    AutofillManager: Turn off logging by default
    AutoFillUI: Don't show a "null" toast
    Fix colors on DocumentsUI
    Evolver: Bring back animations to quick settings tiles
    Evolver: Bring back Haptic Feedback to QS tiles toggle
    Evolver: Bring back interpolators to qs tiles animation
    Evolver: Bring back Toast icon toggle
    Evolver: QuickSettings: Allow changing vibration duration
    KernelCpuUidActiveTimeReader: Do not spam log with negative active time
    Make Build.TYPE and Build.FINGERPRINT consistent for apps
    NavigationBarEdgePanel: Make the gesture duration always valid
    ParcelFileDescriptor: Stop the panic
    Settings: Add clang version to firmware_version
    Settings: Add missing animations for gestures and features
    Settings: Add Security Hub from Pixel devices
    Settings: add TextView for summary into SeekBarDialogPreference
    Settings: Bring back LTE Only Mode
    Settings: Follow system theme for SD card activities
    Settings: Implement cutout force full screen
    Settings: SoftAp: add client manager
    Settings: SoftAp: add Hidden SSID preference
    Settings: SoftAp: add support for setting shutdown timeout
    Settings: support black theme for dark mode
    SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
    SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
    SystemUI: Enable smart replies for apps that target APIs lower than 28
    SystemUI: Grant INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission for smartspace
    SystemUI: Name Cellular Tile based on carrier
    SystemUI: Only apply tuning changes when the fragment is attached
    ThemedIcons: Update
    base: Force fullscreen for Google Dialer
    base: make per-app work with multi audio focus
    fixup! Show user's Google avatar on the homepage
    Evolver: Add separate tunable for QS clock
    QuickStatusBarHeader: Link date in QS status bar with clock
    Settings: Bring back IME space feature
    Settings: Bring back gesture height option
    pre-grant POST_NOTIFICATIONS to the clock app
    pre-grant POST_NOTIFICATIONS to more system apps
    Keep recent tasks for more time in memory
    PixelPropsUtils: Refactor once again
    base: Remove aosp's 'show battery percentage' setting
    config: Disable StrictMode in non-eng builds
    fixup! base: volume key music control
    AODTile: Add back config check for aod available
    AODTile: add option to enable AOD on charging only
    AODTile: cycle through AOD states
    Bring back FM radio support
    ColorStateList: Switch to ZCAM for lightness modulation
    ColorUtils: Fix out-of-gamut Oklab blending
    Enable Volume Long Press Skip Tracks by default
    PackageInfo: Optimize ApplicationInfo creation
    PixelPropsUtils: fixup! spoofing properties for samsung apps
    Settings: add option to enable AOD on charging only
    SystemUI: Reduce scrim color animation duration to 375 ms
    SystemUI: Speed up actions expansion animation
    InsetsStateController/LayoutInflater/LocalServices/SystemServiceRegistry/ThemedResourceCache: Replace ArrayMap with HashMap for performance
    Update Gapps to Sep 2022 sec patch versions
    WallpaperColors: Use CIELAB for light/dark wallpaper detection
    appop: Save discrete app op history for more permissions
    graphics: Add ZCAM implementation with sRGB interface
    graphics: Blend ARGB colors using Oklab
    rro_overlays: Remove SystemUIGoogleOverlay
    Evolver: Bring back Edge Lighting feature
    Merge September 2022 security patches
    Paint: Enable subpixel text positioning by default
    PixelPropsUtils: Fix up GMS workaround logic
    PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to September 2022 release
    SystemUI: FPS Info Overlay & Tile
    SystemUI: QSTileImpl: bail out early in handleLongClick if getLongClickIntent returned null
    base: add API for disabling gestural navigation
    monet: Fix overly low chroma for tones below 90
    version: Uprev to 7.1
    Evolver: Bring back GameSpace
    Bring back additional Screen recorder options
    Bring back per-app volume feature
    Evolver: Bring back click to take partial screenshot
    Evolver: Bring back daily data usage in QS footer
    Evolver: Bring back reTicker feature
    Evolver: Bring back status bar battery styles
    Evolver: Bring back status bar clock options
    Evolver: Bring back volume rocker wake
    Evolver: Re-introduce Smart Pulldown
    Evolver: Introduce status bar and QS clock size feature
    Settings: Add preference for one shot auto-brightness
    SystemUI: screenshot: add extra crop boundaries
    SystemUI: screenshot: remove duplicate clamping on move action
    SystemUI: screenshot: remove misplaced call to set crop view padding
    SystemUI: Update Bluetooth battery level assets
    base: Prevent NPE for Demo mode
    Add various system packages to indicator exemptions
    AudioService: Remove Analog Dock from fixed-volume devices
    BootAnimation: Check for resolution override
    Don't pass repeated back key events to app if custom action is set up
    Don't skip theme application if it's already current
    Keyguard - Treat messages to lock with priority
    Keyguard: allow large clock on tablets
    Keyguard: don't use large clock on landscape
    QS: LocationTile: make it cycle modes
    Settings: Add option to cycle through ringer modes
    Settings: Align user avatar with homepage title
    Settings: Check isVoiceCapable for Calls&SMS category
    Settings: Don’t disable ls device controls based on secure lock
    Settings: Fix duplicated baseband string on all devices
    Settings: Follow navbar color in base
    Sharesheet: Display two rows of max ranked targets
    SystemUI: add FloatingRotationButton for hw-key devices
    SystemUI: Don't store pending ControlAction if the device is locked
    SystemUI: Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch
    SystemUI: ic_brightness_*: drawables get surface color
    SystemUI: Make isTablet() use correct API for getting window metrics
    SystemUI: Only add GarbageMonitor tile to default tiles on ENG builds
    SystemUI: Redraw display cutout on overlay changes
    base: ChooserActivity: Don't show image edit button on multiple targets
    core: Add telephony stack to allowed service state packages
    rro_overlays: Remove PixelConfigOverlay2021
    webkit: SystemImpl: Make systemIsDebuggable() check IS_ENG as well
    Cellular tile: don't show disable confirmation dialog
    Download: Add support to manually pause/resume download
    Evolver: Add back Lockscreen Charging info
    Evolver: Add back support for window ignore secure
    Fingerprints: Increase MAX_FAILED_ATTEMPTS
    FingerprintManager: return "Try again" by default
    NavigationModeController: Mute debug logging
    Settings: Add toggle to enable ADB root
    Settings: Apply SUW button theming to WiFi page
    Settings: Don't reset A2DP offload when disabling developer settings
    Settings: Enable notifications led light by default
    Settings: Fingerprint: hide link icon when there's no link
    Settings: Forward port lock pattern grid size
    Settings: Forward port pattern visibility settings
    Settings: Improve gesture bar length option
    Settings: Make FRP go through ChooseLockPatternSize if needed
    Settings: Make NetworkScanHelper max search time customizable
    Settings: Make setup wizard go through ChooseLockPatternSize if needed
    Settings: Network setup UI changes for SUW
    Settings: Only show gesture navigation if device has a software nav bar
    Settings: Remove hardcoded extras from ChooseLockPatternSize
    Settings: use Glif themed button bar
    SystemUI: Add AOD QS tile
    SystemUI: Add bootloader option to 'Reboot' tile
    SystemUI: Add support for persistent usb drive notification
    SystemUI: Allow privileged system apps to access screenshot service
    SystemUI: Allow snoozing SD card notification unconditionally
    SystemUI: Always disable rotation on lockscreen
    SystemUI: Introduce Data Switch QS Tile
    SystemUI: NavigationBar: disable secondary handle
    SystemUI: Remove spaces from screenshot app filename
    SystemUI: Require unlocking to use Reboot tile
    SystemUI: Update additional navbar dimens for Android 13
    SystemUI: disable keyguard screen off animation if we use split notification shade
    Utils: Adapt WiFi only check to A12
    common: Add a system property for System UI compiler filter
    overlay: Update Immersive Navigation values
    Camera: allow camera to use power key as shutter
    Evolver: Allow disabling QS battery estimates
    Evolver: Bring back Battery light customization
    Evolver: Bring back HW Keys customization
    Evolver: Bring back LED light options
    SystemUI: Remove Music QS Tile
    Settings: Add back increasing ring feature
    Settings: Add switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
    SystemUI: Show notification row when it's unlinked to ringer volume
    Evolver: Bring back double tap/long press power to toggle torch
    Evolver: Bring back QQS brightness slider options
    Pre-grant Updater app with Notification permission by default
    Settings: Implement muting media volume on silent or vibrate mode
    Settings: Introduce Silent media mute preference
    SystemUI: Make the volume dialog expandable
    config: Move the bootanimation to a build package


    Hi there, I've been running this rom for a few days and wanted to share my impressions.

    Note that this is my first time using Android 12, so I don't know which of the problems I'm facing are because of this specific rom, and which ones are just questionable design changes introduced with the new Android version.


    Install was a bit scary, first "error 21 signature verification", then I was looking at the "Step 2/2" line for 30 minutes and finally decided to press the back arrow, and apparently it installed fine (status 0), just without letting me know 🙃. This definitely needs to be fixed.

    I like the fact that Gapps are included with the rom, makes the install a bit easier. Looks like it's some kind of minimal package too, without too many preinstalled apps, very nice (y).

    "The Evolver"​

    This rom has a solid amount of customization and it all seems to work pretty well. I'm happy to see features like configurable volume step count and keyboard cursor control.

    Link to the feature list should be added to first post (instead of "just flash and check yourself").


    UI is laggy, scrolling feels very bad compared to my previous rom (crDroid, Android 10). Fells as if my phone just aged three years 😕.

    After disabling most of Google's "intelligent" crap, performance is back to acceptable levels, but still there's a fair bit of stutter. The lags seem to be random, i.e. sometimes scrolling the same list feels perfectly fine, sometimes it's painfully bad, like 5 fps bad.


    I'd say battery life is pretty normal, considering the heavy use in the last few days (configuration of fresh rom, installing apps, etc.).


    1. Default camera app crashes (Open Camera works fine).
    2. I've seen someone report no sound during calls (unless headphones are used) - for me it works fine.
    3. After some time with screen off, task switcher sometimes shows empty app previews (solid colors). See screenshot #1. Closing and reopening task switcher fixes this. I've seen this occasionally happening for some apps in the past (on A10), but in this case all apps show blank previews, and this happens quite often.
    4. Settings > Sound & vibration > Media > Pin media player - it seems this option doesn't work, tried restarting phone, different media players, adb shell settings put global qs_media_player 0 / adb shell settings put system qs_media_player 0 and restarting SystemUI - no effect. Media player notifications still show in QS section, which is super annoying.
    5. Changing brightness level by sliding on status bar doesn't allow going below a certain brightness level, i.e. I slide over status bar all the way to the left, yet the brightness level is 33%. At the same time, when I slide all the way to the right, it goes to 100%. This makes this feature pretty useless unless you are outside.
    6. Can't double-tap status bar to lock the screen when notification/QS panel is open.
    7. Is the default image viewer missing? I'm not talking about the "Files by Google" app, but about the app that should handle opening image (and video?) files from other apps, e.g. from file manager. Without such app, I was not able to set a custom wallpaper in the default launcher (it was crashing, now works ok after installing Gallery Go).
    8. With "smart pulldown" turned on and no notifications to show, double-tap the status bar to lock the screen. Turn on screen - the QS pannel is expanded on lockscreen.

    Probably bugs?​

    9. Task switcher is missing the 5 favorite app icons on the bottom. I keep pressing the useless "screenshot" or "select" buttons (because muscle memory :p). After poor performance, this is by far the most annoying bug, as it greatly impacts multitasking experience (in a bad way).
    10. Task switcher does not allow swiping up to open app drawer (I'm using 2 button navigation). This is also annoying, but not as much as missing the 5 favorite apps.
    11. I can't find the setting for minimum time between notifications - was it moved somewhere? Searching "minimum"/"minimal" in settings app returns nothing.
    12. Once I was unable to change media volume, only going to 0 volume resulted in muted playback, but apart from that - constant volume, no matter the volume slider value. Had to restart phone. This happened only once.
    13. Task switcher has an empty, solid gray background instead of the wallpaper image. Same goes for lockscreen unlock screen (e.g. pattern input). See screenshots #1 and #2.
    14. Lockscreen clock tint is based on main wallpaper, not on the lockscreen wallpaper/album art, which results in mismatched colors or hard to read text on lockscreen most of the times.
    15. When pressing list items in some apps (e.g. in settings), the highlight looks "dirty" - it has those tiny white dots on it, looks like sand or something. I can't tell if it's a funky visual bug or is it intentional. See screenshot #3.
    16. Music visualization on lock screen draws over (above) QS and notifications.
    17. I thought this was EvolutionX 6.1? Why does the settings show it's 6.0? I installed the build from 20211219. See Settings > About phone > Android version > Evolution X version.

    Suggestions/feature requests​

    I'm coming from a full-featured custom rom, so I find many useful features missing. Perhaps some of those could be added to this rom in the future?
    18. Can't restrict internet access per-app, need to use some shady firewall app instead.
    19. Can't set navbar longpress/double press action (some kind of Google bloatware opens by default at longpress). I'm using 2 button navigation. I'm greatly missing the ability to quickly split screen (double press) and pull down notifications (longpress). I found a way to make the latter work via "one handed mode" feature, however it's much worse, as it often results in missclicking something above navbar. Probably I'll get used to it, but still I'd like to have an option to assign longpress and double press actions.
    20. Can't set battery charge limit.
    21. Can't disable lockscreen album art tint.
    22. It would be nice to be able to disable the annoying list overscroll ("bounce") animation. I know this can be done by setting "animator duration scale" to 0, but that also disables other animations.


    Overall it's a massive downgrade from my previous A10 rom, mostly functionally, but also visually. Definitely usable as a daily driver, but with some suffering involved.

    I am very weird about some things and one of them is that I don't feel good if I have my device out of date. Thanks to @Hemant Sachdeva and the entire Evolution X team for making it possible to have the latest version of Android and that my phone can continue to have support for updates and security patches. I am happy.
    Is this ROM gonna become Official anytime soon ?
    Is the ROM good for daily driver? can someone guide me on how to install shrp recovery..? or any link i can follow on flashing shrp recovery. Then ill try out this rom.