[OFFICIAL][ROM][13] EvolutionX 7.5 (01/11/2023)

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Barbiox Dogg

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Aug 21, 2012
OnePlus 7 Pro
I also have the problem that Magisk can't be installed with Evo 13. THe usual way it's not working (due to broken boot / recovery as mentioned here earlier).
Options i tried:
- fastboot flash boot recovery.img (img from entry post). reboot to recovery. Magisk can be installed, but phone does not start (of course, it's a wrong boot file).
Do i miss something?

I also patched the correct boot.img with magisk and flashed this boot.img (magisk_patched_..... .img) but also here no luck. Phone starts, Magisk says not installed).

Any hints?
I also faced the same issue but fortunately for me, Magisk just miraculously appeared on the phone and I successfully root the phone 😁


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Apr 20, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
EDL- Mode can help



I installed this EVO 13 ROM in august after manufacturer support ran out.
The ota- update september was buggy -> Boot Loop. After clean- install september- rom everything ok,
also the following october- ota- update went through without problems.

Joey Huab and Hemant Sachdeva thanks for your work.
I just bring it back to life and works again because this tutorial in this video

Are you believing that the official authorized service center of Xiaomi/Redmi in my country after four days they couldn't find the problem and fix it, but because of that YouTube video I was able to fix it myself at home LoL hahaha :D


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May 16, 2020
i have been testing this ROM for about a month and it works perfectly, except for the "quick tap" gesture and the fingerprint both not working only when the screen is off. does it only happen to me or is it a common problem?
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Aug 13, 2011
Xiaomi Mi A3
What is the best camera application for this rom? I really like the quality of the native application but i can't find any application with good quality like stock, especially on the selfie camera.
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Nov 20, 2022
I have installed the ROM and Turned on mobile by Evolution operating system and complete setup. Then i noticed no network though installed sim. Then i restart my phone but not turn it on again... Even not i can't turn it on now. Please help.


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Nov 20, 2022
Please help. I have installed the ROM and Turned on mobile by Evolution operating system and complete setup. Then i noticed no network though installed sim. Then i restart my phone but not turn it on again... Even not i can't turn it on now.

Barbiox Dogg

Senior Member
Aug 21, 2012
OnePlus 7 Pro
Please help. I have installed the ROM and Turned on mobile by Evolution operating system and complete setup. Then i noticed no network though installed sim. Then i restart my phone but not turn it on again... Even not i can't turn it on now.
Go to Settings app -> Reset options -> Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth.
Your network should work by now.

Barbiox Dogg

Senior Member
Aug 21, 2012
OnePlus 7 Pro
Please help. I have installed the ROM and Turned on mobile by Evolution operating system and complete setup. Then i noticed no network though installed sim. Then i restart my phone but not turn it on again... Even not i can't turn it on now.
Go to Settings app -> Reset options -> Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth.
Your network should work by now
What is the best camera application for this rom? I really like the quality of the native application but i can't find any application with good quality like stock, especially on the selfie camera.
Use GCam with Mi A3 config.
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Apr 6, 2014
i have a problem after install this custom rom my touchscreen doesnt work .
revert back to stock fw ..it's works fine ..
any suggest ?


May 21, 2012
The mic gain is low not only in whatsapp but in general.

The camera works only at 1x and 2x (no wide angle) and only at 12 MP max (quality is lower than original).

I noticed also few bugs in the reTicker notification system:
- the incoming call notification goes away as a common notification making answering uneasy
- when receiving whatsapp messages the name of the sender appears twice

The system style colors are not very customizable, the suggested combos are not the best, this could be an improvement for future releases.
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Jun 16, 2017
@Hemant Sachdeva

Is High Brightness Mode enabled? Unfortunately the screen is to low, and in some Kernel it's possibley as in KernelX.

Would love to see that feature!

Anyhow, thanks a lot for the work you did!!


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Nov 30, 2022
I've been using the android 13 version (Evolution 7.2) and noted the following:
  • FOD is not working while phone's screen is off
  • Mic is recording in very low volume, it never reaches half of the volume it used to
  • Sometimes when idle the battery is draining very fast (not entering doze)
I know that the development of the ROM is above the hands of the OP, but I agree that the color change system in previous Evolution X versions is missing, but I hope it may be added in the future to bypass the default theme system in material YOU.
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Nov 30, 2022
I've been using the android 13 version (Evolution 7.2) and noted the following:
  • FOD is not working while phone's screen is off
  • Mic is recording in very low volume, it never reaches half of the volume it used to
  • Sometimes when idle the battery is draining very fast (not entering doze)
I know that the development of the ROM is above the hands of the OP, but I agree that the color change system in previous Evolution X versions is missing, but I hope it may be added in the future to bypass the default theme system in material YOU.
More about the problems related, should I post this kind of error elsewhere? Anyway about the items:
  1. FOD isn't working just sometimes, specially after some minutes the screen is shut, but if you shut it and try to match the fingertips right after it works, it's lagging just a little though.
  2. Mic records normally in some mic apps for recording, but in whatsapp/telegram and apps of that sort the mic isn't as loud, many dbs under actually.


Dec 17, 2022
Congratulations for the work, I really liked it, the only problem I found was the camera, even with Gcam it wasn't working, I rooted and activated the camera 2api, now it's working normally.


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Feb 12, 2020
I just bring it back to life and works again because this tutorial in this video

Are you believing that the official authorized service center of Xiaomi/Redmi in my country after four days they couldn't find the problem and fix it, but because of that YouTube video I was able to fix it myself at home LoL hahaha :D
I faced hard brick in October update of this ROM. Everything was fine on one night with about 30-40% battery. Next day I woke up and saw that the phone was not working. I thought that the battery ran out but even after charging for many times I am not able to switch on the phone. Even the battery charging icon is not coming up on screen.

This tutorial tells us to open the back panel which is not possible for me without going to an offline store. So I checked online for alternate methods to activate the EDL mode without opening the back panel but nothing worked for me. Opening the back panel and trying the steps as per this tutorial is the only step left for me. If I get a chance I will try this.

Anyone has any working method to try the EDL mode without opening the back panel?

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    Evolution X 7.5 for the Xiaomi Mi A3 [laurel_sprout]
    * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Evolution X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.
    Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @peaktogoo (Now RealAkito)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    - Just flash and check "The Evolver"


    Native WiFi Display/Screen cast



    Clean Flash
    - Remove your lockscreen password!!
    - Flash LineageRecovery-20210409.img from laptop/pc [provided under download section]
    fastboot flash boot LineageRecovery-20210409.img
    - Boot into recovery (Press and hold Vol+ and power button)
    - Format data
    - Navigate Apply update -> apply from ADB
    - Sideload rom zip file
     adb sideload <rom zip name> (no need to change any kind of slot)
    You can also flash zip from your sd card if you have any.
    (If it shows "Signature verification failed...Install anyways? Press "YES")
    - Reboot system and #KeepEvolving

    eevolution_laurel_sprout-ota-tq1a.230105.001.a2-01110323.ziprom zip | md5adb sideload filename
    LineageRecovery-20210409.imgHEREfastboot flash boot LineageRecovery-20210409.img
    boot.imgHEREfastboot flash boot boot.img

    Major changes:
    Face unlock enabled
    Encryption issue fixed due to which device was asking you to factory reset after reboot
    Settings Security section is now working
    Aperture Camera is now added as default camera
    ROM changes:
    AutoAODService: Better check for doze enablement
    Delay display DOZE on LS => AOD only if blanking is not needed
    Evolver: Bring back Wi-Fi standard icon
    Fix an issue that the FoldStateListener induces a memory leak
    KeyguardIndication: Set wakelock on doze only when required
    Launcher3: CustomSeekBarPreference: Improve seekbar drawables
    Settings: Remove Intent selector from 2-pane deep link Intent
    audio_hal_interface: Optionally use sysbta HAL
    base: Pocket Judge: Don't go to sleep while on call
    SystemUI: Introduce camera & flashlight keyguard affordance
    fixup! SystemUI: Remove existing icon group if its overriding
    hwui: renderthread/CanvasContext: Reduce the timeout for dequeueing buffers
    BtHelper: Add more product images for metadata icons
    BtHelper: Apply rightLeft check to usingLeft/usingRight
    Evolver: Add some native monet settings
    Evolver: Add support for Lockscreen clock fonts
    Evolver: Allow a more granular control over shades
    Evolver: Allow choosing a custom background color seed
    Evolver: CustomSeekBarPreference: Improve seekbar drawables
    FeatureFlags: Enable systemui volume panel by default
    Intent: Fix launch of permission revoke activity from playstore
    NotificationPlayer: use AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN_TRANSIENT instead of AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN in looping mode
    Revert "Remove navbar inset for UDFPS BiometricPrompt"
    Settings: Fix layout battery UsageView
    Youtube application when moving to PIP animation was very bad
    base: dont call roundStorageSize on Storage API for getting sizes
    camera: Add backwards-compatible CaptureResultExtras constructor
    clockfont: Add separate Google Sans and NothingDot overlays
    config: Enable SystemUIDialog volume panel by default
    fixup - SystemUI: Make the volume dialog expandable
    fixup! SystemUI: Enable session-based media actions for all apps
    fixup! fixup! Improvements for dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    fonts: Add config_clockFontFamily to custom font overlays
    overlay: Set default status bar height to 28dp
    prebuilt: Nuke obsolete custom_fonts package
    sepolicy_vndr: legacy: Add support for AIDL widevine hal
    sepolicy_vndr: restore iwlan hwservice
    vendor: tools: Fix changelog generation for codenames with underscores
    Merge January 2023 security patches (13.0_r20)
    PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to January 2023 release
    SystemUIGoogle: Update nga/assist lib (fix assistant swipe crash)
    ThemePicker: Update PixelThemesStub from cheetah-user 13 TQ1A.230105.001.A2
    Version: Update to 7.5
    themes: fonts: Remove broken Antipasto Pro
    vendor: CarrierSettings: Update from TQ1A.230105.002
    vendor: apex: Update from TQ1A.230105.002
    vendor: gapps: Update from TQ1A.230105.002
    Launcher3: Add a preference to manually restart the launcher
    Launcher3: Fix taskbar crash without QSB
    Launcher3: Implement LocalColorExtractor using monet theme engine
    Launcher3: Import bcsmartspace lib
    Launcher3: LocalColorExtractor: Adapt for 12L changes
    Launcher3: LocalColorExtractor: Disable local colors when using system presets
    Launcher3: Move restart check to home page
    Launcher3: Remove memory info view (unreliable)
    Launcher3: bcsmartspace: Import translations
    PixelPropsUtils: Use redfin props for extra packages
    Settings: Bring back Quick Tap support
    SystemUI: Revert to old Bluetooth QS tile
    fixup! Improvements for dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    themes: fonts: Remove broken Antipasto Pro
    vendor: Bring back and update SettingsGoogle/SystemUIGoogle to A13 QPR1
    Bluetooth: legacy: Split header for hci legacy definitions
    Build NfcNci for AOSP NFC
    Launcher3: IconPalette: Don't crash when the app gives us an invalid color
    Launcher3: Set default app drawer opacity to 100%
    Launcher3: Specify the component name to start the picker
    ParallelSpace: Allow devices to overlay whitelist/blocklist apps
    Add null pointer check to avoid system crash
    KeyguardIndication: Fix glitchy charging info on lock screen and AOD
    Send enhanced sco setup cmd only for wcn3990
    Update translations
    Add e2fsck/resize2fs/tune2fs to recovery/vendor_ramdisk
    Avoid NetworkPolicyLogger NullPointException
    Launcher3: Add GCam GO to default_workspace_4x5
    Launcher3: Enable Lens toggle by default
    Launcher3: Match dimens with Pixel Launcher
    Launcher3: Move suggestions preference from misc to main menu
    Launcher3: Refresh themed icons check via Build.TIME instead
    Launcher3: Update activity for Aperture camera shortcut
    Launcher3: Update default layouts from Pixel Launcher
    Remove fs utilities from init_boot module list
    Settings: Fix memory leak on SensorPrivacyManager Listener
    Settings: Fix restore default apn dialog sometimes not dismissed
    Settings: Fix USB OTG hot plug out nndexOutOfBoundsException
    SystemUI: Bring back dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    SystemUI: Ensure keyguard statusbar is gone when not showing
    SystemUI: Fix VPN icon failed reloading after disabling
    SystemUI: Improvements for dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    SystemUI: Old style mobile indicator layout fixes
    SystemUI: Remove existing icon group if its overriding
    SystemUI: Show the alarm icon on QS as well
    Updates: Change to daily checks
    iconloaderlib: Update icon cache via Build.TIME instead
    Guard in short-circuit evaluations for stringSplit methods
    Launcher3: Add background chip for memory info view
    Settings: Change Google battery graph toggle string
    SystemUI: Add more notification snooze times
    SystemUI: Set launcher activity name to Launcher3
    aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)
    aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s
    audio: Don't play sound effects if stream is muted
    base: rescue party: check isDisabled on all public API
    Evolver: Nuke Live Volume steps (broken on A13 QPR1)
    base: app widgets fix update check from Build.FINGERPRINT to Build.TIME
    camera: Expose aux cameras in third party apps
    Avoid Settings app NPE on broken packages
    Bring back Parallel space support
    FaceUnlockService: CameraUtil: Dont go frenzy when camera not found
    NavigationBarEdgePanel: Make the gesture duration always valid
    Settings: Introduce new Hide app feature
    Settings: appinfo: Show warning when hiding/unhiding the app
    Switch back to multiple listeners in RecentTasksController
    ThemePicker: Grant missing wallpaper permissions
    aapt: Speed up the style pruning
    base: Grant storage permission to ThemePicker
    base: Whitelist DocumentsUIGoogle for Parallel space
    base: Whitelist OPlusExtras for Parallel space
    overlays: FontNotoSerifSourceOverlay: Have a sane label
    sepolicy: Allow documents UI to access storage
    sepolicy: Allow platform_app to bypass the FUSE layer
    sepolicy: legacy: Restore generic hal_usb rules
    DozeSensors: Dont set proximity sensor listening if not registered
    Launcher3: Add toggle to disable scroll vibration
    Launcher3: Bring back 4x4 grid option
    Launcher3: Fix app icon font
    Launcher3: Fix NPE for QuickStep hotseat prediction controller
    Launcher3: Update dynamic app icon
    PixelPropsUtils: Spoof Pixel 7 Pro to SMS Organizer
    Settings: Fix typo in settings namespace for QR scanner on lock screen
    Settings: Desktop backup password: Tint buttons to match system theme
    Settings: Display: Improve screen-off udfps phrasing
    Settings: Integrate ThemePicker and WallpaperPicker2
    Settings: Set styles/wallpaper picker action name
    Settings: Update configs for SettingsIntelligenceGoogle
    Settings: Use AOSP 'ok' strings for reset battery stats
    Settings: Use correct icon to reset battery stats
    StatusBarIconController: Avoid crash due to incorrect casting
    SystemUI: Use red color for low bluetooth battery
    SystemUI: Write initial value of SHOW_QR_CODE_SCANNER_SETTING on first call
    Update translations
    fixup! Launcher3: Adapt home settings UI to Android 12 style
    themes: fonts: Add separate Google Sans overlay with proper clock style
    themes: fonts: Bring back FontRobotoOverlay and FontNothingDotHeadlineOverlay
    vendor: overlay: Add Launcher3 to config_defaultListenerAccessPackages
    Launcher3: Add support for custom themed icon pack
    Launcher3: Add support for themed icons
    Launcher3: Add toggle for memory info view
    Launcher3: Add toggle to show/hide app drawer search bar
    Launcher3: InfoBottomSheet: Fix NPE with AppTransitionManager
    Launcher3: Limit the number of search results (to fix text overlap)
    Launcher3: QsbLayout: Do not apply same width adjustment
    Launcher3: Redesign hotseat QSB
    Launcher3: Rework hotseat and all apps search bar
    Launcher3: Update default apps
    Remove error messages from LoadLocalizedBitmap
    APM: Restore S, R and Q behavior respectively for telephony audio
    Battery: make fill path rounded
    Switch to Evolution X Launcher and ThemePicker
    SystemUI: Add API for runtime taskbar config
    SystemUI: BcSmartspaceView: Allow setting current page
    SystemUI: Hide oos clear all if reticker enable
    SystemUI: clock_default_large: Don't hardcode monospace font
    SystemUI: fixup! Hide OOS clear all if panel visible because Heads up
    base: Allow Launcher3 to use android.permission.FORCE_STOP_PACKAGES
    vendor: rro_overlays: Comment out Google CaptivePortalLogin
    vendor: rro_overlays: Nuke config_recentsComponentName override
    vendor: rro_overlays: Target Launcher3 & ThemePicker
    vendor: themes: Add Evolution Themes stub
    BtHelper: Initial support for showing battery separately
    SF: Bring back support for disabling backpressure propagation
    Settings: Bluetooth: Don't check persistable uri permission for BtHelper
    SystemUI: Catch NPE with android.view.ViewPropertyAnimator
    Logspam: Properly handle optional app widgets service
    Use UIDFaker to ensure Credentials_test cleans up setting UID
    fixup! Custom status bar logo customizations
    fixup! Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
    recovery: fix applying updates
    vendor: GMS: Refactor setting of PRODUCT_GMS_CLIENTID_BASE
    vendor: Use GMS configurator instead of SimpleDeviceConfig
    BLASTBufferQueue: Comment out lines causing log spam
    ContrastColorUtil: Suppress log spam
    Keyguard: allow large clock on tablets
    Keyguard: don't use large clock on landscape
    SystemUI: Add display mode provider for UDFPS on Pixel devices
    SystemUI: Fix com.android.systemui.statusbar.StatusBarIconView cannot be cast to com.android.systemui.statusbar.StatusBarMobileView
    SystemUI: Match lockscreen clock font with system
    overlay: Set config_clockFontFamily to empty string
    SidefpsController: Apply ScaleFactor to sensorLocationY
    fwb: Disable Smart Pixels on UDFPS
    NetworkTraffic: Don't leave empty spaces when hiding network traffic text
    Remove length validation for WifiSsid
    Screenshot: Unregister task listener on destroy
    Settings: Bring back hide arrow for back gesture feature
    Settings: Refactor hardcoded radius of ActionPrimaryButton to resource
    fingerprint: Rework enrollment screen
    Add absent sim info to locked screen text
    Evolver: Bring back Less boring Heads up
    Evolver: Bring back Smart Pixels support
    Fix Internet dialog hotspot toggle crash
    Fix SIM PIN issue
    Fix Torch QS tile issue (Drop Flashlight Strength Tile)
    keyguard: Actually kill Fancy Colon
    NotificationInterrupt: Clean up for isSnoozedPackage
    QSTileHost: Fix crashes with tiles like Anti flicker
    Remove RESET_BATTERY_STATS permission for resetting stats
    Settings: Bring back toggle to switch between AOSP/Google battery graphs
    Settings: Update Lottie animations from December patch
    Settings: Update Security Hub from Pixel devices
    Slightly optimize less boring apps check for heads up
    SmartPixels: Fix BatteryController dependency crash
    Evolver: Drop Combined signal icons
    Evolver: Drop Power menu dialog dim/opacity options
    Evolver: Drop Smart Pulldown
    Evolver: Drop WiFi standard icon feature
    Fix app crashes for apps and games like Xbox Game Pass
    GameSpace: Update takeScreenshot API in ScreenUtils
    QS: LocationTile: make it cycle modes (fix Location QS tile)
    QS Tiles: Drop Preferred Network type
    Settings: Drop hide arrow for back gesture feature
    SystemUI: Allow Wi-Fi/cell tiles to co-exist with provider model (fix for WiFI and Data QS tiles)
    SystemUI: DreamTile: Enable for everyone
    SystemUI: Fix suspicious spaces around mobile icons
    Telecomm: Fix dark navigationBar background in some telephony settings pages
    gms: Bring back CaptivePortalLoginGoogle
    gms: Don’t build Google Battery for everyone
    vendor: Drop pixel-framework for now
    version: Rename 7.4 to Kaldereta
    vendor: rro_overlays: Configure the clock font family type
    PhoneWindowManager: Pocket Judge: Handle torch power gestures
    Rebase to Android 13 QPR1 (r16)
    base: Pocket Judge: Don't block dialer UI
    vendor: CarrierConfigs: Import carrier-specific MCC configuration
    vendor: CarrierSettings: Update from TQ1A.221205.012
    vendor: apex: Update from TQ1A.221205.012
    vendor: config: Add support for more Carriers
    vendor: overlay: Import branded VPN translations
    Merge December 2022 security patches
    PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to December 2022
    Screenrecord: Add summary for HEVC encoding
    themes: fonts: Remove FontRobotoOverlay
    version: Uprev to 7.4
    Avoid deadlock between ShortcutPackage and ShortcutService
    Evolver: Bring back AlarmsBlocker/WakelockBlocker
    Fix bluetooth tile show blank
    Fix an issue that the FoldStateListener induces a memory leak
    PixelPropsUtils: spoof nothing smartcenter to pixel
    Settings: Avoid enforcing weird backgrounds
    Settings: Reset battery stats
    base: Pocket judge should not block device key handling
    display: Add custom screen resolution setting
    Update translations
    vendor: config: common: Build BtHelper (for AirPods support)
    themes: fonts: Remove FontNothingDotHeadlineOverlay
    fixup! PixelPropsUtils: Get package name from context instead of app
    gms: Update Pixel Launcher to Nov patch version
    Updater: Check if network is really metered
    Updater: Drop usage of NetworkInfo
    Updater: Move PreferenceManager to AndroidX
    AudioService: Fix issue with linked notification volume
    Bluetooth: Optionally disable LE_READ_BUFFER_SIZE_V2 and LE_SET_HOST_FEATURE
    PixelPropsUtils: Misc changes
    SystemUI: Add Compass tile
    SystemUI: Fix QS compass tile spam & instability
    SystemUI: Remove charging icon from the charging animation
    Telephony: Fix the record output
    base: wm: Follow rounded corners by split divider corner size
    healthd: Fix charger_res_images_vendor install location
    DisplayUtils: Introduce getScaleFactor
    Fix for Pixel Udfps to release peak refresh rate
    SystemUI: Add HBM provider for UDFPS on Pixel devices
    SystemUI: Import Pixel display interfaces
    UdfpsAnimations: Migrate to DisplayUtils.getScaleFactor
    SystemUI: cleanup bluetooth dialog impl
    bluetooth: abandon app local certificate
    permissions: Grant ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION to some system apps
    services: AppLockManagerService: use the og calling uid for target intent
    Call setBrightness when user stops swiping on statusbar
    Add wrapped key support
    PixelPropsUtils: Merge back AttestationHooks into PixelPropsUtils
    PixelPropsUtils: Remove spoofing for currently supported Pixel devices
    PixelPropsUtils: Restrict P21+ features usage for 2021+ Pixel devices only
    config: Enable R8 code shrinking for system_server and SystemUI
    config: Exclude SystemUI tests
    config: Include partner_modules with GMS builds
    config: conditionally flatten apexes
    config: dedupe vndk libraries
    overlay: leave emergency button with red background
    Evolver: Allow toggling Netflix spoofing
    Fix NPE in SystemUI
    Fix ViewConfiguration's ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    Fix the logic of parsing profilebootclasspath flags
    Pocket Mode: don't enable by default
    ViewRootImpl: Fixed memory leak caussed by viewrootImpl objects
    fixup! Add build support for XZ ramdisks
    overlay: Add and update pinner configuration
    ImeFocusController: Prevent a rare NPE
    recovery: init: Add console service
    Evolver: Bring back Button backlight brightness for hw key devices
    EventLog: Re-enable event writing in production builds
    Evolver: Remove toggle for squiggle animation
    Fallback ESC to BACK
    Settings: InstalledApp: Hide GooglePlay icon for webapps
    SystemUI: fix showing device controls on lock screen
    SystemUI: migrate statusbar manual brightness to float
    SystemUI: unify statusbar manual & auto brightness code
    base: Rework lock gesture feature
    SystemUI: fix SliceView layout
    Fix freeform window resize not working on multiple displays
    Settings: Allow to skip confirmation in biometric auth dialog
    Settings: Expose saved devices fragment via intent
    Settings: Link smallest width options in display settings
    SystemUI: New per-app volume icon
    SystemUI: Re-implement new Bluetooth dialog
    SystemUI: VolumeDialogControllerImpl: make sure to load linked notification state as well
    bootanimation: Always use normal bootanimation
    charger: Update Pixel charger animation from cheetah TD1A.220804.009.A2
    config: Disable Now Playing widget
    services: SystemServer: remove redundant startService for lineage hardware service
    services: lineage: publish binder service only at onStart phase and use super class context
    BatteryStatsService: limit logspam
    Evolver: Make combined signal icons configurable at runtime
    Fix for NullPointerException in SmsMessage
    Fix long press skip track changing volume issue
    Fix potential crash when exit splash screen
    Settings: Fix potential crash in AppAllServicesPreferenceController
    Syncronize framework and ImsStack operation for ImsFeatureStatusCallback
    SystemUI: Disable clock auto hide feature for QS
    SystemUI: Perform soft reboot when enabling combined signal icons
    SystemUI: Remove Bluetooth dialog
    Use a better implementation for hide IME space feature
    base: Make NavigationBar to use Hidden IME Space only on gesture bar
    Update translations
    sepolicy: vendor: Allow Bluetooth APEX to work with GMS
    GameSpace: Long click Settings icon to open Settings Dashboard
    GameSpace: Notify in-coming call number when receiving/rejecting call
    GameSpace: Port auto answer/reject calls feature
    Re-implement Face Unlock from PE
    kernel: Only add GCC to PATH when using GNU binutils
    kernel: Override LD_LIBRARY_PATH only on <5.10
    kernel: Remove TARGET_KERNEL_MODULES error
    kernel: Remove darwin support
    kernel: Support copying modules to vendor_kernel_boot
    AudioService: catch RuntimeException for IServiceManager.getService
    Change the default value of sync mode to NORMAL
    Merge November 2022 security patches
    PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to November 2022 release
    Settings: Remove offsets from Evo X logo
    Sync hardware/xiaomi changes from LOS
    Sync sepolicy-legacy-um and sepolicy_vndr-legacy-um changes from LOS
    SystemUI: Add VPNTethering tile
    SystemUI: Check whether the selected WFD route is available
    apns: Added IA APN types to all default type APNs
    apns: Format xml spacing
    core: Treat reboot boot mode same as normal one
    fixup! Do not dismiss keyguard after SIM PUK unlock
    vendor: apex: Update from TD1A.221105.001
    version: Uprev to 7.3
    Settings: Allow disabling clipboard overlay
    Settings: Ambient Music Ticker - Allow to pulse on new tracks
    TrafficStats: Stop the spam 
    Update various corner radiuses to align with AOSP apps
    PixelPropsUtils: Get package name from context instead of app
    camera: Allow extending aux list/excludelist
    AlertWindowNotification: Correctly load app label
    Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar
    AmbientIndicationContainer: Fix possible NPE
    Fix NPE when finishing remote animation
    Fix screen unpinning text on devices that have gestures on fp sensor
    SettingsGoogle: Update resources from cheetah
    SystemUIGoogle: Update resources from cheetah
    lmkd: fix the cgroup attribute name to MemCgroupEventControl
    reTicker: Do not jump to app when clicked in games
    vendor: rro_overlays: Update from cheetah
    AuthRippleController: Always finish the LightRevealScrim
    AuthRippleController: Only update sensor location when necessary
    CutoutFullScreenController: force full screen important apps
    Settings: Fix crash when input illegal proxy port number
    Settings: Fix crash when showing error dialog in NetworkRequestDialogActivity
    Settings: Fix NPE crash in TextToSpeechSettings
    Settings: Fix NPE crash in UwbPreferenceController and optimize the lifecycle observer adding condition in page
    Settings: Fix potential NPE crash in ConversationHeaderPreferenceController
    Settings: Fix the IllegalArgumentException from RecyclerView
    Settings: Mark DataUsageState as nullable to avoid potential NPE risk
    SystemUI: Improve fp ripple animation color
    base: Stop the spamming of background start not allowed
    themes: UdfpsResources: Add more resources from Realme RMX3392
    themes: UdfpsResources: Remove Aurora and OP Cosmos
    StrictMode: Enable by default only in ENG builds
    SystemUI: Properly set onclick listener for battery
    BatteryStatsImpl: Guard against OOB
    Evolver: Bring back 9 more battery styles
    Set callback before hal connection to avoid NPE on startup
    Settings: Add an activity for saved Bluetooth devices fragment
    Settings: Add fallback summary text if there is no matching screen timeout value
    Settings: Add quick mute gesture
    Settings: Add vibration patterns from OOS
    Settings: Allow choosing a custom vibration pattern
    Settings: Custom vibration pattern per notification channel
    Settings: Fix compile warnings due to non-varargs call of varargs method
    Settings: Move custom vib pattern to its own preference
    SystemUI: Darken circle battery background on expanded QS
    SystemUI: Disable all-caps for smart reply button text
    base: Reduce horizontal spacing around location icon
    AlertSlider: Add resources for a few display oriented controllers
    CameraDeviceImpl: Don't crash when checking input configuration failed
    BatteryService: Switch Dash charging status path to an overlay
    BrightnessController: Don't update slider from DisplayManager callback if user is changing brightness
    Camera: Allow skipping input configuration check
    Camera: Expose aux camera if packagename is null
    EventLog: Disable event writing in production builds
    Fix DozeLogger NPE crash when DozeMachine.State is null
    Fix crash when init QrCamera to start preview
    Fix crash when trying to dismiss dialog
    Link dialog radius to config_dialogCornerRadius
    Remove Safety Center tile from default tiles
    Settings: Adjust gesture navigation settings title
    Settings: Fix incorrect switch status when user stay in NightDisplaySettings page while scheduled night lights on
    Settings: Fix show system status lost when switching dark theme
    Settings: Protect sensitive data on the about phone
    Settings: Use ListPreference instead of DropDownPreference
    SystemUI: BurnInProtectionController: offset less aggressively
    SystemUI: Enable status bar burn-in protection by default
    SystemUI: Limit keyguard charging stats updates
    SystemUI: Re-implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
    base: Disable some DEBUG log spill
    base: Don't send interaction hint for unnecessary events
    config: Downscale task snapshots to 80%
    fixup! biometrics: allow to disable unused fingerprints cleanup
    telephony: Provide a default executor
    Enable backup service by default for all users
    Evolver: Controllable squiggle animation
    ListView: Disable dividers by default
    Settings: Remove broken LTE only mode
    SystemUI: Add charging icon to the charging animation
    SystemUI: Improve charging animation's color palette
    SystemUI: Play all charging animator sets at the same time
    base: TtsEngines: fix yet another NPE
    Settings: add animation to dark mode preference
    Settings: buttons text should no longer be allCaps
    Settings: drop divider in dark mode screen
    PixelPropsUtils: Don't spoof euicc
    SystemUI: Logo: Avoid NPE
    GlobalActions: Update the default actions to match the stock experience
    GlobalActionsDialog: Implement partial screenshot for screenshot power menu long press
    GlobalActionsDialog: Never show emergency without telephony support
    GlobalActionsDialog: Remove broken PhoneStateListener for airplane mode toggle
    Settings: Grab screen resolution drawables from cheetah-td1a.220804.031-factory-6152f6f3
    SystemUI: screenshot: add delay for long-press partial screenshot
    Fix NPE with 1.0 and 1.1 CardStatus
    Pass correct value to setPreferredNetworkType() for RIL version < 1.4
    Pulse: Detach pulse view only when attached
    Settings: Fix up panel theme and layout
    Settings: Regulatory: Fullscreen instead of AlertDialog
    Evolver: Pulse: Implement pulse color based album art
    SystemUI: Always show screenshot dismiss button
    SystemUI: Fix tuner pref for bluetooth
    SystemUI: Make edit button click ripple effect rounded
    SystemUI: Refactor status bar bluetooth icon
    SystemUI: Use red color for low bluetooth battery
    ThemedIcons: Add Desmos icon
    Update translations
    overlays: Stop building NotoSerif font
    Settings: Remove optional haptic feedback on back gesture toggle
    SystemUI: Require haptic feedback on back gesture
    SystemUI: Use proper Resolver background color
    SystemUI: Add missing location permission
    Evolver: Add extended monet themes
    Evolver: Allow changing system themes
    Evolver: Allow to swap volume buttons rotation based
    Evolver: Bring back optional Udfps haptic feedback toggle
    Evolver: Volume dialog timeout
    Settings: Bring back Battery charge warning
    Settings: Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
    Settings: Fix bluetooth pan memory leakage
    Settings: Fix disabled sub showing as Active in Settings > Mobile network
    Settings: Show more APK details on App info screen
    Settings: Use a separate icon for the Notification category
    Settings: Use proper string for designed maximum battery capacity
    vendor: common: Exclude ntfs-3g from artifact path requirement
    SystemUI: Set Quick QS pulldown to off by default
    SystemUIGoogle: Use Google home icon on home controls lockscreen if app is installed
    core: Blacklist P21+ experience system feature from Photos spoof
    PixelPropsUtils: Update pixel devices list
    QSTileHost: Add reloadAllTiles method
    QSTileHost: Don't recreate tiles when LiveDisplay gets initialized
    Merge Pixel 7/7 Pro October 2022 security patches (android-13.0.0_r11)
    frameworks: Add device controls shortcut to power menu
    keylayout: Add config for 8bitdo pro 2
    vendor: apex: Update from TD1A.220804.031
    vendor: CarrierSettings: Update from TD1A.220804.031
    vendor: overlay: Sync with TP1A.221005.002
    PixelPropsUtils: Spoof cheetah for Adaptive VPN
    PixelPropsUtils: Switch from raven fp to cheetah
    Power menu: change the flashlight drawable
    QCOM: Use legacy-um ipacm for all legacy UM platforms
    QCOM: msm8953: Use legacy-um ipacm
    kernel: Allow passing empty DTB to mkbootimg via board-flag
    soong: generator: Replace android.SourceDepTag usage with IsSourceDepTagWithOutputTag
    Add ABS_MT_SLOT config to virtual touch screen
    Add interface for battery stats reset
    Evolver: Bring back Pulse
    Settings: Enable smart charging reset battery stats toggle
    Settings: Swap intro with toggle for Adaptive Playback settings
    audio_amplifier: Add hook for amplifier calibration
    Evolver: Bring back CPU info overlay toggle
    Evolver: Bring back On-The-Go Mode power menu entry
    Evolver: Bring back toggle to disable wireless charging animation
    InternetDialog: Launch mobile network settings on long press
    SystemUI: Add hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
    QS: Add CPUInfo toggle tile
    QS: Add On-The-Go Tile
    Evolver: Bring back status bar lyric feature
    Evolver: Spoof props for status bar lyric
    HeadsUp: Change heads up timeout to seconds
    Allow devices to configure the blanking delay on displays
    Evolver: Bring back optional Smart Pixels feature
    Evolver: Fix Battery bar default values
    Fix long click intent for Smart Pixels tile
    Nuke backuptool support
    QS: Add and use Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
    QS: Add and use Mobile Data panel
    QS: Use Mobile Data panel for CellularTile
    Settings: Add AdGuard DNS as a private DNS Provider
    Settings: Add Cloudflare DNS as a private DNS provider
    Settings: Add back DataUsageSlice
    Settings: Create new preview for dark theme
    Settings: Fix data usage display on mobile panel
    Settings: Make some random summaries translatable
    Settings: actually fix font for PanelUI
    Settings: Fix NullPointerException when renaming a fingerprint
    SystemUI: Open WifiPanel on LongClick
    BatteryMeterView: Fix NPE that occurs when onDensityOrFontScaleChanged() is called
    Settings: Adjust playback control gesture preferences
    Settings: Allow choosing volume key music control activation delay
    Settings: Convert one-handed mode to a PrimarySwitchPreference
    Settings: Default to GlifV3Theme
    Settings: Don't hardcode playback control delay unit
    Settings: Use separate primary switch title for Playback control
    SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash
    SystemUI: Fix issue that log can't be enabled in MobileSignalController
    SystemUI: screenrecord: Add an option to use HEVC
    SystemUI: screenrecord: Use sdcard icon for file size limit toggle
    Updater: Allow starting activities from background
    Updater: Don't show thousands of days
    Updater: No need to install every update
    Updater: Open Local changelog instead of URL
    Updater: Replace jcenter with mavenCentral
    Updater: Use monet colors
    Updater: We don't do upgrades
    base: Suppress telephony crashing platform
    base: get the most of the media artwork colors
    biometrics: Fix udfps races
    core: Fix toast background color not changing with theme
    development: Address NPE when removing preferences out of developer options
    privapp-permissions: Grant missing TelephonyProvider perm
    view: add null check for dispatch touch view
    BackupAgent: Add backup shared mode
    BluetoothControllerImpl: fetch battery level from any device
    BluetoothControllerImpl: synchronize mConnectedDevices access
    EvoEgg: Update Launcher icon and use monet colors
    EvolutionUtils: Add support for changing dpi
    Fix MtpDatabase multithreading NullPointerException
    Fix incorrect context classloader initialization in system_server
    InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
    LayoutInflater: remove less frequently used apps
    PackageManager: Add configuration to specify vendor platform signatures
    ProcessList: Silence lmkd retries logspam
    ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
    Settings: Add a preference to battery optimization page
    Settings: Add summary to daily battery usage charge toggle
    Settings: Bring back optional Battery Health section
    Settings: Change dpi on changing screen resolution
    Settings: Use monet colors for Evolution X Unbound Logo
    SettingsGoogle: Sync with Evolution X changes
    SystemUI: Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
    SystemUI: UdfpsAnimation: Don't run scaleFactor on mAnimationSize
    WallpaperService: Fix half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
    base: Update ic_doc_folder drawable to MD2
    build: execute changelog generator script
    config: Allow gms to access persistent data partition
    fix error com.google.android.gms.persistent
    tools: Copy Changelog.txt to /system/etc
    wm: Passing a new ArraySet instance to avoid crash
    Evolver: Add toggle for media projection indicator
    Evolver: Bring back privacy indicators toggles
    Evolver: Changelog: Rework with Activity
    Settings: Randomize The Evolver's summary
    SystemUI: AOD Tile: Register battery observer in main thread
    SystemUI: Avoid altering page indicator layout when hiding qs footer icons
    SystemUI: BatteryMeterView: Set white tint in darkmode
    SystemUI: CustomTile: add a null check before loadDrawable invocation in default icon
    SystemUI: Kill old privacy indicator icons completely
    SystemUI: Remove spacer in QS footer
    Evolver: AppLockSettingsPC: use DashboardFragment as the type for host
    Evolver: applock: early return in setChecked if backing field has the same value
    Merge October 2022 security patches
    PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to October 2022 release
    SecuritySettings: properly remove security status header
    Settings: relocate app lock preference to advanced security settings
    Settings: remove security status group if empty
    SystemUI: QuickStatusBarHeader: use proper shade for secondary color of circle battery icon
    gms: Update gapps
    services: applock: fix data migration and change secure notification parameter name
    vendor: CarrierSettings: Update from TP1A.221005.002
    vendor: apex: Update from TP1A.221005.002
    vendor: rro_overlays: Configure face unlock acquire ignorelist
    version: Uprev to 7.2
    Evolver: Replace QS data usage with customizable footer text
    Settings: BiometricFragment: respect background authentication request in source prompt info
    core: ProcessState: prevent an NPE from crashing system server
    services: ActiveServices: drop uid check when notifying newly registered callbacks
    services: AppLockConfig: fix a derp in hidePackage()
    AlertSlider: Add resources for refresh rate modes
    Evolver: Add Power menu animations
    Evolver: Allow Power/reboot menu transparency
    base: merge hidden app feature with applock
    sepolicy: Allow recovery to read sysfs_perdev_minors
    sepolicy: Grant necessary ioctls to recovery for external sd


    Hi there, I've been running this rom for a few days and wanted to share my impressions.

    Note that this is my first time using Android 12, so I don't know which of the problems I'm facing are because of this specific rom, and which ones are just questionable design changes introduced with the new Android version.


    Install was a bit scary, first "error 21 signature verification", then I was looking at the "Step 2/2" line for 30 minutes and finally decided to press the back arrow, and apparently it installed fine (status 0), just without letting me know 🙃. This definitely needs to be fixed.

    I like the fact that Gapps are included with the rom, makes the install a bit easier. Looks like it's some kind of minimal package too, without too many preinstalled apps, very nice (y).

    "The Evolver"​

    This rom has a solid amount of customization and it all seems to work pretty well. I'm happy to see features like configurable volume step count and keyboard cursor control.

    Link to the feature list should be added to first post (instead of "just flash and check yourself").


    UI is laggy, scrolling feels very bad compared to my previous rom (crDroid, Android 10). Fells as if my phone just aged three years 😕.

    After disabling most of Google's "intelligent" crap, performance is back to acceptable levels, but still there's a fair bit of stutter. The lags seem to be random, i.e. sometimes scrolling the same list feels perfectly fine, sometimes it's painfully bad, like 5 fps bad.


    I'd say battery life is pretty normal, considering the heavy use in the last few days (configuration of fresh rom, installing apps, etc.).


    1. Default camera app crashes (Open Camera works fine).
    2. I've seen someone report no sound during calls (unless headphones are used) - for me it works fine.
    3. After some time with screen off, task switcher sometimes shows empty app previews (solid colors). See screenshot #1. Closing and reopening task switcher fixes this. I've seen this occasionally happening for some apps in the past (on A10), but in this case all apps show blank previews, and this happens quite often.
    4. Settings > Sound & vibration > Media > Pin media player - it seems this option doesn't work, tried restarting phone, different media players, adb shell settings put global qs_media_player 0 / adb shell settings put system qs_media_player 0 and restarting SystemUI - no effect. Media player notifications still show in QS section, which is super annoying.
    5. Changing brightness level by sliding on status bar doesn't allow going below a certain brightness level, i.e. I slide over status bar all the way to the left, yet the brightness level is 33%. At the same time, when I slide all the way to the right, it goes to 100%. This makes this feature pretty useless unless you are outside.
    6. Can't double-tap status bar to lock the screen when notification/QS panel is open.
    7. Is the default image viewer missing? I'm not talking about the "Files by Google" app, but about the app that should handle opening image (and video?) files from other apps, e.g. from file manager. Without such app, I was not able to set a custom wallpaper in the default launcher (it was crashing, now works ok after installing Gallery Go).
    8. With "smart pulldown" turned on and no notifications to show, double-tap the status bar to lock the screen. Turn on screen - the QS pannel is expanded on lockscreen.

    Probably bugs?​

    9. Task switcher is missing the 5 favorite app icons on the bottom. I keep pressing the useless "screenshot" or "select" buttons (because muscle memory :p). After poor performance, this is by far the most annoying bug, as it greatly impacts multitasking experience (in a bad way).
    10. Task switcher does not allow swiping up to open app drawer (I'm using 2 button navigation). This is also annoying, but not as much as missing the 5 favorite apps.
    11. I can't find the setting for minimum time between notifications - was it moved somewhere? Searching "minimum"/"minimal" in settings app returns nothing.
    12. Once I was unable to change media volume, only going to 0 volume resulted in muted playback, but apart from that - constant volume, no matter the volume slider value. Had to restart phone. This happened only once.
    13. Task switcher has an empty, solid gray background instead of the wallpaper image. Same goes for lockscreen unlock screen (e.g. pattern input). See screenshots #1 and #2.
    14. Lockscreen clock tint is based on main wallpaper, not on the lockscreen wallpaper/album art, which results in mismatched colors or hard to read text on lockscreen most of the times.
    15. When pressing list items in some apps (e.g. in settings), the highlight looks "dirty" - it has those tiny white dots on it, looks like sand or something. I can't tell if it's a funky visual bug or is it intentional. See screenshot #3.
    16. Music visualization on lock screen draws over (above) QS and notifications.
    17. I thought this was EvolutionX 6.1? Why does the settings show it's 6.0? I installed the build from 20211219. See Settings > About phone > Android version > Evolution X version.

    Suggestions/feature requests​

    I'm coming from a full-featured custom rom, so I find many useful features missing. Perhaps some of those could be added to this rom in the future?
    18. Can't restrict internet access per-app, need to use some shady firewall app instead.
    19. Can't set navbar longpress/double press action (some kind of Google bloatware opens by default at longpress). I'm using 2 button navigation. I'm greatly missing the ability to quickly split screen (double press) and pull down notifications (longpress). I found a way to make the latter work via "one handed mode" feature, however it's much worse, as it often results in missclicking something above navbar. Probably I'll get used to it, but still I'd like to have an option to assign longpress and double press actions.
    20. Can't set battery charge limit.
    21. Can't disable lockscreen album art tint.
    22. It would be nice to be able to disable the annoying list overscroll ("bounce") animation. I know this can be done by setting "animator duration scale" to 0, but that also disables other animations.


    Overall it's a massive downgrade from my previous A10 rom, mostly functionally, but also visually. Definitely usable as a daily driver, but with some suffering involved.

    I am very weird about some things and one of them is that I don't feel good if I have my device out of date. Thanks to @Hemant Sachdeva and the entire Evolution X team for making it possible to have the latest version of Android and that my phone can continue to have support for updates and security patches. I am happy.
    Is this ROM gonna become Official anytime soon ?
    Is the ROM good for daily driver? can someone guide me on how to install shrp recovery..? or any link i can follow on flashing shrp recovery. Then ill try out this rom.