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[OFFICIAL][ROM]Bootlegers ROM Oreo for Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]

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    I am not responsible if flashing this ROM bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war
    and ends the world as we know it.
    You have been warned.


    Bootleggers ROM 8.1.0 Official (Shishufied)
    More information about the rom can be found:
    Galaxy-MSM8916 device-tree from unofficial LineageOS 15.1
    no Gapps included

    What works

    same as unofficial LineageOs 15.1


    NFC (J500FN)


    I moved all my repos to gitlab so all repo-urls have changed, the local_manifests-file on github is updated accordingly.

    MarshMallow bootloader is required or you will not be able to boot the rom !
    Latest stock firmware is recommended before installing this rom, even if it might work with older versions !
    1. Use the TWRP from the download-link for your device above (needs to be flashed from existing TWRP, ODIN version might come)
    2. Download the latest build
    3. Put it on your device
    4. Reboot to TWRP
    5. If you want to be sure wipe the device
    6. Flash the latest build
    7. Clean Cache and Dalvik if you want
    8. Reboot and enjoy


    OTA is available with recent builds.
    As it's official now, I abandoned my own OTA-app for this Rom.

    Easily rootable with the great Magisk (stable) by @topjohnwu.

    Exchange2 for Oreo is included and will be installed as system-app (I need this for my work).

    I use it as daily driver without major issues.

    I use microG as google replacement and for push-services, signature-spoofing is already build into the rom but need to be granted manually (as root):
    pm grant com.google.android.gms android.permission.FAKE_PACKAGE_SIGNATURE

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [OFFICIAL] Bootleggers ROM Oreo for J5 (2015), ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J5

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: MarshMallow Bootloader
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Abandoned

    Created 2018-05-14
    Last Updated 2019-06-25
    New update is available via OTA and from OP.
    July security patch is included.
    I also made charging sounds configurable and (what's more) working.
    The option to scramble the layout of the pin on lockscreen is also added.
    Finally I managed to build Bootleggers 3.0, the new shiny rebased version of this great rom.
    It does not use GZOSP anymore, but was rebase to use AOSP with LineageOS stuff.
    So a dirty flash might cause issues (even if I have no problems with it).
    But there is one annoying bug:
    the stock alarmclock from AOSP is broken and crashes if an alarm occurs, so do not rely on it.
    I did it and that's whay I do not (yet) update the OP or the OTA-stuff (I just slept a littler longer than I wanted this morning).
    Third party apps work.

    Nevertheless, you can manually download it from my server from the devices sub-folder with the actual date (20180822-HHMM) and flash it via TWRP.

    The actual (also rebased) device-tree for msm8916 is broken and bootloops, so it's based on the older (saved by Vince) revision.
    If you install the rom and face any issues please give feedback, either here or on telegram (same nickname as here).

    Just for the record: it has the August security patch of course.
    New build of Bootleggers 3.0 is available, now via OTA and the OP.

    Alarmclock is now the google-clock, nightlight and do not disturb is now available via settings, was broken in first 3.0 build.

    No major issues on my device (FN), except low video sound when recording and a stock-camera bug, that leads to square pictures where the lower part of the chosen takes precedence (e.g. 4128x3096 becomes 3096x3096). Thirdparty cameras work fine (I use OpenCamera from F-Droid).