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[OFFICIAL] [ROM][sailfish][10.0] ionOS 2.9a [05/09/2020]

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Mar 10, 2016
Install Magisk after first boot, and let us know if it works. But please, remember to let it boot at least once before Magisk. Good luck!
I followed your instructions, and i found Via zip it was going into boot loop, but when i tried with patched boot image(which it was my first time ever, never really need to do it this way), It is worked fine..


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Feb 21, 2012
can't download link works till go down load then it dies

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svwh.dl.sourceforge.net took too long to respond.
I can't get any version of YouTube to work (Youtube, Youtube Vanced), has anybody else had any luck? (I've already cleared my cache)

Works fine for me, did you flash any gapps? If yes, do a wipe and flash the rom again with no gapps as they are preinstalled. Try using the vanced manager to install its microg and vanced


May 28, 2019
Google Pixel
LG G7 ThinQ
It's probably that. The first 2 builds of ion had broken camera. Flash the latest one and let me know if it's fixed

Copy that, I'll flash when my daily driver gets back from repair. I'm using my Pixel as a stand-in and I don't want to risk losing any data.

UPDATE: Just updated, Camera and YouTube are now working, but I lost the ability to use Sync for Reddit. One step at a time... :D
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