Official Stock Firmware Thread (11 August 2022) - Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F)

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Jul 6, 2022
I rooted last year for firmware note 10 (follow post in XDA)
but now I have lot of instability, I want to come back factory software lastest version.
Do you know where is possible to download firmware ? and for inject and install I use Odin?
Thanks in advance for your help, is really appreciate.
Have a good day or good night, see you soon in forum ;)

trust website? for download
Latest stable firmware:


starking bb

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Aug 22, 2018
Please help
I flashed my samsung s9plus sm-g965f/ds with odin,every works well but my model now shows sm-g965f alone and its on emergency call only but my contacts do show..please help


Aug 6, 2012
Terrigal NSW
Hi everyone,
I'm seeking help with my S9+ dual sim I bought a couple of years ago second hand. Its got Korean csc and I'm in Australia and have been trying to put XSA software on it either with Odin 3.14.4 and have tried a couple of earlier versions as well and every time it comes up with re-partition error. It also has TWRP preinstalled when I got it, so I put magisk on it thinking it might help and have tried using TWRP to install zip -- still get re-partition error. Also the Dual sims have the same number -- weird. I'm not sure if I should try a PITT file and which one to use as I get a warning saying Developer only which makes me hesitate. I just downloaded from Frija android 10 version G965FXXUHFVG6/G965FOXMHFVE2/G965FXXUHFVB4 for the second time. I have enabled USB debugging. It have no OEM unlock in the settings so I assume it is already.
Any help would be appreciated.
Cheers Mike


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Nov 29, 2022
plz help,
my phone is s9+ SM-G965F/DS dual sim
I have done the process of flashing my cellphone
after finishing why my cellphone signal is lost
plz need answer wht the problem
txs before

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    UPDATE (7 APRIL 2022): Samsung has officially declared the Galaxy S9 and S9+ EOL. They will no longer be supported, and FVB4 will most probably be the final build for this device.

    Latest stable firmware:



    How to flash the stock Odin flashable firmware:

    1) Download Odin v3.13.1 - Link

    2) Extract the firmware file you just downloaded. You should get 5 files:
    • AP (System & Recovery)
    • BL (Bootloader)
    • CP (Modem / Radio)
    • CSC_OXM (OXM CSC file, will wipe your phone)
    • HOME_CSC_OXM (OXM CSC file, will NOT wipe your phone)

    3) Add each file to it's respective field in Odin v3.13.1. Use CSC_OXM if you want to do a clean flash and HOME_CSC OXM if you want to keep your apps and data.

    4) Reboot your phone in Download / Odin mode with the following button combo:

    5) Once in download mode, connect your phone to the PC, preferably using the original USB cable you got with your phone. Odin should detect your device and a blue box will show up with the COM port number.

    6) Do NOT tick any extra boxes. The only options to be ticked are F.Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.

    7) Click the start button, wait for Odin to say 'PASS'. Once the flash is complete, your phone will reboot.

    Firmware screenshots, changelog, and download links will be in 2nd post of this thread.


    CSC change tutorial - Post #2011


    Firmware release history:

    G965FXXU1ARC5 - 17th March 2018

    G965FXXU1ARCC - 28th March 2018

    G965FXXS1ARD1 - 24th April 2018

    G965FXXU1ARD4 - 1st May 2018

    G965FXXU1BRE5 - 23rd May 2018

    G965FXXU1BRE6 - 6th June 2018

    G965FXXU1BRF3 - 21st June 2018

    G965FXXU1BRF8 - 26th June 2018

    G965FXXU2BRG6 - 18th July 2018

    G965FXXU2BRGA - 6th August 2018

    G965FXXU2BRH1 - 17th August 2018

    G965FXXU2BRH7 - 10th September 2018

    G965FXXS2BRI1 - 13th September 2018

    G965FXXU2BRI3 - 20th September 2018

    G965FXXU2BRJ3 - 15th October 2018

    G965FXXS2BRJ6 - 12th November 2018

    G965FXXU2BRJ8 - 16th November 2018

    G965FXXU2BRK2 - 6th December 2018

    G965FXXS2BRK3 - 10th December 2018

    G965FXXS2BRL3 - 20th December 2018

    G965FXXU2CRLI - 24th December 2018

    G965FXXU2CRLO - 8th January 2019

    G965FXXU2CRLN - 8th January 2019

    G965FXXU2CSA2 - 14th January 2019

    G965FXXU2CSB3 - 14th February 2019

    G965FXXS2CSB8 - 1st March 2019

    G965FXXU2CSB9 - 1st March 2019

    G965FXXU2CSC8 - 18th March 2019

    G965FXXS3CSD1 - 11th April 2019

    G965FXXU3CSD4 - 16th April 2019

    G965FXXS4CSDD - 29th April 2019

    G965FXXU4CSE3 - 15th May 2019

    G965FXXU5CSF2 - 11th June 2019

    G965FXXU6CSG8 - 18th July 2019

    G965FXXU6CSG8 - 12th August 2019

    G965FXXS6CSH5 - 10th September 2019

    G965FXXU7CSJ1 - 16th October 2019

    G965FXXS7CSJ3 - 5th November 2019

    G965FXXS7CSK4 - 4th December 2019

    G965FXXS7CTA1 - 16th January 2020

    G965FXXU7DTAA - 28th January 2020

    G965FXXS7DTAD - 17th February 2020

    G965FXXS7DTB5 - 11th March 2020

    G965FXXU8DTC5 - 8th April 2020

    G965FXXS9DTD7 - 12th May 2020

    G965FXXU9ETF5 - 14th June 2020

    G965FXXUAETG3 - 14th July 2020

    G965FXXSBETH1 - 17th August 2020

    G965FXXSBETH2 - 7th September 2020

    G965FXXUCFTJ2 - 19th October 2020

    G965FXXSCFTJ3 - 2nd November 2020

    G965FXXUCFTK1 - 11th November 2020

    G965FXXSCFTK2 - 1st December 2020

    G965FXXSDFTL1 - 3rd January 2021

    G965FXXSEFUA1 - 3rd February 2021

    G965FXXSFFUB3 - 10th March 2021

    G965FXXUFFUC6 - 31st March 2021

    G965FXXUFFUD5 - 6th May 2021

    G965FXXUFFUE1 - 12th May 2021

    G965FXXUGFUG4 - 4th August 2021

    G965FXXSHFUJ2 - 1 November 2021

    G965FXXUHFVB4 - 6 March 2022

    G965FXXUHFVG4 - 11 August 2022


    1) Will this trip KNOX, and will I lose my warranty?
    Answer: Short answer would be no, your KNOX counter will remain at 0x0 and warranty stays valid as well.
    However, some service centers might note regional differences between builds based on the latest build available for your CSC, indicating that the phone has been flashed, so if you're sending your device in for a service/repair/replacement, then I'd suggest flashing to the latest build available for your home country's CSC. Usually not required though, so not a big deal.


    2) What if the firmware build number mentioned above is not available for my CSC, can I still flash it?
    Answer: Yes, if your current CSC is part of the OXM multi-CSC. You can check that using the Google Doc I made here:


    3) I flashed 'XXXX' build, but now I can't get OTAs for a newer build that's available on my CSC?
    Answer: Now, I'll be using fake build numbers in this example, but you should still understand how I'm explaining this.

    Suppose your current build is very old, XXU1ARA1, and the latest available multi-CSC OXM build is XXU1BRA1, so you flash it on your device.
    Now, BRA1 is not released for your specific CSC, so you won't get OTAs for it to any further builds because no subsequent OTA file exists on the Samsung server for your CSC.
    Samsung will then release a new build for your CSC called XXU1BRA2, so the only OTA file existing on the server for your CSC is XXU1ARA1 > XXU1BRA2, so an OTA from XXU1BRA1 > XXU1BRA2 will not be possible, and the only way to regain the ability to get OTAs, is by flashing BRA2 and then accepting further OTAs from there on.
    This may seem cumbersome to some people, but if you're impatient and always want the latest build, then just continue flashing as you normally would.


    4) Can I flash the ROM in the main post without flashing the builds that came before it?
    Answer: Yes you can. When flashing ROMs with Odin, you don't need to be on a specific build to flash them. They don't need to be flashed in order.

    You can be on the oldest possible build and flash directly to the latest one.

    The files linked in this thread are ONLY compatible with the following devices:
    SM-G965F (International Single SIM)
    SM-G965F/DS (International Dual-SIM)

    There are no Dual SIM specific ROMs, any ROMs for the G965F will work on the Dual SIM models and you will retain Dual SIM functionality and both your IMEIs.
    Latest OXM ROM for S9+

    This ROM was released on 6 March 2022 and can be used for all OXM Multi-CSCs, you can check the list below to see if your CSC is part of OXM:
    Google Docs

    IMPORTANT: After flashing this, you can NOT downgrade to

    BL v1 firmwares (XXU1xxxx / XXS1xxxx builds)
    BL v2 firmwares (XXU2xxxx / XXS2xxxx builds)
    BL v3 firmwares (XXU3xxxx / XXS3xxxx builds)
    BL v4 firmwares (XXU4xxxx / XXS4xxxx builds)
    BL v5 firmwares (XXU5xxxx / XXS5xxxx builds)
    BL v6 firmwares (XXU6xxxx / XXS6xxxx builds)
    BL v7 firmwares (XXU7xxxx / XXS7xxxx builds)
    BL v8 firmwares (XXU8xxxx / XXS8xxxx builds)
    BL v9 firmwares (XXU9xxxx / XXS9xxxx builds)
    BL v10 firmwares (XXUAxxxx / XXSAxxxx builds)
    BL v11 firmwares (XXUBxxxx / XXSBxxxx builds)
    BL v12 firmwares (XXUCxxxx / XXSCxxxx builds)
    BL v13 firmwares (XXUDxxxx /XXSDxxxx builds)
    BL v14 firmwares (XXUExxxx / XXSExxxx builds)
    BL v15 firmwares (XXUFxxxx / XXSFxxxx builds)
    BL v16 firmwares (XXUGxxxx / XXSGxxxx builds)

    You can download this using SamFirm or Frija

    Model: SM-G965F (GALAXY S9+)
    Country: Germany (DBT)
    Version: Android 10 (OneUI 2.5)
    Kernel: 23733710
    Build Date: Thursday - 21 July 2022
    Security Patch: 1 March 2022

    Stable Pie (XXU2CRLI) is now available via OTA and SamFirm for G960 and G965F users.
    I will be uploading to AFH and MEGA, but for those who can't wait, go and attack Samsung servers and get it through SamFirm.

    Sadly, I won't be able to experience it for a few days since I'm giving my S9+ in for a battery replacement today, but should get it back later this week.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! Don't forget to thank Samsung for getting this update out to us early :)

    Download link:!kaBDCCSS!-n8C-3TrtKfNAeuiq-yCw9yJcJdHiRLhu_ncFrlbLPE
    August update - G965FXXU6CSGD

    Comes with new kernel, new baseband version and August security patch.
    Official changelog also mentions improved camera performance which could be regarding the issues with Night Mode crashing that were introduced in the CSF2 update.

    For those wondering why the update still has CSGx build number, it's because the build/compilation date was still July and not August like some other devices.
    Like all other OEMs, Samsung gets access to security patch details well before they're released to the public so the build dates don't always have to be in the same month that the patch is intended for.
    CSC change tutorial for 965F

    Thanks to @applepay and his CSC change method in the S9+ forums, I have tested the guide and posted it with screenshots.
    It works 100% as described by the OP, CSC is changed on my device and proof has been given below.

    You can use this tutorial to switch to your desired CSC for getting quicker OTAs. However, keep in mind, if you change to a CSC that is different from your home country, you will no longer be able to use VoLTE, WiFi calling and Samsung Pay. Furthermore, doing a factory reset with a SIM card from your home country will revert back to your previous CSC.

    This will NOT allow you to register for the beta program.

    I would also like if anyone with a region locked device, such as BTU/BTU/BTU could test this tutorial to see if it changes the CSC for them.

    Let's start off by saying, I did NOT find this method, I simply used the guide from @applepay in his thread HERE.

    I've added screenshots and proof to show that this works, and to show you how to use RealTerm to change the CSC on your device.
    Now, the main purpose of this would be to help those who have region locked devices, however since I don't have one, I can't test this. This will also benefit those who want DBT for example, for quick OTA updates, but don't have a German SIM card to change the CSC using the normal method.

    My device is a local Pakistani model so the CSC was PAK/PAK,PAK/PAK. Just for proof, I tried changing it to NEE (Nordic Countries). Screenshots are given below.

    Step 1) Power off your device and make sure to back up all data, since this will require a factory reset. REMOVE your SIM card before proceeding further.

    Step 2) Boot into download mode, and flash the combination file for your device. I had a v2 combination file for S9+ already, so I flashed that.
    Download link for v2 combination file for G965F - AndroidFileHost
    Your device should look like this while booting:

    Step 3) Fire up RealTerm and connect your phone to your PC. Once booted into the combination file, it will say either SM-G965F or SM-G965F [DS] if it's a dual SIM device.
    Should look like this:

    Step 4) Click the 'Port Tab' on RealTerm, for me it showed Port 8 = \ssudmdm0000, if this shows up for you, it means your device has been detected by RealTerm, then set the Baud rate to 230400

    Step 5) Go to the 'Send' Tab on RealTerm, enter 'AT' and hit the 'Send ASCII' button, you'll get this as a reply:



    Step 6) Enter 'AT+PRECONFG=1,0' and hit 'Send ASCII' again, you should get your current CSC as a response, in my case it is PAK.

    Step 7) To change your CSC to your desired CSC, use this command 'AT+PRECONFG=2,???', replace ??? with the CSC you want to install on your device. I chose NEE, so my command looked like this: AT+PRECONFG=2,NEE

    Step 8) To confirm your changes have been applied, type this command to test the current CSC, 'AT+PRECONFG=1,0', your response will look like the message in the screenshot below:

    Step 9) Go to SamFirm, type SM-G965F and download the latest firmware of the new CSC which you have applied. Flash in Odin with AP, BL, CP and CSC_OXM and your device will reboot. Since the CSC has been changed, first boot will take a little longer than usual.

    Here is my device with NEE CSC instead of PAK:


    Credits for discovering this method go to @applepay and 'HD Voice' from this thread: