[Official]TWRP Recovery for Moto G4 Plus

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Oct 13, 2016
Really? Was there a restore issue in version 3.1.1-0?
In my experiences trying to install OTA updates on my XT1644 using TWRP backups, yes--there was. Read this:


In particular:
On most devices shipping with Android 6.0 or higher, the device maker has enabled dm-verity as a security measure. The device will signature check blocks of data on the system partition during boot at the block level. The usage of dm-verity prevents TWRP from being able to successfully restore a normal system backup. On most of these devices, you will see an option on the backup page for System Image. A system image backup takes up more space than a regular system backup, but the system image backup is a bit-perfect backup that, when restored, will not break dm-verity (assuming that you don't break dm-verity before making the backup).
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Feb 13, 2012
Is TWRP capable of mount encrypted volumes on moto g4 plus?
I have a xt1640, and no matter what encryption mothod I use(pin, pattern, or alfanumeric password), after going to recovery, TWRP wont prompt me for a password to decrypt the device storage, and it recognizes all storages location as empty, as if it didn't recognized the encrypted volume.

First I thought that It was a missing feature on TWRP, but then I opened the recovery on my cousin's phone(a Moto X2, Victara), on the same TWRP version and lineage version, and It prompted me for a decryption password. having given the right one, TWRP was able to mount and access all encrypted data.
ps: I'm on lineage 14.1, 1/1/17 build(though I tried this before in other nightlies), and TWRP

That's why I made another TWRP build (check for the XDA thread) with encryption support. But I don't have athene in my hands to upgrade to a 3.2 builds for now. You can try my older builds, they might be ok with Lineage 14.1
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Feb 7, 2015
a question, because the recovery twrp has not been updated? I see that in other terminals of Motorola yes but in Athene no, it is still in version

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Oct 23, 2011
Please give me a reference on how to bootloader unlock - TWRP recovery - custom ROM install.

[email protected]!$h

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May 16, 2014
I'm not sure if was flashing it correctly. Do I need to extract the zip? When I did extract the zip, the . img file wasn't available when I booted into recovery.

For Non-treble Roms you don't need to unzip the Rom file. You can flash directly.

For Treble ROM.... You need to extract the zip and flash the system.img file by selecting install image from install menu.
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