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[OFFICIAL][v.2.9.0] PitchBlack Recovery Project [lv517, MP260, TP260][32/64bit]

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Jan 15, 2020
Kinda sh*tty not having a "what the f*ck did I just do log" a swipe away, though. IT REALLY SUCKS, to be honest. I dunno where the f*ck I am half of the time, and with all of these seemingly thought out features that this Recovery has been loaded with, ya'd think there'd be that very common sense and useful feature ported with it.

lmao. it's probably there and i haven't found it yet. too busy unbricking this phone for the 30th time this week. haha. nobody gets to pick their hobby i suppose.

your hobby picks you. i just wish i wasn't so f*cking far behind of all ya'll ****s. :*

c-u-n-t-s* <-- that word being censored completely embodies the spirit of this site. Just saying.
Yeah, i get it. ya'll are annoyed. but all ya'll was almost half as dumb as most of these lurkers on here. and the lurkers that weren't........ well, they seem to be a lot smarter that a lot of ya'll "Senior" posters.

Carry on! I love yah! I really do. ****. :)

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That was not a slight at OP. Although he is a "Senior" poster.

You're the sh*t AND a bag of chips, hot off the press. No homo. I just really appreciate you bro.
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Jun 18, 2014
The github has disappeared, I can't find the master.zip, could you upload it to the sourceforge?


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I'm curious, this being an official build of PBRP, does it make it at all possible to update PBRP through its official channels or has that idea gone to the grave? I'm assuming there really is no reason to update aside from updated tools, translation, and bug fixes?

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    Pitchblack recovery project


    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

    PitchBlack is a TWRP based on TWRP 3.2.3 developed by Reza Adi, maintained by Manjot Sidhu and Mohd Faraz and themed by FireWolf.

    For devices (OFFICIAL) : https://sourceforge.net/projects/pitchblack-twrp/files/
    Authors build : @Reza_adi, Mohd Faraz
    Developers : @Reza_adi, Mohd Faraz
    Thanks : @Reza_adi P - Indonesia (Owner / Lead Developer PBRP), George Pasakalis (G.M.L) - Greece (UI Developer), FirewolfXDA - Bangladesh (UI Developer), Manjot Sidhu - India (Source Maintained), Mohd Faraz - India (Co-Lead Developer, Source Maintained), Arbaz Khan - India (Source Maintained), PitchBlack Recovery, @ATG Droid & @dadi11 (Redwolf Developer) for MIUI OTA Support, @arra_quen for Helping and Uploading @faizhifzhan for layout to sourceforge, All Maintainer and User PBRP.


    Recovery zip


    When booted while charging, battery level shows 0%.
    If you find any other bugs please let me know and i'll try to address them or update this section of the thread to let the bug be publicly known.
    F2FS filesystem format is limited to 4GB for some reason so don't use it for /data ( I currently use /cache and /system as f2fs instead of EXT4 with no issues )


    Flash Zip file as if it were a ROM in TWRP, or you can flash the Recovery.img as you would TWRP (adb commands, apps such as flashify, kernel auditor/mtweaks, terminal dd commands, or using TWRP under Install > install image > recovery )
    If using installing the Zip file through TWRP or other custom recovery, it will reboot automatically to recovery. If using the recovery.img method, reboot into recovery as you normally would.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    PitchBlack Recovery Project, Tool/Utility for the LG K20 Plus

    Deadman96385 (helped to provide bandwidth and the Q6 Stock Oreo kernel which my Oreo+ builds and this project utilize)
    Source Code: [url]https://github.com/PitchBlack-Recovery[/URL]

    Version Information
    Status: Official
    Current Version: 2.9.0
    Release Date: 2019-02-05

    Created 2019-02-03
    Last Updated 2019-02-07
    My to do list for tonight, update the Fstab to properly support F2FS filesystem format and address the filesystem error.

    I should have a new official build up tonight.
    I must say this recovery is ? % awesome. I like the extra features that include the options to install/uninstall SuperSU and/or magisk and various more. I think twrp has met it's match.
    And that's why I went for Official PBRP before official TWRP, to get people to at least give it a try. Its based on the latest TWRP so it has all of the features TWRP users love with quite a few extras.
    Only /cache and /system will currently work with F2FS which needs to be formatted that way before install and only my Lineage 15.1 supports f2fs filesystem format. I have tested and confirmed it works at the time of implementation. Formatting /data as F2FS limits the partition to 4GB for some reason i have yet to figure out. I hope this bit of information helps.

    I'm not saying it doesn't boot, only informing everyone that the f2fs partition is corrupted by the flashing process and cannot be repaired with fsck. I'm honestly not sure of the total effect of this, but those who are cautious may be thankful for this information.
    I can flash the recovery.img for PBRP after doing bootloader unlock via fastboot correct? I don't need to flash TWRP and do all the flashing steps under "How to Disable encryption and flash super su [Install Root]" in the TWRP v3 thread to get PBRP and Magisk on my device? Eventually plan on putting LOS 15.1
    That is correct, you can use PBRP for those steps.