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Feb 10, 2012
Santo Domingo
Today, I remembered OnePlus 3/3T Feed, and because I left my 3T a month ago for a Google Pixel 2 XL, I wanted to know if exist an alternative. When I try to find OnePlus 3/3T Feed on Play Store, it could not be found. Looking for it on XDA I saw it is deprecated, following the developer I saw there were a Pixel Feed app that is deprecated too to create a XDA Feed app for all... But I arrive here to know that it neither could be found on play store and everyone are recently saying they can't login. It is deprecated too :(
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Sep 1, 2018
There is a XDA feed for OnePlus 3t app but server was down i have link for this app apk mirror i hope this app is working:)


Having the same problem. Can't log in and can't view as guest either.


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Nov 22, 2019
In my device, XDA Feed can't login because server error or same with that. Please help me to resolve my problem!
Sorry with my English
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Jan 28, 2010
Novo mesto
I am on Huawei Mate 20 Pro Android 10, having the same issue with login, cannot login with Google icon and feed is giving me error like in screenshot. I love this app please fix it.


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Dec 12, 2017
I just bought a used LG v20 vs995 Oreo 8.0 on it is there any way to root this phone if there is how do you do a and I would greatly appreciate any help in this area


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Dec 11, 2018
Ever since this app broke, I have been periodically checking this thread to see if any fixes have been posted... however, it still appears that nobody has a fix or even knows why it's broken... I am wondering if anybody knows whether or not XDA ever plans on fixing this app, or if there is another thread for this app where people are working out a solution, or anything like that. I really liked this app and it seems odd to me that XDA would just let one of their apps break and not fix it.


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Dec 11, 2018
For anyone wondering why the feed app is down/having problems, here is an update from the developer:

Without trying to derail this thread, I'll just address Feed quickly since the community is definitely owed an update.

Feed was by far my favorite project I've done with XDA. I used it every day and I still miss it. XDA shut it down without giving me a heads up, so it's up to them. They could spin it back up, get new mods and keep it going. The actual cost of keeping it running was only a few hundred dollars a month, not much IMHO. Sadly, Feed never really got featured, promoted or integrated like other apps on XDA but it did have several hundreds of thousands of users. Even though it was relatively inexpensive to keep going, it still brought in 0 money for XDA as a company, so I kind of understand why they axed it. I just wish I'd been given a heads up, but I was working on other contract work at the time and didn't have much involvement.

The main issue is that the content was user submitted and managed by a moderation "team". Managing, maintaining and building that team is difficult and relies on the community. For most of Feed's life it was done by myself and 1 other individual and we weren't able to train and retain people to run the platform.

I still love the app and might just open source it at some point. The backend technically is still hosted and the database still exists, but there are no VMs serving anything so it just looks straight up broken. I also think they removed it from Play.

I'll bring it up w/ the others at XDA at some point but unfortunately for now it's defunct :(

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    Everyone knows what it's like to comb through the forums on a new device to find ROMs, kernels, apps and all the other customizations that come out of the community.

    It's a mixed bag! It's satisfying when you do find something that really appeals to you, but it's also frustrating because a forum just simply isn't the best platform to show off a lot of the modifications we use. A lot of great content, be it wallpapers, icon packs, themes or even homescreens get lost in a sea of text lists, acronyms and giant threads :p

    So we've come up with a way we think will help better promote, organize and support independent development in our community.

    It's called XDA Feed!

    Each device is supported by the community! You can contribute links to your favorite ROM, Kernel, Wallpaper, Thread, Homescreen, Icon Pack, Video or Article and help support your device with content.

    • Browse, view, download and share the best content on XDA for your device!
    • Custom built in Download Manager supports resuming cancelled/failed downloads
    • Filter out content you're not interested in
    • Star content you're interested in to look at later
    • Granular notification control: opt out entirely, batch notifications to certain time intervals and specify which content you want to see updates from
    • Dark theme
    • Suggest content for your (and any!) device
    • Leaderboard that shows top contributors!

    Did you know Feed content comes from the community? Find the 'Suggest to Feed' links in the app or visit https://feed.xda-developers.com and suggest a link to see that item show up in Feed!

    Interested in being part of the moderation and backend team? Send a PM to @blk_jack and we'll have a chat :)

    Stable builds - [Download from Play]
    Test builds - [Download from Labs]

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [OFFICIAL XDA][BETA]XDA Feed: The best XDA content made easy, App for the OnePlus 3


    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 0.31
    Beta Release Date: 2018-04-09

    Created 2017-04-07
    Last Updated 2018-04-17
    We're just about to launch a universal version of feed for all devices and a way for users and devs to submit and vote on content! Stay tuned for a test build very soon.

    Feed was mentioned in the last episode of AAA by XDA writer Steven Zimmerman! If you'd like to vote for Feed go here: http://www.strawpoll.me/13243399

    Community, contributions and questions

    Community chat
    Want to chat with the team or other Feed users? Want to help debug an issue?
    Join us on Telegram in the XDA Feed group!

    Help translate!
    Head on over to our page on good ol' CrowdIn to join in the fun!​

    Q: Why does this app exist?
    We all know there is a ton of cool stuff you can do to your phone, but navigating the XDA forums to find it all can be a bit daunting. This app is a curated "feed" of all that stuff you wish you knew about, so you don't miss anything.

    Q: Wait a sec...why are there multiple versions of Feed?
    This is deprecated and per-device builds will be removed soon. Make sure to grab the all devices version for the latest & quickest updates.

    Q: Why not just integrate this into XDA Labs?
    We wanted to separate the functionality of Feed because we have some very cool stuff planned for it. You'll see!

    General Limitations
    • Download History only shows items actually downloaded by Feed itself. Due to the Play Store TOS, this means Apps and Icon Packs are linked to and as such won't show up in Download history. We're not opposed to still including those downloads in the history, they just aren't there at the moment.
    0.28.5 is out on Play and Labs. Download links in OP. Thanks to everyone who's helped test beta builds on Labs.
    We're still working on improving the user submission tools so you'll see content you've submitted and voted on approved and in the app in the near future! Thanks for everyone's patience as we figure out how to best manage everything. <3

    • [tweak] Landscape feed list
    • [tweak] Pinned alerts instead of navdrawer item
    • [tweak] Suggest to Feed example + help text
    • [tweak] Network connectivity/error messages
    • [tweak] Update translations
    • [tweak] Add Japanese/Portuguese translations
    • [fix] Auth issue repeatedly popping up Login page
    • [fix] Remove low activity device notification
    • [fix] DB migration crash
    • [fix[ Video notifications showing when disabled
    We're live, folks! Anybody familiar with my threads knows the score. If not check out XDA Labs. Debug and testing builds will be up soon!

    Be sure to read all the OP posts to reduce duplicate questions! Hope you guys like this app and like I mention in the OP will hopefully be rolling this out to more devices in the near future! <3