Official [Xposed] Air Command Themer- by xperiacle

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May 16, 2012
Nashville, TN
Someone requested a Note 4 version of the floating theme, so I'm posting it here as well



  • N4Floating-signed.apk
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Jan 15, 2013
My problem is that xposed not working. :eek:
bootloop or not flash working.
My phone model Exynos version Note 4c - 5.0.1
What do I do? :(

Sorry for diction. :D:D

The download is in "zip" format. Unable to flash through recovery. Change the file extension to "apk" and install through normal package installer. Works for me.
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Sep 3, 2007
Albany, OR
I was using the Note 3 variation of this with no problems. I then switched to Sac's Note 4 port, the themes seems to be working fine initially, but eventually Air Command would just disappear, and I couldn't get it back. I recently wiped and reflashed and the same symptom appeared, but after deactivating the mod AC came back. Is it possibly because it's a Note 4 port that I need the N4 themer? Or do I need to flash the themes?


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Apr 22, 2010
Sorry to hear your adventures...but hey thats life
If only you can use Adobe for painting damage ...
Added 4 more themes on my thread my dear rush....
Be strong...maybe some ideas come on your water heater theme :D
Preview my theme
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Where can i find the apk for this theme, I've been searching like a madman for it,lol....

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    Here I'm releasing the official Xposed Module Air Command Themer for @xperiacle.

    It works just fine, but I haven't created any themes yet as the qmg to png converters that are available blow up the images. Once I find the right scale, themes will be forth coming. I wanted to make this available to Note 4 & DN4 users and other themers, so here it is:


    From the Original thread HERE

    Hello Folks,

    Well, I would like to share my experimental xposed module called AIR COMMAND THEMER. As the name suggests, it is a module to easily apply themes for air command without flashing, just installing themes like any apk. You can even sell your themes on the Play Store if you like. As it is an xposed module, it requires and runs on the Xposed Framework by @rovo89 so make sure you already have xposed working.

    Air Command Themer
    For themes, see post attachments below.

    REQUIREMENTS: Rooted Note 3, working Xposed framework and knowledge with activating xposed modules


    1. Download the module and install, activate in Xposed Installer. (don't need to reboot just yet)

    2. Install some themes. I made some sample themes below courtesy of our friend @sibinn. (I will post a HOW-TO on making apk themes later)

    3. Open Air Command Themer and make sure the installed themes are listed. Select and apply a theme.

    4. Reboot.

    5. Test. (For now, you need to do at least a soft reboot whenever you change theme. I am still trying to figure out how to do it without rebooting everytime)

    6. I would appreciate your feedback/opinion/suggestion so I can fix what is not working if I can and so I can make it better.

    GREAT COLLECTION OF THEMES - Thanks to @sibin & @FootSlave

    How to create theme apks:

    Themes are just normal apks with all the replacement images/pngs and with added meta-data : "aircommand.THEME" inserted in the apk's AndroidManifest.xml for the Themer app to recognize and load a theme.

    REQUEST: If you made a theme, I would appreciate it if you could share it in the forum for others as well. I myself am not a themer, so I could use some good themes.


    For noobs who don't know how to use apktool or similar tools, the simplest way to put your own designs/themes is open any of the pre-compiled themes with 7zip (don't extract, just open) and navigate to /res/drawable-xxhdpi or /res/drawable-xhdpi folder and replace the images/png files with your own. Of course, make sure you maintain the same filenames and also image size/resolution. And just install the theme like a normal app.

    Below I attached some pre-compiled themes. They all contain the same default theme and named numerically. Just download theme, pick any one of them and follow the noob instruction above. (About 10 precompiled themes for now but I will add more later).

    Pre-Compiled Air Command Themes Set 1

    Pre-Compiled Air Command Themes Set 2


    Requirement: Knowledge on how to decompile/recompile apks
    Tools: Apktool/ZipSigner or ApkMultitool or ApkManager, Notepad++

    1. Decompile any of the ready-made or precompiled themes.

    2. Open AndroidManifest.xml and edit the packagename. Make sure it is unique for every theme so there is no conflict when you install the theme.

    <manifest xmlns:android=""
        android:versionName="1.0" >
            android:targetSdkVersion="18" />
    My AC theme tutorials can be found via my signature (links there)
    HUGE thanks to [user=4948919]@xperiacle[/user] for his hard work & keeping us updated! 
    [COLOR="Red"]For Lollipop Roms, use the newest themer module attached (Note 4 Lollipop AC themer)[/COLOR]
    Thanks and Enjoy!
    Sience fiction:eek: NO please Lady A you are the master,please convert
    Im working now on something will see soon:highfive:

    Hehe :) You're silly sometimes. I dunno about a master lol, but I did the black metal one as some folks want it (I'll convert others as I have time. Can't wait to see your new theme)

    (I don't think people understand why I made transparent themes... I made them b/c I wanted transparent themes. I get that people want things a certain way, but I make themes cause it's a hobby. I'll take ideas and suggestions, but not orders lol)... at any rate, I don't mind converting yours, it's just more time consuming with note 4 (but I'll do it anyway).
    N4Glossy Aircommand version
    Credits to @sibinn
    Some transparent themes for you guys:



    The Punisher Theme
    all credits to @absinthesummer

    Press thank button for my effort pls;)
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