Ok to root or not to network unlock

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Justine AxonM

New member
Jan 27, 2022
ZTE Axon M
I guess that title didn't make sense probably because at my age, I'm lucky I know if it's day or night.
I graduated top of my class in 2000 by building my own pc with windows 98
That's my current that's not current tech skills.

For the last week , I've been determined to network unlock this brand new moto G I got for free. It's with T-Mobile and it's not stolen or anything. I just gotta be on there network 12 months.

Anyway I was looking into rooting and decided that's way far past my capabilities then accidentally downloaded this app 3 n 1 onlclick and I started clicking not realizing wtf I just downloaded or what'sy clicking clicks did.
I know I was on the startup section under network or whatever and . aftraid to reboot my this phone.

But my main question is. Can I actually carrier unlock by rooting?
Or tweek something that would me to be able to if so, I would need a reply in the language for dummies like me