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Feb 25, 2011
Hi cottula.Can u port stock rom of HTC One to HTC HD2?Do you know someone who do this?If you can please do it :) thank you in advance
Well I very highly doubt it. He's a great dev but nobody has even managed to get a fully functional Sense 4 port working so I don't think it'll be possible for Sense 5. Not only that, but cotulla doesn't do that sort of development AFAIK. He and his team work on the foundations which are essential to getting this all to work like HSPL and MAGLDR as well as creating the first base ROMs.


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Feb 25, 2011


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Apr 5, 2011
maybe will we see lite version of windows xp running without vm directly on hd2 XD


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Feb 12, 2014
So, my question is.. Will it be possible for my Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 to run Windows RT? I know, it's kinda awkward, because it's currently running on an UNIX-based platform.. But I've always been a fan of Windows desktop operating systems, and the RT is as close to that as it can get. So I really want to find a way to do this. Idk how I'll manage to implement the hybrid kernel first of all. So, if anybody got any ideas about this thing, it will be much appreciated.
Also, I apologise in advance in case I'm posting in the wrong place.


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Jun 10, 2010
Gorzów Wielkopolski
Nope, I'm not really up to date with HD2 development. Looks interesting, a lot more working on this port than on the last one by sbryan which is impressive. Nevertheless, it's taken ages and this is only Sense 4 on ICS (odd to think that ICS is soon to be two years old, eh?) and it's a fairly big jump to Sense 5 on JB.

take a look here. i did install it. And it works like a charm. Fast smooth like nothing else. Sense 4.1 on android 4.04

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    For now it's actually just a proof of concept.
    I honestly dunno how far it can goes forward; a lot of problems appear and not sure will be it's possible to solve them.
    And not only to solve them, but get an acceptable user experience :)

    It was implied as "a crazy experiment" at the start up time :laugh:

    For now it's implemented only few functionality like SD card, screen output, touch screen input.
    All other things are not working. I won't add "YET" it can be very hard to get some things to work.
    and DFT didn't yet decided about future developments in that direction.

    It's more of a, Microsoft you lied!! Kind of thing.
    they can be right also . . .I don't know yet.
    But NT is much more heavy system than CE. remember that.
    People are forgetting that Windows RT requires UEFI to even boot. If you noticed one or two of the screenshots you would see the UEFI MAGLDR which means that Cotulla/DFT have been able to emulate UEFI to get the image to even boot. So you would need a bootloader like MAGLDR to even do this and as I'm aware, most bootloaders these days are completely locked down now.
    Yes, it's very large work. We (DFT) started that project long time ago.

    Do you think that will be posible run Metro apps on Windows 8 RT for HD2? Resolution of HD2 is very poor and without metro app Windows 8 RT is less interesant
    Not sure. Hacks in the internet doesn't work. Display interpolation also bad in image quality as well in performance.
    Yes, it helps a lot of, but usually only answers to basic questions. Complex and the most intersting ones are usually always kept answered :(
    So, for what I understood, this might be the reason why all previous devices - including the Lumia 900 - won't get the WP8 upgrade. It just can't be done...
    Yes, it can be. All that NT is much more heavy.

    Actually I am looking only to LEO port - not enough resources for anothers.
    LEO has very well known environment for me as well tons of developed stuffs, it's a reson why it's possible.
    In case of another device it's clear start from zero. Too much work. Sorry :(
    It's now running from SD card. NAND is not assumed to be supported by any way
    (there is no native support for such storage medias inside NT, as well no goal to add such support - cuz NAND is too small for that purposes)
    But SD cards are not really fast . . . unlike eMMC with 8bit bus inside native WP8 devices.
    As well too often access to SD card may produce big power drain.