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[OLD] Rickys Rom Kitchen - New kitchen for all android versions available

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Nov 2, 2011

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    NEW RELEASE - Android Developer Suite
    Program is getting there, as you can see most is done, it will come with a new name, also its not implemented yet but there will an apk section for modifying apk files and jar files too
    the program is a full GUI
    comes with a build-in text editor
    ive made syntax highlighting for almost every file type thats stock in android
    there are multiple options in the properties tab
    theres a console output tab so you can see what the console output is, the directory log is updater you can not see exactly what you have change as you progress in your development
    finally there are not options to check your updater-script for possible errors and zip for flashing
    also ill be adding things like push rom to sdcard, try flashing with an ORS etc