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Omnia 7 WP7 updates

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Jun 19, 2009
So managed to get a replacement - and guess what? - same problem, bad bootloader once again!

Do any good Omina7 exists?? They won't let me change to a HTC Mozart (which is cheaper). Might have to get the USB jig thingy from eBay instead now!!

This is ridiculous!
I can't believe it. USB jig seems to be your last resort then. Once you do that, then just flash the latest EBOOT and PHONE modules from XXKC Rom available at Samfirmare, that way you will be able to change just the bootloader and the radio version only. Thereafter, you won't require no jig in future.


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Nov 19, 2009
I just used a jig and flashed the update fix from samsung. After that the update from microsoft finally worked :D. I'm running 7392 on my omnia 7


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Sep 16, 2008
The jig arrived and I updated my Omnia7 using the Update tool.

Connect to Zune and the March update is still not available. Do I need to do something else?

I've tried the 3second method but still no luck! What does a guy have to do to get the update! I'm hating Windows Phone!!
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May 1, 2007
Little Help

When NODO update was on the air, as Orange did not sent it fast, I updated my with a patch found on this forum to facilitate the update and it works fine, NODO update arrives.

But instead of Orange Logo I have now the T mobile logo and specific T mobile apps (they dont work because they check if SIM is from T mobile)

How can I cange that and come back to a frenco orange LOGO and more an Orange ROM ?


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Sep 16, 2008
Still no NODO update available. Yesterday I met someone with the identical phone on the Orange network and he received the update in May via Zune without any tricks etc.

Is there another way to get this update?
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    If the update - for whatever reasons - doesn't apply correctly:

    1) Don't worry, you will not lose any data
    2) Take a seat and read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2498092
    Not quiet true, unbranded (like mine) devices wont give a fig about what the carrier is doing, they go straight back to the Microsoft update servers, it just seems that the Omnia update is not released yet.
    nothing for me either im still on 7004 :S

    Ive rang T-Mobile, they said ring Samsung, So i rang them, Samsung said ring Microsoft lol, can anyone say passing the buck :S

    Would removing the branding work?

    As we've stated, if you debrand you will definitely get updated to 7008. However, as of yet, even unbranded Omnias aren't being updated to NoDo.

    Hi everybody! I just updated to WP7 NoDo (March Update) version 7390. Please be informed that my Omnia 7 is jail broken, unlocked but branded by Orange UK. I was able to get the Pre-Nodo 7008 using the same method which I had to for NoDo later.
    All my side loaded applications are intact and the phone unlock state persists.
    Following is a brief method to obtain updates.
    1. Make your phone ready for updates. (You may use Wifi or Data Connection on your phone to look for updates, please make sure that your phone is allowed to check for updates using the cellular data network).

    2. Download the pbk file from here (http://dawnrazrblade.blogspot.com/), this is in red font, so just click and save it.
    3. Run the pbk file and select Hungary PPTP, enter "demo" for both user name and password then hit connect.
    4. Connect your already turned off Omnia to your PC/Laptop. Zune shall start automatically.
    5. Make sure that you are connect to either, the wifi or the data network. Navigate to phone settings under zune, and then keeping your watch by the side hit check for phone updates from zune.
    6. Take the time reading when Zune displays that your phone is already upto date. Once again keep your time piece by your side check for phone updates again and just a few seconds before your previously noted time reading turn off the wifi or your data connection (which ever you are using during this process), and you would be prompted for the March 2011 update (Only in the cases where the phone has already been updated to 7008, otherwise you will get the update notification for February update 7008. However after repeating the while process you will also be able to update to NoDo).
    7. Before you hit the update button kindly disconnect the pbk connection which you had downloaded, and to do that just repoen the pbk and click hang up.
    8. Make sure that you have sufficient space (5 to 15 GB free space) on your hard drive.
    9. Hit the update now button, and there you are!!!
    10. (The boot loader version remains though so NoDo did not change that)
    Let me know your thoughts and responses.
    Aggiornamento disponibile: Aggiornamento di Samsung per Windows Phone

    Today I have received the following notification on ZUNE (see pict)
    "Aggiornamento disponibile: Aggiornamento di Samsung per Windows Phone"


    After upgrade, on my "SAMSUNG OMNIA7" "TRE ITA" now I see:


    PDA: I8700XXJK1 (was I8700XXJID)
    Phone: I8700XXJK1
    CSC: I8700HUIJK1 :) (was I8700HUIJID)
    Versione SO: 7.0.7390.0 :) (was 7.0.7008.0)
    Numero revisione firmware: 2424.10.11.1
    Numero revisione hardware:
    Versione software radio: 2424.10.11.1
    Versione hardware radio:
    Versione bootloader:
    Versione processore SOC: