OmniROM Android R (11) for Pi 4

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Feb 13, 2022
copy the boot image to /sdcard and install the Magisk apk with adb install. When you click the install for Magisk (in the app), it will ask where he can find the boot image. He will create a patched boot.img to copy over the real boot.img. That is the best of my recall. If it doesn't work, post back here.
but where is the boot.img?
Oct 17, 2010
Mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 and copy ramdisk.img to your /sdcard/Download directory. This is the image Magisk will patch and deposit a modified version in the /sdcard/Download directory. You will replace your original ramdisk.img you originally copied over. If you wanted to install the Magisk app via TWRP, feel free but I find the adb install of the apk from the we download easier than using TWRP.


Feb 13, 2022
Mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 and copy ramdisk.img to your /sdcard/Download directory. This is the image Magisk will patch and deposit a modified version in the /sdcard/Download directory. You will replace your original ramdisk.img you originally copied over. If you wanted to install the Magisk app via TWRP, feel free but I find the adb install of the apk from the we download easier than using TWRP.
But It failed,
Oct 17, 2010
I just found my notes. You need to combine the the "Image" and "Ramdisk.img" for Magisk.
apt install mkbootimg
mount partition1 somewhere
mkbootimg --kernel /<mountpoint1>/Image --ramdisk /<mountpoint1>/ramdisk.img --output boot.bin
mount partition4 somewhere
cp boot.bin /<mountpoint4>/media/0/Download/ (becomes /sdcard)


Jan 7, 2022
We are using a display on HDMI#0 with a touch-screen.
How to add a second display on HDMI#1 (without touch-screen) for display only applications (video, presentation, demonstrations...) ?



Mar 10, 2020
Do you have a guide for compiling only the kernel for OmniRom that can be transferred into the already built system? Is there a way to find out the kernel config for a current build? I can't find a kernel config or config.gz or similar anywhere else.
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Dec 21, 2013
Does overclocking the gpu work? i.e. gpu_freq=750.
Also there's a persistent notification that says:


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May 31, 2022
Hi all,
i'm new here and I need help, every time that I download OmniRoom for Raspberry Pi 4, when I try to burn the image with balena or with rpi imager I only get the boot 134 MB available to burn in the sd card. Where can I download an image file, or how can I fix the file downloaded?
Thanks for your help

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    Images taged with MICROG contain a pre-installed ready to use
    microG setup

    Images tagged with WEEKLY can be used to setup
    official Google gapps
    • 64bit build
    • Tablet mode configuration (not Android TV)
    • At least 4GB model recommened
    • No HW accelerated video playback
    • Mesa support for V3D is WIP so expect some graphic issues (especially on higher resolutions - HD 1920x1080 in general should be fine)
    • Support of booting from SD or USB by just changing config.txt (check README below)
    • GPIO support - monitor and set README.gpio
    • chrome (ium) is broken use alternative browser (firefox, edge)
    • for screen issues check
    • if you experience black bars connect to HDM1 or add disable_fw_kms_setup=1 to config.txt files
    • how to do updates? - check README.update
    Adjust screen resolution:
    To force a different screen resolution edit in /system/build.prop the line

    Remove the leading # comment and adjust to the screen resolution you want e.g.

    Make sure to also check the README.txt in there
    For questions please also use our official Telegram channel

    For current progress and how to build yourself check

    XDA:DevDB Information
    OmniROM, ROM for the Raspberry Pi 4

    maxwen, maxwen
    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Firmware Required: 64bit
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Created 2020-10-28
    Last Updated 2020-10-28
    The plan is to have about weekly builds - at some point it will be part of all the other OmniROM devices with regular weekly builds
    once the Android 11 cycle starts

    • Just a snapshot of the current state
    • Non microG builds will come later

    • WEEKLY and MICROG build

    • TWRP included
      Check new recovery section in README for all the details

      EVEN MORE IMPORTANT as posted before to get a working TWRP I had to disable userdata encryption for the moment
      that means IF you try to boot this with your old userdata you will get an unpleasent surprise. You must start with
      a fresh userdata partition (mkfs + tune2fs). You CAN (if you know what you do) create an backup BEFORE
      updating by using adb shell and e.g. create a copy of userdata on an external USB device and copy that back afterwards.

      But after all of that hassle from now on updating will be much easier since with TWRP you can create
      userdata backups on an external USB device very easy

      So going from this release an update could work like this.
      1) boot your current install into TWRP
      2) create an userdata backup on an external USB device
      3) flash the new build - you dont need to care about userdata
      just do whatever you always do with it e.g. resize
      4) boot new build
      5) go into Advanced settings and switch boot mode to recovery and restart
      6) in TWRP restore the backup you created before from external USB device
      7) flash and reboot system
      8) enjoy
    • add boot mode switch in Advanced settings
    • add audio output switch in Advanced settings
    • whatever has been done since the last build

    • fixed 5GHz WiFi AP
    • fixed Fondar USB touch screen
    • actual development

    • switch to new kernel base - big thanks to Konsta - with update to 5.4.77
    • update mesa to v20.2
    • initial work to support pi camera - not yet working but close
    • initial work to support gpio - IF you want to use gpio please contact me on tg cause I was too lazy to create a README for this yet
    • all core system updates and fixes

    • performance tuning
    • November security update
    • gpio support update
    • all core system updates and fixes

    • added gpioi-fan
    • cpufreq config in advancded settings
    • all core system updates and fixes

    • property persist.debug.drm.mode.force to adjust screen resolution
    • all core system updates and fixes

    • added disable_fw_kms_setup=1 to config.txt files. This should remove unneeded black bars for some screen when connected on HDM1. I did not see any problems on screens that have no issue with that anyway so I enabled by default. If you face issues remove line and report back please
    • enabled showing BT device battery level if applicable
    • all core system updates and fixes
    • Best Xmas wishes for those who care about it and looking forward to 2021

    • add WiFi firmware for p400
    • kernel update 5.4.85
    • add userdata resize and project quota enable script in TWRP
    • reduce dB of max media volume
    • all core system updates and fixes
    Is it possible to add magisk support?
    Thank You very much for answer. I thing problem is with resolution. Touch matrix working well. Do you know, how to setup RPi4 boot up resolution for 800x480? Screen type is DSI-1

    Hello, i have the same problem. I would like to use the Omni ROM with my RPI4 an the 7" Raspberry Touch Screen. Please add the option to your nice ROM.
    is there a changelog somewhere ? i see there is a lot of development at - but no changelog.
    I'd like to know if there is progress at USB-camera-support.