Omnirom / CM / AOKP 4.4.4 on Mini2 [FINAL // who takes over?]

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Apr 18, 2015
The last rescue

I have tried this rom and it doesn't works at all (tested on GT-S6500). I got stuck in a boot loop and after some tries to recover it I lost access to cwm recovery. I was looking for a solution and there is one for everybody who can go to the download mode but can't go to the recovery: Just flash it via Odin and everything works fine. (This will return the recovery back into normal. It doesn't deletes any user's data like music or photos, just overwrites all the system files)
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Nikola Gvozdenac

New member
Jun 21, 2016
Thanks a lot -.- Now when ever i want to set picture as walpaper my phone freeze than i have to pull out battery and put it again -.- I used several gallery apps but sti
ll same -.- Thanks a lot...

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Thanks a lot -.- Now when ever i want to set picture as walpaper my phone freeze than i have to pull out battery and put it again -.- I used several gallery apps but still same -.- Thanks a lot...

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    Please take in consideration:
    • The rom is tested on my GT-6500D. In theory it should run on similar devices, but as I cannot test and reproduce that, I cannot maintain for those
    • I am not responsible for any damage to your phone
    • It is my goal to bring omnirom to our device. Please donot ask for any features from other custom roms
    • Please donot mirror any of my downloads
    • For now, SELinux is disabled.

    Changes: 07-09-2014

    • My final contrib to this rom
    • Builds weekly on my jenkins
    • Switch back to jb_rel_2.0.3 kernel with gpu/ion/msm_fb updated till latest CAF
    • Switch to display-caf (credits @RonGokhale / TeamHackLG)
    • Sources for omni/cm and aokp (kernel + android) available on github
    • Kernelsources:

      Changes 01-04-2014
      • kernel upgraded to latest caf jb_2.5.5 (in kk_2.7 still have to fix minor issues)
      • button backlight working
      • fixed wifi tethering
      • latest omni sources

      Changes 02-02-2014
      • kernel upgraded to 3.4.78
      • kernel: bluetooth updated to caf jb_2.5.5
      • kernel: switch to ZCACHE / enable zram
      • EGL blobs updated to i8825 release from samsung
      • camera works (all credits to TheWhisp)
      • all updates/improvements from OmniRom (
      • more I must have forgot

      Not working:
      • FM Radio (will check if it can be implemented later)

      Known issues:
      • Lights for back and menu keys not working
      • For now, please only use ondemand governor. Others might make rom instable

      Important! From TheWhisps cm-11.0 thread:

      Additional information / resources:

      Change logs: see 2nd post of this thread
      Google apps:

      How to install:

      1) ClockWorkMod is required to install this ROM!
      2) Download ROM .zip
      3) Download Google apps (optional)
      4) Put both .zip files on your device (either internal or external storage)
      5) Boot your device into recovery mode
      6) Make nandroid backup (if needed)
      7) Wipe data/factory reset (not needed if installing above previous cm11 build)
      8) Format /system (only if the previous ROM is not the same CM version)
      9) Install the ROM .zip file
      10) Mount /system, install Google apps
      11) Done.

      Kernel sources used: In my Github account


      Downloads in second post

      XDA:DevDB Information
      Omnirom 4.4.2, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Mini

      erikcas, TheWhisp, legacyMod, Dazzozo && all omnirom contributors
      ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
      ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
      Based On: Omnirom

      Version Information
      Status: Stable
      Stable Release Date: 2014-02-02

      Created 2013-12-22
      Last Updated 2014-09-07
    Weeklies available on my jenkins <<<<==== click here

    md5: 833f036fe607cb6d2b51eebfa879bb6e

    md5: b981b8a40128f965be9211121c36feaf

    md5: 136b0b78c8d1fd609e5db758d822039a
    I installed the ROM with no issues but for some reason I am unable to install GApps, it's telling there is insufficient space available in System partition

    You will have to install minimal gapps

    This weekend I will release 4.4.3 omnirom with fully stable latest caf kk_2.7 kernel (3.4.92 linux version). Link to proper gapps will be added to first post then.

    Will try to fixup some additional open issues but cannot promise as the world championships soccer begun ??
    Hi sorry for late news. I have been ill for some days.

    I wanted to wait for omni to update to android 4.4.4
    And they just did :)

    Currently testing. If oke, release tomorrow night

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk
    Arthur. Stop spamming everywhere. You're the most annoying person on the internet I've ever seen. ION allowed to use updated GPU and OMX libs, therefore enabled us better performance in videos (including streaming) GPU blobs fixed major glitches in some apps etc. ION enabled to use LPA. And of course, there is a difference with ION, what did you expect? The phone suddenly running as fast as GS4? Use your brain sometimes, trust me, it is worth it :)
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