on the market for a new radio for 19 wrx

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Apr 10, 2021
im sure this has been asked many times but im on the market for a new radio for my 19 wrx.. last radio i bought was a sicane for a 14 corolla and then i found out that siecane was just a reseller. so im trying to finmd out more information this time before i get one.. who are the manufactures, and who are the resellers. im looking at joying but i saw that they are also a reseller unless my info was wrong. but just looking for best support and funtionality. and peferable able to keep factory reverse camera and wireless carplay. so if anyone can point me to a thread that lists manufactures and resellers that would be awesome.


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Nov 26, 2012
Units are not Android Auto.

Not an Android Auto, requested moderator moves to (Android head-units) forum.