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Onda V820W 8" Dual Boot (Win8/Android) 2/32GB Tablet

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May 28, 2008
No sound on my Onda v820w

Hi guys, really need your help, once I got stuck in the dual boot which got me stuck in Win OS while trying to go to the Android OS. Not sure what i did but finally manage to get back to the Android OS but realised that the sound is gone. I am not able to hear sound nor record sound. I really need this function to be on as I use it to record my meetings etc.

(P.S : I can get sound if I use Bluetooth but still can't record. Also I believe that in Win OS mode I am able to hear sound so it only effects the Android OS)

My current spec
Model number
V820w OualOS

Android ve,rsion

IFWI version

Kernel version
3.1 0.20-263389-ga2ba4 l 3-dirty
[email protected] #5
Wed Jan 28 23:21 :08 CST 2015

Build number
vl .O.O_v l

Any help is truly appreciated as I can't find any direct solution on the web.


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    Hi all

    I have this device since summer and i (almost) can only say good things about it. It's reasonably fast, screen is average but sufficiently bright, battery life is not a problem and dual boot is a crazy good feature. Plus, the construction is reasonably solid and it's clear this will not fall into pieces in short time, granted it is totally made in plastic. Android launcher from Onda is simple and lean, and in Windows 10 mode it's really fast. All in all, for the ~80€ that i had to pay for it i would definitey say it is a bargain.

    I have only one complaint, however. It boots always on the last active OS. There is no boot menu. This means, if in your last session you were using Windows and on your next one you want to use Android, you have to login to Windows first and then from within the OS make the switch. This is rather annoying, best would be to choose OS on the boot. I wonder if there is an option or a boot protocol i am missing to get this feature? Any ideas?

    Press power plus volume up on oppening it will ask you windows or android