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Jan 5, 2019
Nope. Im getting pissed. The ultra and the regular s21 got it and there is no one thats working on the + model
I believe that this year we will only have access to beta 2 or we can even test
Beta is already out in UK and South Korea, and so far we only have people with the Ultra and the Base model fetch the package for us. Ultra's dominated the sales, that's why the Ultra forums are a lot richer compared to the one we're here.

It's simple, we need someone with an Unlocked S21+ in UK to do the Beta apply, it's there, it's waiting for someone to grab it. If they release it in Germany, i'll make sure i share it here.
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Feb 28, 2016
Hi all

Wasn't sure which was the proper link.
Ive been on here for ages lurking and getting tips.
Thats mybthank you 👍👍
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