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Feb 18, 2011
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[AOSPA 4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 3.0 (Feb12) | Release candidate

[ROM] PARANOIDANDROID 2.54 | Per-App COLOR (newest PA invention), Dpi & UserInterface

Hey Fellas, I have made this as a counterpart sister thread to the thread at GNex forums.
Let's have some Paranoid Love for the beast, our S II.

I'll be hosting and sharing the goodies made for Paranoid Android ROM for S II.

Till now this just a placeholder for other stuff to come!

Will also include tips/tricks, General FAQs.

Mainly made for Paranoid users to share their screenies, graphic mods, wallies and all other paranoid stuff they can get their hands on!

Most importantly those awesome pad.prop settings which make your ROM cooler than mine! Share your settings and tweaks in making this awesome ROM more cooler!

Lets make this Database more Paranoid ;)

Yes, I'm not a Rec Themer or Dev, but a Contributor, so let's Share N Care! :D

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Apr 30, 2011
here is my homescreen i made for paranoid v1.6, but it also works on the newer versions ofcourse ;)

Its based on another homescreen for the galaxy nexus. But i edited it to my tasting and so it fits the galaxy sii!!

You can find all the files and apps i used on the website, including photoshop files so you can edit it to your liking!!

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