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One UI 2 // Android 10 is out!

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Blue cat

Senior Member
Aug 16, 2012
Is the system partition writable?
Firmware downgrade with odin possible?
Does Magisk and edxposed work fine?
Can anyone check all this out?
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Senior Member
Jun 19, 2015
Earth, for now
Is the system partition writable?
Firmware downgrade with odin possible?
Does Magisk and edxposed work fine?
Can anyone check all this out?
Yeah, I'm in no rush. I've tried out Android 10 on other devices and liked it, except for the utterly stoooooooopid way they f'd up recents!!!!, although I'm not sure about OneUI 2. Mainly, I still need to be able to use XprivacyLua, thus EdXposed, thus Magisk, so...


Senior Member
Jun 8, 2005
Question, I just got the Tab S6 (t-mo) variant, but have it running on a VzW mvno. I'm pretty sure I won't get any official updates so wanted to know if this update can be applied? I'm concerned because mine shows SM-T867 and this shows 865. I've done adb updates on other devices just not too sure on this since I just got it a few days ago.


Feb 3, 2006
Troon, Ayrshire
Is anyone able to share the zip file, I have been trying to download on frija for last 2 days. Download always stops halfway through or finishes prematurely.

Reset my PC and managed to get it all working.
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    just downloading One UI 2 update.
    Galaxy Tab S6 (LTE)
    March Security Patch
    T865XXU2BTC7 / T8650XM2BTC7/T865XXU2BTC7

    Just got my US WiFi update!

    OTA in USA update available
    Size 2343.01 MB
    Security patch level: March 1, 2020
    Here's the UK TD3 firmware on Sammobile. Instructions are on the same page (but there is no "CP" file to use when you flash):

    When flashing in Odin, I used HOME_CSC (and not the plain CSC), so it kept all my apps and data, and did not wipe everything. Using the plain CSC instead would have wiped everything.

    And still am not seeing any issues, for what it's worth.
    Got it last night, besides the pulldown menu in landscape mode I don't notice any difference. I use nova launcher with the Google news feed instead of the s launcher with the useless Bixby rubbish so I haven't seen any of those changes. It's nice and fast as always, but I really don't see any difference, nice to know I'm on the latest version though.

    The new stuff are no different than the update that got the rest of Samsung's devices up to 2.1, but there are a few new things for the Tab S6 that are worth updating:

    1- DeX works better with windows and much easier resize with mouse and keyboard (similar to Windows), and the window frame already matches the current theme, is not just white

    2 - You can now stop the pen button from opening the air commands. So you can make the most of applications that offer different button functions while drawing for example. The most useful of these, in my opinion is to avoid commands when accidentally pressed the button

    3 - The battery indicator can be stopped when the screen is off while charging

    4 - If you use GoodLock there are quite a few new features especially for the Android 10

    5 - The new side gestures are cool, but they only work with the default Samsung launcher, but if you use One Hand +. it's about the same anyway

    These are in generally small improvements but very useful