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General One UI 4 Beta program coming soon to Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3

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May 27, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Samsung Galaxy S6

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    I just discovered the first 2022 firmware for the Flip 3.
    So seems like we will get in Europe the OneUi 4 Update including January 2022 Patch.
    Yeah this is sad but at least we get a newer version with January security patch. But still every morning I have hope to find the update.
    EUX is now available!
    Being pissed here won't change anything. Go to Samsung Members app and start chatting with Samsung Support, being pissed over there. The more we do that, the better chance that the message will eventually find its way to the decision makers.
    Already BVA1 build in test ....
    Exactly. And damn I hope Samsung will release it asap.
    I check every afternoon also on Smart Switch because sometimes the firmware is 1 say before it's available OTA shown there.
    I guess we will get the BUL9 Build. A friend who has flashed BUL6 Build on his EUX Flip 3 told me the battery life ain't that great and that it was better on Android 11.
    Im on Serbian A12, no issues with battery life... same like on A11...
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    Well, at least some kind of clarity from the support ...
    I would really really _really_ not reccomend upgrading yet, my battery life went from good to HORRIBLE I have to charge 2x a day, galaxy max hz app doesn't work anymore, multistar and keys Cafe aren't ready yet, and samsung pay crashes over and over whenever I am on the home screen. The only benefit is slightly different animations and app layouts and my geekbench score jumped significantly, but the phone feels slower overall. Having weird keyboard glitches too, had to rewrite this post multiple times bc it kept deleting while I was typing
    A new firmware available in Korea. I think tomorrow or next week it will be available in Europe too.
    I really don't understand how you get I'm impatient? It seems to me your the type person who looks from arguments.... All I was doing was passing time and trying to start a conversation.