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How To Guide [One UI 4 Beta] (Snapdragon) S21 Ultra

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Nov 13, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Theres nothing shiny and new about oneui 4. Its even less of a change than windows 11 is. You know how you get an update sometimes and the only thing it says is security updates? Its like that.

I thought the same until seeing this interesting article, making the point that this is more a year of refinements for Samsung. That, in fact, most new features in Android 12 have already been offered by Samsung. It's more a year of Google catching up to Samsung than vice versa.

Great article-

One UI 4.0 is Samsung not fixing something that’s not broken
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Jun 20, 2009
FYI, I also have a mirror of all the beta OTA files released, with checksum files for everyone's convenience:

I will be keeping this folder up to date as the OTAs are made available, and it will always be a 1:1 mirror (no file renaming or editing, will always contain checksum for verification), and I'll also work on a nice summarised tutorial (for which I'd appreciate some help, as I only have a G998B, so if there's any unexpected differences between a B and U1 variant, I wouldn't know).
FYI if you have a phone converted to U1 from another carrier. Putting in a t-mobile sim will not work for joining the beta even if the device is sim unlocked
You need an international sim card that can change your sim simcard number to a specific number according to what country you pick.. lycamobile is the one i used so i know thatt can get the job done and you need to clear the data from members and galaxy store too after that.. then country related store and members will load up... if not change your ip with vpn too and clear data again

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