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    Did someone capture one ui 5.0 beta for A52
    Yes, I flashed it by changing by csc to INS and installing a zip. I went back to one ui 4.1 because I couldn't install Magisk without bootloop.

    Anyway, here are the steps (for A52 4g variant only):

    1. Download indian region ROM using Bifrost (Type model as SM-A525F and Region as INS)

    2. Flash the indian firmware files through odin.

    3. Boot up and do basic device setup.

    4. Remove the sim card to make sure samsung doesn't detect CSC using it.

    5. Follow this youtube guide to change CSC to INS now. Make sure to use SamFW FRP tool 2.8. If you use the latest version, it will fail. I downloaded this from

    6. Don't insert your sim card yet. If you do, phone will detect and change csc back.

    7. If you don't have a telegram account, open one and go to this message

    8. download the bin file and rename it to as given in instructions.

    9. Make sure you have adb installed in your PC. You can find hundreds of guides on the web.

    10. Move the file to the platform tools folder of your adb.

    11. If you have more than 80 percent charge, Turn off your phone. Connect your phone to PC with usb cable and press and hold the power and volume up keys until the recovery appears.

    12. Use volume keys to navigate and select ADB update.

    13. Launch adb cmd on windows and type adb sideload and press Enter.

    14. Wait for a while for the installation to complete. When it does simply reboot and done. One ui 5 installed. You can insert sim card now, phone will detect and change csc again, but you will still have one ui 5 installed.

    If anyone tries this and manages to install magisk, let me know. I tried many ways but it always led to bootloop. I got frustrated and went back to android 12 only for root.

    BTW, this update is not worth installing, very minor changes.
    He downloaded latest stable firmware and then flashed via odin tool
    İndirme modunda Odin aracılığıyla basitçe yanıp sönen stok bellenimi. Özel birşey yok
    Bu kılavuzu takip edebilirsiniz.

    Bellenim dosyalarını indirmek için farklı bir yazılım kullandı, ancak Bifrost'u (önceki gönderide bağladığım) kullanabilirsiniz. Temel olarak, AP dosyasını telefonunuza kopyalamanız, magisk uygulamasını yüklemeniz ve ardından AP dosyasını yamalamanız gerekir.

    Ardından, AP dosyasını PC'ye aktarın ve telefonu indirme moduna getirin. Ardından, normal olarak BL, csc ve diğerlerini seçin, ancak AP için orijinal AP'yi değil, magisk yamalı dosyasını seçin. Bu kadar. Her şey videoda gösteriliyor.

    Videoyu anlayamıyorsanız, youtube'da samsung'a magisk nasıl kurulur araştırın. Yüzlerce video bulacaksınız.