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Canuck Knarf

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Dec 19, 2015
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OnePlus 10 Pro
So guys there is so much great help here and even though I follow it to the letter I get to this point
and when I reboot it just goes into a continual loop.
Have tried 2 different payload.bin files.

Anyone else experienced this and how did they resolve it?
I flashed my oneplus 10 pro with the oppo CPH 2305 payload to see if it would work. It did but i didnt have Wi-Fi setting.
I flashed it back to oneplus android 12 using fastbootd enhance, but it was stuck in boot loop.

Well this what I did and worked for me . I used python and android 12 payload file . got the boot file from it. Flashed boot file to both A/B using Adb / fastboot commands . Opened up fastbootd enhanced flashed the payload file . Thats what worked for me...give it a try... it might work for you.
Oh before you do all that try switching slots. i see your on B ...change to a and reboot it ...see if that works.
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    Can you guide me how to do it? I never did this flashing.
    1. install ADB 1.4.3 drivers on your PC
    2. also you would need the zip fille of the OP10pro Rom , fastboot enhance
    3. enable OEM unlock and USB debugging on phone
    4. connect phone to PC
    5. in the adb folder on the PC which usually is in c drive shift + right click in empty space and open powershell window
    6. check status of device using command " adb devices "
    7. then "adb reboot bootloader" now phone will go into bootloader
    8. if the above command gives waiting for device then you have a driver problem , to fix that issue i had to install oneplusPC drivers
    9. also you would have to disable driver signature enforcement steps
    10. once that is done , you will be unlocking bootloader with the command " fastboot flashing unlock "
    11. the phone would ask you to unlock and using volume keys to select and power to accept
    12. once phone is unlocked, it will wipe everything and load up the phone as brand new color OS , if you like finish the setup and once again enable dev options , usb debugging ( phone might as for allowing usb debugging later ,please accept )
    13. now just like before enable bootloader through powershell in the adb folder
    14. now once that is done ,extract the OP10 pro rom and copy the payload.bin somewhere
    15. now open fastboot enhance and make sure the phone is detected
    16. there will be a button that will enable phone to go into fastboot from bootloader in the app
    17. once that button is pressed you phone should go into fastboot mode with few options like wipe ,restrart and power off
    18. no need to press anything on the phone , just click on flash payload.bin in the fastboot enhance app
    19. it might give you a warning to delete .cow files in the temporary partitions, in that case click on the partition tab and scroll through the file names and identify the files ending in .cow and delete them one by one and after that click flash payload.bin once again .browse and select the payload.bin that you had extracted previously and its done ,
    20. wait for the loading bar to finish and your phone will start loading the oneplus icon and once all install is done should come up as a usuall setup phone
    21. enjoy . hope the explanation makes sense
    22. later for googlepay to work just open powershell in the adb folder and identify device and lock bootloader by using command "fastboot flashing lock "
    23. also re-enable driver signature enforcement on PC so that your online games using anti cheat works or you won't be able to play those games again . using
    24. 1 Open an elevated command prompt.

      2 Copy and paste the command you want to use below into the elevated command prompt, and press Enter. (see screenshots below)

      (enable driver signature enforcement - DEFAULT)
      bcdedit /set nointegritychecks off
    I didn't anything. I'm scared because have a lot parts and I'm really don't know what I need to do. Have a some commands that I have never seen that before.

    I also have the Chinese Version NE2210 and flashed it with the EU ROM, follow these steps

    1 - Download and install the Oneplus drivers OnePlus 10 Pro Drivers
    2 - Download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot Minimal ADB and Fastboot
    3 - Enable the Developer option, USB Debugging, and OEM Unlock
    4 - Allow USB Debugging, Tick the box "Always allow from this computer" if you do not see this message then disconnect and reconnect USB cable


    5 - Open Minimal ADB and Fastboot and run the command - adb devices
    If you see a device then the phone is connected, if not then repeat step 4.

    6 - Once the phone is connected, run the command - adb reboot bootloader
    The phone will load into bootloader -
    Type in - fastboot devices - To Verify the connection. The phone should be in this state


    7 - Now you need to unlock the bootloader, type in - fastboot flashing unlock


    Use the volume button to highlight and use the power button to select the UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER option.
    8 - Once the bootloader is unlocked, repeat step 6

    9 - Download and open Fastboot Enhanced, select Reboot to Bootloader option

    10 - Once in the bootloader, select the Flash Payload.bin and select the payload file from the ROM that you downloaded.

    If you get this error message, then select no and delete the cow file from the partition

    Filter by cow and delete all the files ending with cow


    Once you have deleted the cow files, flash the payload again. This will take around 10-15 minutes.

    After the flashing is completed click on Reboot to System, The phone will boot into OxygenOS.

    I followed these 2 tutorials:

    Written Tutorial - Skip steps 5,6 and 7

    YouTube Tutorial
    ✧ Oxygen OS 12.1 A11 IND full

    • Link 1 : Here
    • Link 2 : Here

    ✧ Oxygen OS 12.1 A11 EU full
    • Link 1 : Here
    • Link 2 : Here

    ◆ Instructions :
    • Unlock bootloader : fastboot flashing unlock
    • Flash payload.bin via fastbootD Here

    ✧ Color OS 12.1 A.15 full OTA : Here
    Anyone successfully flash a 12g/512g model?
    me, flash follow the step and reboot without any issued so far
    ✧ Oxygen OS 12.1 A11 IND full

    • Link 1 : Here
    • Link 2 : Here

    ✧ Oxygen OS 12.1 A11 EU full
    • Link 1 : Here
    • Link 2 :

    ◆ Instructions :
    • Unlock bootloader : fastboot flashing unlock
    • Flash payload.bin via fastbootD Here
    eu link is android 11 test version
    IND works good