Question OnePlus 11 Unlock bootloader/msm tool/custom rom

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Apr 1, 2013
Kitchener Ontario
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Apr 1, 2013
Kitchener Ontario
here in the forum it was already described that some could fix it by unlocking and locking the bootloader several times
lock the bootloader only with full stock (no rood or any other mods)
That will wipe all my apps right

I tried to change or enter a SIM card lock pin but it keeps saying wrong pin you have 2 tries left. I didn't enter one to begin with. You know anything about that


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Jun 29, 2017
OnePlus 11
with a locked bl you can not flash
and no msm tool here for op11 (only for service center with Auth.
and for flash over msm you need the edl driver
send your or to a service center
I bricked my OP11 and desperately need MSM : (

BL is locked, it stuck in a bootloop to recovery mode

PC can't detect the phone.

I couldn't get back to FASTBOOT with pressing physical key. Please help!

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    Msm is dead since oppo took over oneplus
    I'm able to boot into Hello screen, but system hang and reboot in few seconds.
    any chance to save it?
    I tried 10000 times to finish setup in seconds and enable usb debug.
    Finally works now...
    p.s my finger is faster than a vibrator now
    Nope all can unlock the bootloader
    Oem unlock in rhe system enabled and last android platfrom tools used ?
    Yes, I am using the latest version of platform tools and the OEM UNLOCK is ticked on in the settings.

    fastboot devices will list my devices but the fastboot flashing unlock gives me the info menu.

    UPDATE: I had to delete the adb and android folder from my hard drive root folder and everything works now.
    Hello brothers!
    I'd like to know more about unlock bootloader, msm tool and about custom rom.

    Does oneplus give us the ability to unlock the bootloader?

    Is it possible to create a msm tool for it? I know that oneplus 10 pro had a problem with it...

    As a oneplus 8/8 pro, 6T, op5, op3 and op1 user I always liked the fact that these were perfect phones for development. oneplus gives us such an opportunity at all now? My question is because I haven't seen it on op10pro...

    I hope someone can answer these questions and we can talk about it together.

    Best regards zelos156 aka zeusgod
    I thought they found a workaround for msm tool in the coding I may be wrong
    There is fastboot enhanced which doesn't save you if you hard brick and can't get into fastboot flashing mode(not stock bootloader). Chinese users say there is a flash tool but nothing has surfaced yet. A dev who was trying to make it work for a cease and desist message from oppo