Oneplus 3 or note 5?

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Sep 26, 2016
I'm currently using note 5......I wish to change my can any one tell which is the best phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or oneplus 3 ? Pls tell me soon which is the best smartphone?


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Dec 18, 2010
Make up your own mind...posting this in the op3 forums is mostly pointless...

We know nothing about how you use your phone or what you look for in the 'best' phone


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Nov 24, 2010
I'm gonna say Note 4 > OP3 > Note 5.

I have switched back to Note 4 as a daily driver over OP3. The reason is that the Note 4 is just everything that I want in a phone. My modded Note 4 gets 78k on Antutu which is good enough for my needs. My OP3 on FreedomRom gets 144k but it just doesn't compare on features. I didn't realize how much I really miss battery swap, Infared remote, and the health monitor is really handy. My OP3 is now just a project device that I can tinker with easily.

The Note 4 can connect to wifi at 866mpbs while the max the OP3 can manage is only 433mpbs due to the limitation of the wifi chip on the OP3. I have a huge FLAC music library and it's much easier just to pop in the micro-SD card and manage the music than connect the phone to manage.

Lastly I think the screen on the OP3 is not bad but the Note 4 is better. OP3 is pretty good phone except the radio signals are weak, constant drops outside can be annoying when you need to stay in touch.

Overall not a bad phone, it's better than the Axon 7 that I've had for a month. It's another good spec but bad execution phone.

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