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May 5, 2011
Ordered around 4pm EST Canada with an estimated shipping Jun 22nd and delivery Jun 27th. Model Midnight Black 8GB/128GB. Looking for a cheap case as it comes with a pre-installed screen protector. Felt the OP sold cases were too expensive and would rather a clear backed one that I can customize like my current Spigen case.


Jul 29, 2010
23rd to Spain too.
I was wondering if the delivery date was just a generic one. But seeing how it's being delayed for some maybe is accurate.
Anybody knows if they're shipping straight from China?


Jul 10, 2014
I've ordered 2 for me and partner.

In the UK and it says estimated dispatch day 22nd and estimate day to arrive at 26th.... Feel ripped off :(

Why? Did you have to pay for shipping? No, then what is the problem?

Hawaii, may arrive June 23rd. :)


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    . Does anyone know of a way to check DHL for a package by address, no tracking number?

    You can use your OnePlus order number (OPS0367XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) on this page:

    Put your order number into the reference field and set the first date to the 21st (but maybe also try the 22nd). This worked for my delivery to Germany.
    The cases are back in stock on the website btw

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    Chat started on 22 Jun 2017, 10:17 AM (GMT+0)
    (10:17:21) *** XXXXX XXXXX joined the chat ***
    (10:17:21) XXXXX XXXXX: Hi, I ordered OP5 128GB 5min after press conference. I got info about shiping yesterday, but it's still processin and it's already 22nd. Is it still arraving tommorow? It was supposed to be "get it before everyone else" but here in Poland many people already own one from Berlin.... So so so. My Shiping is "PriorityGB", I also took early bundle with accesories. My number is Order Number: OPS0264327817062XXXXXX
    (10:17:28) Customer Service: Thanks for contacting OnePlus Customer Support, please wait a moment while our agents attend to you.
    (10:18:23) Customer Service: Hey there! sorry to keep you waiting but it looks like all of our chat agents are busy at the moment. We thank you for your patience and we'll be right with you as soon as the next agent is available.
    (10:23:22) XXXXX XXXXX: hmm
    (10:37:09) *** Honey joined the chat ***
    (10:37:23) Honey: Hi Bartosz.
    (10:37:32) Honey: Sorry to keep you waiting, .This is Honey from OnePlus Customer. I'd be happy to help.
    (10:37:32) XXXXX XXXXX: Hi
    (10:37:50) Honey: I understand that you want to know the status of your order. Let me find that out for you.
    (10:39:12) XXXXX XXXXX: Also, on the sidenote - what was the deciding factor for the shiping time. Ordering time or destination?
    (10:39:39) XXXXX XXXXX: There are some people from PL which will get their devices today, and they ordered long time after I did
    (10:39:58) XXXXX XXXXX: Or this is because I ordered the bundle aswell?
    (10:40:30) Honey: Thank you for that question, Bartosz. About that, yes that would maybe the factor why your order is still processing. But you can be assured that your order has already been processed.
    (10:41:33) XXXXX XXXXX: Than why there haven't been update on the website where my order is shown hmm..
    (10:43:16) Honey: Probably, Bartosz. Upon checking your order, it seems that your order is still processing. This means that your order is still in process in our warehouse. I understand that you want to have your phone as soon as possible. Once your order will be completed, our ware house team will hand over your device to its courier which is DHL.
    (10:46:16) XXXXX XXXXX: Will this happen today?
    (10:47:44) XXXXX XXXXX: Also - can you tell me if accecosrry bundles are in Poland? As I'm in north part of Poland, and shipment is saying PriorityGB, that this mean GreatBritain?
    (10:47:52) Honey: About that, Bartosz. Once your order will be completed, they will hand it over to the courier. I'm afraid that this will not happen today. I hope you understand.
    (10:48:11) XXXXX XXXXX: Maybe this could be forwarded for Polish wearhouse
    (10:48:35) XXXXX XXXXX: I already sold my device, Im not without the phone at all.
    (10:49:08) XXXXX XXXXX: On the website there was stated clearly "1-3days air delivery"
    (10:49:35) XXXXX XXXXX: *I am without the phone*
    (10:49:59) XXXXX XXXXX: So by the all signs you mean it will dispatch on Friday, with a deliver on Monday than?
    (10:50:05) Honey: I understand that you want us to forward this to our Polish Warehouse. However, I am afraid that we don't have an option for that. But, you can be assured that your order has already been processed. I hope you understand.
    (10:50:07) XXXXX XXXXX: or will it be even later than that
    (10:51:26) Honey: Once our system updated the status to "Complete" your order will be handed to its courier. I hope you understand.
    (10:52:02) XXXXX XXXXX: You've already told me twice that : It was already processed" and twice that "it is still processing"...
    (10:52:11) XXXXX XXXXX: read through your answers please.
    (10:55:09) Honey: Yes, Bartosz. What I meant that, your order is now being processed. I hope you understand.
    (10:55:35) XXXXX XXXXX: Sadly I do.
    (10:56:08) XXXXX XXXXX: Well it seems both of us we can't do anything just wait.
    (10:56:36) Honey: I understand your part, Bartosz. If I were in your shoe I would feel the same way. However, this is something we don't have control of. I hope you understand.
    (10:56:45) Honey: Yes, Bartosz.
    (10:56:48) XXXXX XXXXX: I hope my sad face will turn into smile once I get it on Monday.. I hope no later.
    (10:57:37) XXXXX XXXXX: Esspecially that I could go to Berlin to get one with a train in like 5-6h
    (10:57:45) XXXXX XXXXX: and have it already in my hands.
    (10:57:56) XXXXX XXXXX: ok, thanks for your help.
    (10:58:59) Honey: Hopefully, Bartosz :)
    (10:59:04) Honey: Thank you for confirming.
    (10:59:10) Honey: An automatic survey will pop-up on your window when you click the "Option > End this Chat" button on the lower left corner of the chat screen. It is just a 1 question survey that will let you rate me and the service I have provided to you today. We appreciate your feedback. Thank you and Never Settle. You may now close the chat box. Have a great day ahead! Bye for now.
    (10:59:13) *** Honey left the chat ***
    (10:59:16) *** XXXXX XXXXX has rated the chat Good ***
    (10:59:16) *** XXXXX XXXXX has commented: Hoeny tried her best to tell me something I wouldn't like. I don't blame her, she just does that hard work of hearing mad people and trying to convince them that not getting your phone on time, isn't acctually the end of times. ***
    (10:59:18) *** XXXXX XXXXX left the chat ***
    USA, PA.. Delivered today. I ordered 2 of them. And I'm not even home to get them..
    fake. updated delivery date April 10th. good try dude
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