OnePlus 5T and Verizon Questions

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Feb 4, 2018
I'm planning on getting a new phone in a couple months, and for what I want out of a phone, the OnePlus 5T seems absolutely perfect (only only or two generations behind, headphone jack included, no notch, AMOLED screen, unlockable bootloader, amazing LineageOS support). However, my carrier is Verizon, and I read there are compatibility issues with this phone and Verizon. From what I've read, the issue is that bands B13 and BC1 are not supported. It is not feasible for me to switch carriers.

If I were to go ahead and purchase the 5T and attempt to use it with Verizon, what issues would I face? What does this mean in terms of coverage and speed? It's not a big deal if I'd drop to 3G in rural areas, but would there be instances where I'd lose the ability to call and text? And would Verizon simply refuse to activate the phone? Are there any other considerations I'm missing?