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OnePlus 6 LineageOS 18.1 high battery drain (sleep prevented)

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New member
Jul 3, 2021
Hello fellow op6 fans,

I'd normally get ~3h screen-on time with a full charge, but a few month ago it suddenly dropped to ~1h (LOS 17.1 at that time). I waited it out until Lineage OS 18.1 came out and installed it following the instructions (no clean install). This fixed the issue, but 2 weeks later again it suddenly drained the battery very fast again. That day I did not install a LineageOS update and I think no new apps either. I recognized that the battery drain would be back at normal when I turn off my wifi over night. It seems that my device is somehow prevented to get into sleep modes.
Currently I am loosing ~20% in charge every night (with wifi, BT, GPS enabled). The stock android battery view in the settings doesn't show any particular demanding app or wifi or other services drawing lots of power.
I honestly have no idea where to begin fixing this or what kind of tools I need to track this down. I'd really appreciate it if someone would help and walking me through the process of debugging this.

Thank you guys in advance!