Oneplus 6 phone not starting

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Jun 27, 2022
Hey guys, hoping someone with more knowledge then me can help me out here. I tried to install a custom from and may have bricked my phone as at the moment when it starts it just goes to a menu screen which has some options on it like wipe data and cache, advanced and exit. I can reboot to fastboot but cant go into recovery anymore. So this is what I did:

  1. I did the adb OEM unlock
  2. installed TWRP
  3. then downgraded to oxygen 10.3.11 with the stock rom
  4. then decided to upgrade to havoc android 11 and installed the from but there were too many issues
  5. so I decided to go back to my oxygen rom. went into twrp reset the device and it went into a boot loop
  6. At this point I could go into recovery so I mounted a USB drive and flashed the stock Oxyegn OS 10.3.11 again
  7. Now I cant go into recovery anymore and the phone does not start up other than into the menu mentioned above.

Can I get some advice please on the steps I need to do to get my phone working again


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