Oneplus 6 Qualcomm crash dump "device state locked"

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Jul 22, 2021
OnePlus 6
Can anyone here help me how to fix my oneplus 6 8/256gb a6003 device? Is there any way to reflash unlock bootloader on my device even my oem unlock is locked? My phone is stock rom no any modifications made.


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May 25, 2013
OnePlus 6
like many even i too ugraged my op6 to oo11.1.1.1, rooted was running well for a week till i encountred face crash dump mode error

Stupid thing i did was instead of flashing fastboot oos 10.3.8 i tried to flash msm 10.3.8 which didnt solve crash dum and also locked my BL.
now nonof the msm could solve crash dump nor we can unlock BL bz we cant toggle OEM in Dev option,

i discussed with @L0ND0NB0Y regarding this, his suggestion would be to take a backup of oos10.3.8 config partation of a working rom, then use edl to flash it on affected op6, by that way we can unlock bootloader and flash fastboot rom.
we need to fide a working op6 and back config which @L0ND0NB0Y can guide us. if it works he ll creat a post to solve crashbump and BL locked issue.

if this wont work, we may need to wait for msm oos11 file.

update : managed to solve crash dump by flashing msm international 5.1.5 but ended up getting black screen with white notification light, if my op6 had BL unlocked all i had to do is to boot stock/twrp recovery and factory wipe.


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Dec 16, 2016
same issue here my oneplus 6 is in crash dump mode and boot loader is locked msm tool not working
is there anything new that can help please


Jun 1, 2014
Why does a locked bootloader phone go into crash dump mode.? I'm on oneplus 6 oos 11 open beta 3, wondering whether I should move to stable 11.1. 2.2