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OnePlus 6T Won't Boot After Unlocking Bootloader

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Mar 18, 2021
In my attempts to flash LineageOS to my OnePlus 6T, I have 1) unlocked OEM in the developer settings, 2) booted into fastboot, 3) ran fastboot oem unlock, confirmed a disclaimer that data on the phone would be wiped, and let the phone do its thing. It booted regularly and showed me a first-time setup screen. I then shut it down to boot into fastboot again. But, it has decided that it won't cooperate.

I really have nothing else to go on, maybe just that fastboot oem unlock finished in 0.038s, before I confirmed anything on the phone. The host is a Ubuntu 21.04 machine and the phone is running a manually installed update to Android 11.

My oh my what have I gotten myself into. Please help.

EDIT: This is not a boot loop, all I get is a black screen. The phone used to vibrate when plugged into power, it doesn't even do that anymore.
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