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Oneplus 7 pro warning!

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Dec 9, 2015
I had one. It's dead. It is NOT water proof/resistant/anything when the front popup camera is up.

My camera was up while I was on a video call. It started raining. Phone was in light rain for a minute with the camera up. An hour later it shutoff. DOA. Never to work again.

I contacted Oneplus to get non warranty repair done since I knew water damage wasn't covered.

I got an automated number issued two weeks ago by the OP support server. I never got a follow up address to mail the phone to. I figured it was a mainboard and/or display board. I figured my cost to repair it would be at minimum $400. I paid $550 Dec. 2019 as part of a Black Friday deal. Not worth it to me to wait months for a phone to get repaired and not have piece of mind about the longevity since it was water damaged. I decided to trash the phone. I opened it up before I did it. It was in fact water through the popup camera landing on the mainboard connector that goes to the display. It would have been $400 for sure.

When I had the camera open I looked at the design. At the bottom of the camera is attached a rubber gasket that moves with the camera. The camera moves inside a tube. There is a molded lip at the bottom of this tube. This gasket is compressed when the camera is down. When the camera is up and if new this gasket would likely prevent water from entering easily. I used my camera 10 times a day for the last 4-1/2 months. I believe the soft gasket material was worn on the sides and it no longer sealed water when up.

I just wanted all my Oneplus 7 Pro peeps to know that if you have that cam in the up position expect to fry your phone if you get water around it and your phone is less than brand new.

After doing some evaluating of my useage and what I really wanted and needed I went with the new Samsung Galaxy A71. The phone specs are high-midline. I paid $379 for mine. It does have a flat screen which I prefer over the rounded one on the OP 7 Pro. It has an earphone jack. It has 4 cameras and all take better photos then the OP 7 Pro with Pixel mods(and 8 Pro for that matter). The screen is a lower resolution but still HD and I don't think you could see the difference in resolution with the naked eye. The color and contrast is better. The brightness is a LOT better. I can see this phone easily in full sun on a clear day. The phones fingerprint scanner sucks....I thought....and then I found Settings\Display\Touch Sensitivity. There is a switchable option to increase sensitivity for screen protectors. I did that and then recalibrated the scanner and now it works great! The battery is only 4500mah BUT I played with the phone all day yesterday and when I went to bed I still had 65% battery. This phone is a LOT better with battery useage for some reason. I played Forza Street and the framerate is buttery smooth with great graphics. Samsung's drivers are just a lot better and the overall phone is much more responsive than the OP 7 Pro. The last thing I will say is that when I video chatted with the OP 7 Pro the quality was sometimes very good but mostly average. I would get "poor internet" or "reconnecting" messages several times a day in Whatsapp and Duo. I finally was forced to use my Data and disable wifi and that helped with disconnects but the call quality was average. When I am in my home I normally can download at 50 to 100MB and upload at 30MB over cellular. Well I have been blown away with the A71. No more disconnects and with wifi or cellular the calls are razor sharp. It literally looks like 4K in comparison and the frame rate is butter smooth. My big concern is why did the OP7 Pro perform so poorly? Was it just poorly programmed drivers OR did the Chinese government route all my data through there computer systems via a hidden piece of hardware? I have changed all my login info for important accounts including email addresses just to be safe. Oneplus is not going to be an option with me anytime soon.

So....Off I go to the newly hatched Galaxy A71 section.

Best of luck to all of my friends from Oneplus.

I honestly feel like I was ripped off by Oneplus. They have all the high specs at a great price but the cameras were mediocre and the rest of the things are pure marketing gimmicks. This Galaxy A71 is better and it had no water ratings. That's not a negative. The ONLY phone I have ever had that has failed for me is the OP 7 Pro. The rest have survived. I just treat them like they are electronic devices and keep them dry and no problems.

A71 Samples. Straight out of the camera.
1. Macro

2. Main camera

3. Selfie camera cropped

4. Selfie camera with depth effect cropped

I'll follow up with the depth camera. I have no idea how it works but I think it literally is taking 3D data from time of flight infrared/laser and applying it to images shot with the main camera. It has a nice Bokeh effect and AFTER the image is in the camera you can click anywhere on the image and move the focal point and subsequent Bokeh effect. It's a great feature.

Here's a web based comparison of the A71 vs Oneplus by pro's.

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