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OnePlus 7T HD65BA OxygenOS Patched Magisk/Boot.img

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Jul 25, 2010
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Aug 24, 2018

Sorry for the delay. Here you go.

Magisk patched:


Otherwise I cannot update as I need root from my usage...
If you already updated to Android 11 and rooted your device, you can easily update to the newer revs and keeping your root access. Check here how to do that.
A usefull tool for the updates (if you did not know it yet): https://oxygenupdater.com/

By the way: Is there a ways to patch the boot-image myself? How to extract it to let Magisk Manager do the job? :unsure:
Actually yes. I'm doing the same way like you mentioned. I'm using Payload Dumper to get the boot file from the image. You can find the details here.
When you got the needed boot.img file you can simply "ask" magisk to do the job for you:
- Select Magisk install in the app
- Choose "Select and Patch a file"
- select the boot.img you want to patch
- click "let's go"

Hope I could help.
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