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ONeplus 7t pro problems (thinks its a oneplus 7t not pro)

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Sep 4, 2017
I am sorry for creating so many posts, this is the real one, ignore all others. Admin can remove if you whant to.

This is what ive done. I tryed to install magiskt on my opneplus 7t pro, but it fgailed. SO i flashed a new image, and now when it boots it thinks its a oneplus 7t (not pro)
The phone is model HD1913.
I have tryed to use the msm tool, but it says its the wrong device.
The msm tool i downloaded was from here:

The post says it shuld support my model.
Shuld i try to flash a fastboot rom with the right model version, then use the msm tool?

Any ideas are welcome! pelase help me, i really love this phone.


Apr 9, 2018
bruh to me it sounds like you are really confuzled. all you need to do is download the correct version of msm downloader for your phone get its drivers installed with the correct .ops firmware,
turn off your phone hold vol up and vol down with the phone disconnected from pc, while holding vol buttons for 5 sec+- plug in phone to pc and flash