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Jul 27, 2021
OnePlus 8
Д you have link to oxygen 13 cbt or color os 13 cbt for OnePlus 8
This is the close beta zip for OnePlus 8 ColorOS 13.0.0 F.06, which is the latest version.
Added the following files to the OP:
- OOS 12: C.21 (global), C.21 (IN delivered to OOS 11 users), C.35 (EU, IN), C.36 (all regions), C.35 downgrade zip (IN) and C.36 downgrade zips (EU, global)
- OOS 13: F.10 (OOS 13 IN OBT 1), F.12 (OOS 13 IN OBT 2), F.13 (all regions) and F.15 (EU)


Aug 18, 2013
Disregard, I solved my own issue here.

Does anyone have the C.36 (EU) zip? I need IN2013_11.C.36_1360_202210310935" but this thread has "IN2013_11.C.36_1360_202210171428".
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Please link for stable full IN 2015_10.1.0.513(EX01) ? The full zip
Unfortunately, the IN2015 Global variant uses the Google OTA servers since OxygenOS 11, thereby preventing from getting full zips on the basis they're rarely delivered (typically only for major Android upgrades). I have just checked, and as of writing the latest full zip delivered is F.62 one, that is already present in the OP.

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