OnePlus 8 UW IN2019 sim unlock indicator

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Aug 29, 2011
OnePlus One
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For the Verizon variant, I cannot find the sim unlock status under phone information or network information, and there isn't an sim-unlock app that can confirm the phone's status. I tested the phone to be working on T-Mobile network/5G with a T-Mobile sim card and placing a test call to a real number. However I am still unsure if the device is sim-unlocked without further testing or unlocked indication. If someone can point me to the right direction to get that information.

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Apr 19, 2014
Verizon is a CDMA provider it’s not like AT&T or T-Mobile and Verizon phones need to be activated to use sim card and if you need active it you must use a Verizon SIM card, for network unlock you need to bypass activation without Verizon sim after that you can unlock it
Is there a way to bypass Verizon activation?