OnePlus 8T ColorOS 12 first build

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    Color OS 12 CBT2 (C.06) For OnePlus 8T DOWNLOAD
    [Optimization] System performance in some scenes to make your phone run more streamlined
    [Fix] Xiaobu Assistant cannot be used
    [Fix] Drop-down status bar does not display traffic information
    [Fix] Status bar icons disappear in certain scenarios
    [Fix] The virtual button navigation bar is displayed abnormally in some scenes

    [Fix] There is no sound when connecting to Bluetooth in some scenarios application
    [Fix] Probabilistic startup application black screen interconnected
    [Fix] Abnormal cross-screen interconnection connection in some scenes

    getting great battery life with Color OS CBT2
    If there were a way to get 120hz working stably I'd be flashing it right now lol. It follows OnePlus's stupid design choices in ignoring Material You and the new QS style right?
    Actually 120Hz is working somewhat stable now, I'll need some more time to test it thoughly

    They ignored the QS, but I can see some MY elements in apps like Chrome and Photos
    OOS 12 closed beta only for KB2001
    try at your own risk

    Battery seems to be pretty good, at least on par with OOS
    I don't see any notification latency so far with Gmail and Telegram
    How is battery stand by in this version? also notification delay?
    I heard there high latency on notification on this os
    OOS quite bad and high battery usage :(