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    When I try to update from to via local update, they stop me saying that it's a lower version and they are going to prevent the update. Any ideas why?
    It's the same version,, even though the region specific DA to AA is not recognized as a version upgrade. Wait for the next version and am actually on the same boat as you.

    My device is KB2001 (a colleague bought it from India) and am waiting to flash the AA variant when the next version pops up.
    I assume that u downloaded from here?

    Fingerprint and all the other things work?

    Yep i havent seen anything as broken. I actually even went to Recovery after the upgrade to wipe the cache, just in case! :D
    This is a screenshot from YouTube. Looks similar to mine!
    Yes, that looks similar. Is that an EU or NA model 8T? If it's one of those models, then i guess that's how it's designed and lots and lots of unnecessary white space. LOL.

    They could just have the search icon at the right end of the Settings section. Ah well, gotta live with it. :)